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Instrumentation & Automatic Control Engineer Resume


  • A competent Electrical & Electronic Engineer with a comprehensive knowledge of designing, developing and maintaining Electrical & Electronic systems and components to required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability
  • A consistent track record of successfully completing projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover.
  • Having a comprehensive understanding of electrical health and safety regulations, Shady is currently looking for a suitable Electrical & Electronic Engineering position or any other suitable position.
  • I can Relocate anywhere (outside Egypt).
  • About nine years of experience in Electrical & Electronic projects (Personal job, during study).
  • About two years of experience as an instrumentation and control systems engineer in detailed maintenance, commissioning and development coordination of instruments and control systems in Automation & electrical projects.
  • Configuring and faults diagnosis of DCS, PLC, SCADA, RTU, Profibus Communication, Analyzers and Control Loops.
  • Installation, calibration and loop checking of the field instruments.
  • Maintenance and calibration of the control valves.
  • Designing, Implementing and Commissioning of new control loops as per site requirements.
  • Preparing data sheets, schedules of controllers and ensuring safe and efficient performing of Controller system.
  • Good knowledge in Microcontrollers and Electronic circuits.
  • Some researches related to the protection of oil pipelines.
  • Electrical residential wiring design.
  • Programming language (Arduino, Assembly, Flowcode, ladder diagram and MikroC).
  • CNC Machines.
  • LINUX Embedded Systems.
  • CNC machine designer & maker.


A challenging and stimulating pursuit in a reputed organization, where I can best utilize my skills and strengths to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives and at the same time get an opportunity to expand my own knowledge base.


Windows - MS Office - Esplorer, LUA - Winrelais - Simatic STEP7 - LINUX System - Arduino - Flowcode - Proteus - Corel draw -HTML - LINUX OS - GX developer (Mitsubishi programmable logic controller) - Zelio Soft


  • Able to Listen.
  • Accept Feedback.
  • Business Trend Awareness.
  • Communication skills.
  • Customer Service.
  • Deal with Difficult Situations.
  • Desire to Learn.
  • Writing Reports.
  • Emotion Management.
  • Follow Rules.
  • High Energy.
  • Leadership.
  • Make Deadlines.
  • Negotiation.
  • Problem Solving.



Instrumentation & Automatic Control Engineer


  • Leading a team of four instrument technicians.
  • Designer of electronic circuit.
  • Designer of hardware interfacing.
  • Maintain and repair Electronic Circuits Faults.
  • Planning required up gradation for instruments to achieve production quality and cost minimizing.
  • Development and Modifying Confidential panels.
  • Confidential Camera systems.
  • Training over 20 employees.
  • Smart Home designer & maker.
  • Maintenance and calibration of pneumatic control valves.
  • Maintenance and calibration of different analyzers: Conductivity, Chlorine, PH, SDI, Redox, Turbidity, TDS (Endress and Hauser) and IMA/FL200 Oil in water.
  • Calibrating and adjusting the dosing pumps.
  • LED Lamp developer & maintenance.
  • Ensure Spares balance and inventory control for all instruments’ spare parts.
  • Installation and calibration of the control sensors e.g. Photoelectric sensors, Proximity Sensors, Power Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors.
  • Classic control projects.
  • Installation of new PLC controlling system.
  • Doing automated instrument calibration that helps save time and money.
  • Reduce maintenance costs through automated instrument calibration.
  • Learn new skills, both personal and occupational.

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