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Associate Director, Account Manager Resume


  • Leading portfolio of client relationships for over 10 years’ with extremely successful experience. This is supported via 19+ years of global IT industry experience which includes 7+ years with Confidential and 3+ with Confidential . Rich experience in leading result - oriented P&L relationships within fortune-100 business environments.
  • Excellence in driving and building business relationships with C-level executives and business teams.
  • Expertise in building account strategies, driving P&L goals, creating new business opportunities for revenue growth while maintaining target profit margins. Drive marketing plans within client community, and leading large value propositions in client organizations.
  • Past leadership to build high performance global teams have resulted in ‘Best Team’ and ‘Exceptional Contribution’ awards.


  • Drive Client Account Relationships portfolio with complete P&L responsibility
  • Build effective business relationships network with VPs and CxO in advisory capacity
  • Develop, negotiate & drive strategies with client, supplier relationship and account management teams
  • Maintain and achieve financial goals for new business, revenue growth
  • Lead value propositions within client organizations, drive large deals and drive marketing plans
  • Establish right account visibility within organization and client teams
  • Manage customer expectations and satisfaction at right levels
  • Drive operational excellence initiatives to support and improve profit margins
  • Drive revenue forecasts, DR, AR, profitability targets
  • Address and resolve engagement escalations and issues
  • Multi-years’ experience driving strategic and transformations initiatives with Manufacturing (7+), Travel and Hospitality (5+), Insurance (2+) engagements


Associate Director, Account Manager



  • Define strategy and responsible for achievement of financial goals for multiple accounts with combined value of in the range $15-20 M. Successful in achieving all targets for 2016 within 1% and will be beating for 2017.
  • Relationship with top executives has become stronger contributing directly to expansion of services esp in Digital, IS, DW house technologies.
  • Established strong C-level executive relationships with new account started in 2016
  • Drove multiple proactive proposals and presentation for account growth, which resulted in several demand creation initiatives and conversion to signed-deals
  • Managed customer escalations and resolution of issues with no further escalations
  • Strengthen Customer Satisfaction, and develop strategies to control AR, DR within thresholds
  • Driving executive relationships at multiple client locations

Confidential, Long Island, NYC


  • Define strategy and responsible for achievement of financial goals for multiple accounts with combined value of $15M+. First year results are on track to achieve targets with 20% y-o-y growth.
  • Relationship with top executives has become stronger contributing directly to expansion of services esp with initiation of production maintenance engagement and BI services
  • Establish C-level executive relationships via different platforms
  • Account mining for growth and manage customer escalations and resolution of issues
  • Strengthen Customer Satisfaction, and develop strategies to control AR, DR within thresholds
  • Driving executive relationships at multiple client locations

Client Relationship Director

Confidential, Hartford, CT,


  • Defined strategy and was responsible for achievement of financial goals (5% y-o-y, 52%PM) for multiple accounts with combined value of $20M. Results had been above targets.
  • Developed target and gap closure strategy via gap analysis and gap closure plans
  • Strengthened C-level executive relationships through engagements via different platforms within Confidential Corporate, UTAS, P&W, and Carrier BU for IT and Engineering services
  • Drove multiple large deals including Vendor Consolidation exercise to eventually win it
  • Managed customer escalations and resolution of issues, Ensured Confidential / Confidential via delivery oversight
  • Leadership to account management teams to achieve operational goals like Customer Satisfaction, AR, DR
  • Developed marketing plans within customer space and customer engagement through recurring executive reviews

Senior Relationship Manager

Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Managed business relationship worth $15million dollars plus with strategic partners
  • Explored opportunities to grow strategic relationships through lowering cost of overall IT solutions and service optimization. All relationships were grown over 40% y-o-y basis with multi-million dollars savings to Confidential . Manage opportunity life cycle.
  • Worked with Confidential C-Level management for strategic and transformational IT initiatives for strategy development, cost-benefit analysis and recommendations
  • Managed opportunity life cycle, financial planning and develop forecast
  • Managed customer satisfaction and resolve issues and escalations
  • Provided direct program governance to strategic initiatives, monitor and control budget and spend, progress, status, risks plans for Application Services, Consulting, and Product Services. Executed TCOE initiative worth over $2M P&L.

Account Manager

Confidential, CT


  • Led account relationship transition from client’s pre-existing vendor (Wipro)
  • Led this multi-million dollar engagement as Account Manager from Otis World Head Quarters (US) to have business oriented, higher quality and cost efficient strategy. Provided leadership to keep revenue growth higher than 40% y-o-y making it $4M relationship in less than 4 years. Growth and profit results were recognized through “Exceptional Contribution” award.
  • Explored opportunities to open doors for Confidential Systems’ additional offerings in Infra and Engineering to customers to support their business needs and manage opportunity life cycle.
  • Collaborated with client IT Managers to identify new business opportunities in Application Services and Consulting domains.
  • Operational goals for contract executions, AR, and DR maintained within defined threshold targets
  • Managed very high Customer Satisfaction Level at all times through timely resolutions of issues and escalations
  • Won over 100 small-to-large size bids in a span of 4 years. Successfully managed high bid to win ratio while competing with large size global IT service providers.
  • Provided mentoring to team, training, career planning and progression, winning ‘Best Team’ Award.
  • Established adequate account visibility within organization up to c-level and across different teams to leverage resources to support and grow business goals and relationships.
  • Drove monthly and quarterly executive (C-level) governance meetings

Project Manager



  • Successfully led application development life cycle through all phases. Performed project planning and tracking, aiming for wide range features solutions targeting small and medium size CRM business needs.
  • Completion of Business Requirement Analysis and sought sign off on all project deliverables, ahead of schedule.
  • Successfully managed the project team for system analysis, design, coding, testing, and product documentations through technical guidance and mentoring of team members.

Project Lead

Confidential, Johannesburg, SA


  • Led onsite technical team of three for business requirements analysis with business users; Achieved timely sign-off of all milestones for product specifications, web enabled architecture and design preparation (MS technology)

Senior Programmer



  • Successfully completed development, integration, testing, technology upgrade and documentation of new application suite (product) for Confidential clientele, using MS technology, on Client-Server architecture.

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