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Principal Resume

New York, NY


Over thirty years of experience as a senior executive in managing and upgrading complex telecommunications and service businesses. Seventeen years of turn - around experience as a Division President: turning poorly performing field operations into ones that are more competitive exceeding growth goals and using capital more effectively. Five years of experience in creating new functions and businesses within a larger enterprise. Possess detailed understanding of the technology and its economics. Ability to foster change without fear.


  • Profit Maximization P&L and Capital Management Problem Solving with Analytics
  • Strategic Planning Cost Reduction and Control Process Re-engineering, & Restructuring
  • Functional and Division Consolidations Telecommunications Engineering Sales, Marketing, & Bus. Development
  • Field Service & Call Center Management High Dimensionality Data Operations Start-Up and Acquisitions
  • Asset Management and Disposition Technology Investment Analysis Engineering & Construction Management
  • CRM, Billing, Sales, and Collections IT, PC, and Network Management HR, People Development and Planning



Confidential, New York, NY


  • Confidential - Negotiate contracts with large vendors, provide internal consulting support.
  • Created internal set-top device inventory for understanding obsolescence, deploy-ability, and functionality. The output of this work was used to improve our negotiating with set-top vendors, improve retirements and capital spending, and identify week device performers.
  • Modeled an index for equipment obsolescence on approximately 50 variables using statistical clustering and principle components analysis on several hundred varieties of set-top boxes using R. This model was then used to make recommendations about which models should be retired to remove the worst performers constrained by capital spending.
  • Created a model using optimal control theory to discover the optimal point in time to begin equipment retirements.
  • Created time series models that improved capital forecasting for equipment purchases.
  • Modeled optimal depot locations using the k-centers algorithm coded in Python to find the best places throughout the network to locate spares caches.
  • World Wide Supply - Assist with business development by providing introductions to key players in Cable TV industry, assist on sales calls, and draft appropriate pitches to potential clients.
  • Accenture -- Subject matter expert in telecom and analytics work:
  • Large telecom client: Create database models to evaluate 6-million customer records and approximately 20-million tickets to identify equipment that had higher than expected number of faults. Create reports, by state, equipment type, region, etc. using R and SQL. Supported other aspects of this large cost reduction engagement including using analytics to support vendor equipment negotiations - vendor was charging different rates for essentially the same support for different parts of the business. Used non-parametric modeling on very dirty data to examine and model technician completion times for various task types. Showed that reducing target times could lead to significant cost reduction without noticeable changes in performance.
  • Large Domestic Cable TV Client: Provided business introductions to key staff. Helped to generate analytics approaches for identifying the best routes for laying new fiber optic cables by selecting amongst possible fiber routes.
  • Large International Cable TV Client: Created modeling approaches for forecasting bandwidth and identifying when it crossed a threshold, used the output from this model to inform a logistics model that determined if an optical node should be re-engineered and split during the fiscal year from amongst numerous candidates. Additional inputs include spatial data, customer profitability, and other parameters. This is ongoing work.
  • Large European Telecom Client: Provided subject matter expertise on equipment reliability tracking.
  • MDSi - Support business plan development for new division including creating business plan and revenue/cost forecasts. This project will result in the creation of a new division focused on helping new and existing clients use the data they currently have to make better decisions around equipment deployments.
  • CSA Engineering - Provide subject matter expertise to win bid with New York State’s Empire State Development Managed Broadband Deployment Projects ESD Broadband Program Office - Field Audit. The state had awarded various broadband providers funds to build broadband into rural areas of New York. Confidential Consulting designed and proposed an audit rubric to determine if the applicants designed and built networks capable of delivering the specified broadband service

Adjunct Professor

Confidential, Troy, NY


  • Created all teaching and lecture materials for Supply Chain Analytics (MGMT 6973) for the Confidential .
  • Provided weekly instruction to a class of 18 masters students.
  • Students learned analytical techniques using R, R Studio, Excel, and supply chain data including bootstrapping, creating Confidential chain models, making statistical tests, and other techniques.
  • Students also explored strategic issues regarding supply chain management through the use of case studies.
  • Students were then required to assess and evaluate information, draw conclusions, and make management recommendations about tactical and strategic supply chain issues.

GVP Asset Lifecycle Management & Business Affairs

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Negotiated with our top vendors on terms, value, and specifications for all consumer premise equipment (CPE), engineering equipment, and other major product categories. Achieved over $50 million dollars in savings.
  • Reorganized and consolidated existing, fractured warehouse structure into a more cohesive, nationwide organization. Reduced operating expense by more than 8% and reduced headcount by 100.
  • Launched a new program managing obsolete customer equipment and equipment re-use. This project saved the company at least $50 million by maximizing equipment terminal value using multi-dimensional statistical analysis of auction data.
  • Created a nation-wide engineering equipment disposal system that has generated proceeds and savings in excess of $10 million per year.

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Launched two new products, Internet Protocol Security Virtual Private Network (IPSEC VPN) and Secure Video Teleconferencing in ten-months and for less than $1-million and generating more than $6-million in the first 18-months. These launches included
  • Working with regional teams to determine timing and pacing of product launches including creating budgets, marketing, and training
  • Negotiating partnership agreements
  • Created strategies, informed by launching in the healthcare vertical, to develop plans for launching in other segments including banking and finance, education, and manufacturing.

Division President

Confidential, North Texas


  • Duties included sales, marketing, technical operations, customer operations (for commercial and residential), IT/CRM/billing and business systems, accounting and finance, and public/government affairs with dotted line responsibility for advertising sales.
  • Completed a 16,000-mile upgrade/bandwidth expansion, led the transition from Confidential to Time Warner including CWA decertification, reduced thirty-eight different channel line-ups to four, and launched MetroSports North Texas, an all-sports channel featuring high school and minor league teams.

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