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Lab Manager Resume

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Redmond, WA


With nearly twenty years of experience, I am able to offer a unique blend of expertise in many areas of Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Technical Writing. My experience is largely Confidential concentric with an emphasis on Active Directory Architecture and Engineering. This includes proficiency in all of the supporting “core” services such as Authentication, Replication, Site Topology Optimization, DNS (scavenging), DHCP (High Availability / Failover) and a comprehensive understanding of all FSMO roles. I consistently use a Confidential Best Practices approach when deploying technology solutions and always utilize a due diligence methodology in all areas of accountability, ensuring a secure and reliable production environment.


  • Confidential Active Directory / Core Services
  • DNS + Scavenging
  • DHCP + High Availability, Fail Over, Super Scopes
  • Site Replication Topology and Optimization
  • Forest and Domain Trust creation and troubleshooting
  • Azure ASM/ARM
  • Azure based Active Directory
  • DNS zones
  • Resource Groups
  • Network Security Groups
  • V - Nets, V-Subnets, LBs
  • Other Confidential Products
  • O365, Intune, Skype for Business, CRM Dynamics,
  • ADFS, WAP, AD Connect
  • Exchange 2013 / 2016


Confidential, Redmond, WA

Lab Manager


  • Hands on administration and troubleshooting for Azure (ASM/ARM), AD, O365, Intune, ADFS, WAP, AD Connect, SFB, SP, Exchange and CA services for Cloud Based, On-Premise environments.
  • Our team does validation testing for the entire Confidential O365 suites of products utilizing CA, CBA, SSO, 2FA and MFA.
  • Confidential Azure ASM/ARM
  • Confidential Active Directory
  • ADFS Configuration
  • O365 Administration
  • Web Application Proxy services
  • Exchange 2013 / 2016 Hybrid (COE)
  • Skype for Business 2016
  • Key Vault Password Repository
  • Administration of Azure DNS Zones, V-nets, V-subnets, LBs, NSGs, RGs, VMs
  • Removal of all End Point ACLs to NSGs for security compliance
  • Secure all “well known” TCP/UDP ports by way of End Point, ACL and NSG management
  • Create plan for migration of ASM (classic) VMs to ARM VMs
  • CA Services, CSRs, Requests & Renewals
  • Validation of Location and Device based authentication leveraging CBA, SSO, 2FA and MFA
  • Intune Device Compliance & Conditional Access configurations in a BYOD environment


Active Directory / DNS Architect Lead


  • Merger liaison to facilitate communication and collaboration between the project / application silos
  • Assigned to the SharePoint, F5 LB, Mobility/ Desktop, Backend Traffic Monitoring & Replication initiatives
  • Liaison for Value Capture initiatives as mandated by the merger and acquisitions team
  • Facilitate consolidation of parent and “New Company” sites
  • Identify critical components for works stream consolidations create site survey and conduct Gap Analysis application functionality application requirements networking, routing and firewall requirements user and service deliverables desktop / mobility requirements

Confidential, Boston, MA

Active Directory Risk Assessment Engineer


  • Meet with all stakeholders, define the SOW, identify resources and document efforts
  • Address critical and high priority issues as identified by the Confidential RAAS tool
  • Act as the final escalation point for all Active Directory related issues
  • Address medium and low priority issues as identified
  • Assist the existing AD team as time permitted
  • Power Shell scripting as required

Confidential, Lenexa, KY

Active Directory Migration Architect & Implementation Engineer


  • Perform review of AD environments for the existing and new business units
  • Create Active Directory migration plan
  • Meet with stakeholders for review of migration plan, process timelines and milestones
  • Lead AD migration efforts and plan execution
  • Perform post migration validation for local and remote user accounts

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Active Directory Engineer


  • DNS Caching Only Forwarders
  • Design and document a DNS Caching Only solution
  • Work with stakeholders to understand DNS name server traffic patterns

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Active Directory Architect


  • MSCIT Policy Creation:
  • FMSO Role Allocations
  • DHCP Failover w/ Load Balancing Design
  • DNS Scavenging
  • Forest Trust Management
  • Active Directory Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Active Directory Security Auditing
  • Active Directory Audit / Compliance / Validation
  • Partner with SCOM staff for AD rule based monitoring
  • Certificate Authority Services
  • Sites & Services replication model
  • DNS, Forwarding Referrals, Replication, Caching / Referral Only
  • Legacy Domain / Domain Controller Decommissioning
  • Active Directory Deployments

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