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Contractor Resume


Programmer Analyst with expertise in RPGLE AS400 and in various versions. Strengths include designing, coding and converting systems.


  • AS400/RPGILE /Free
  • AS400/ Confidential IV
  • SYS 34, SYS36 Confidential III
  • BASIS on an IBM 3279 mainframe (MVS)
  • SQL Used instead of using WRKQRY
  • CLLE, Open Query, TMAIL,SDLC,Hawkeye
  • DBU
  • RDI
  • VMware Player (Like RDI)
  • SDA


Confidential, Bohemia, NY



  • Initially brought on to expand all their vendor numbers from 6 to 8 digits.
  • Also expand an accounting control number from 7 to 9 digits. This lasted 4 months.
  • After installing over 300 programs and display files with no problems, they decided to extend my contract time with them.
  • I have been put on many small to medium size projects for accounting.
  • Including A/R deductions, Pricing books sent to Food City supermarkets, and many display screen update/inquiries for accounting.
  • Used RPGIV with some old Confidential that used input primary (IP). They let me write some new programs (not many) in Confidential Free. They wanted me to keep the RPGIV for software consistency purposes. I tend to use the Confidential ’s as much as I can.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN



  • Brought on to help maintain their Confidential system while their employees were learning a new software system.

Confidential, Canonsburg, PA



  • The scope of the project was to expand a status code from 2 digits to 3 digits for Fedex ( Confidential ’s customer).I modified 47 programs for this conversion.
  • The project has been completed.
  • They also had us in corporate some repetitive ILE procedures to modernize the code. Even though most of the programs were RPGIV and ILE, we were encouraged to use Confidential “FREE” whenever we could. Coding, testing and documenting were involved.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Confidential Programmer Analyst


  • Confidential is a food distribution company.
  • We managed food product coming into the warehouse and then leaving and being sent to the customer.
  • I and another programmer were able to convert all programs to Y2K compliancy.
  • That earned me an unscheduled pay increase since we finished well before the year 2000.
  • I also designed and coded a universal date code interpreter.
  • Many different food customers have various date code formulas for their products.
  • What I did was had the program figure out what that formula was and extract an expired shelf life date from it.

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