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Field Technician Resume

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Lanham, MD


Over nine years of hands - on training and experience performing installation and de-installations of high-end electronic systems for vehicles owned by the private sector, contractor and federal government clients. Examples of this include the operation of today's public safety communications centers using computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software and mobile data applications. Familiarity with various aspects of the construction field.


Field Technician

Confidential, Lanham, MD


  • provide data and contour of location, elevation and dimensions of land, as well as property points.


Confidential, Largo, MD


  • Install and maintain multiple high-end electronic systems for a wide range of truck and utility vehicles that are used by the Confidential Parking and Service as well as Confidential ’s Water and Sewer ( Confidential ) as well as Confidential Police Department.
  • Compile data and evaluate equipment performance trends on monthly basis.
  • Become well-rehearsed and informed of all requirements and operating procedures when operating on wide range of vehicles.
  • Track personal tickets received and completed for addition to daily work and vehicle reports.
  • Maintain customer relations through effective presentation of technical expertise.
  • Maintain average of over 90% up time for all contracted systems
  • Completed two major factory level upgrades in the field

System Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Installed and maintained high-end electronic systems for the Confidential Metropolitan Police Department ( Confidential ) and Emergency Medical Services ( Confidential ) vehicles.
  • On a daily basis, I repaired electronic equipment for the two vehicle makes used by the Confidential in need of service.
  • Responded to police officer and Confidential personnel inquiries both written and verbally while providing guidance on the equipment’s’ updated capabilities.
  • As for Confidential, vehicles such as ambulances, utility and sport utility trucks, installation and maintenance to several electronic system applications was completed on a consistent basis.
  • I performed daily quality control inspections of all vehicles. Supervised, trained, and served as a back-up to Project Manager.
  • Trained and mentored staff on proper procedures for operations of installation and de-installation.

Computer Installer

Confidential, Hanover, MD


  • Approached installation and maintenance of Maryland State Trooper vehicles differently than other department vehicles because of the special needs and features they obtain.
  • All aspects were considered when planning a suitable approach to repairing and installing cameras, cards, docks, mounts, power supply (Linds and Ledco) equipment to all municipal vehicles.
  • Collaborated with Confidential Corp. to install their Public Safety Computer-Aided Dispatch Software
  • Trained and mentored staff on proper procedures for operations of installation and de-installation.

Assistant Computer Technician

Confidential, Capitol Heights, MD


  • I studied the equipment capabilities and configurations in preparation for manager and client inquiries.
  • I provided technical support for equipment items such as modem cables, antennas, cards, docks, mounts, and the re-imaging of hard-drives.
  • Lastly, installed power supply (Linds and Ledco) equipment to all municipal vehicles.
  • Installed Panasonic arbitrator cameras.

Collision Damage Technician

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Inspect and disassemble damaged vehicles as well as reassemble new vehicle parts.
  • Reassembling included painting, sanding and welding vehicles.
  • Identified damaged parts and coordinated the shipment and receipt of new supply parts.

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