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Customer Service Manager Resume

Manassas, VA


  • Multiple level staff and process management
  • Multiple level external and internal customer service
  • Critical customer situation resolution
  • Vehicle fleet management and vehicle policy management
  • Process development, testing, integration and refinement
  • Translation of business processes into realistic information system functional specifications
  • Negotiate with vendors at multiple levels to obtain favorable terms and pricing in win - win agreements.
  • Work with Senior Executives to develop, implement and exploit acquisition strategies in support of business goals
  • Oversee and consult on project costing efforts
  • Development and implement corporate management policies
  • Work to ensure corporate and statutory policy and audit compliance


  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • IFS (Industrial Financial Systems)
  • Ariba/ESM



Purchasing Supervisor

  • Formed the Lease Management group in Confidential with a focus on excellent customer service for internal customers and external suppliers
  • Lease Process developed has been identified as a Confidential IS&T Best Practice
  • Manage three Supply Chain employees, this includes tasking work, ensuring accuracy, training and quarterly performance check ins
  • Functional lead for implementation of new accounting tool to address FASB changes related to lease accounting
  • Evaluate purchase and lease proposals, negotiate with vendors and leasing companies, review final lease schedule documents to ensure compliance with negotiated terms
  • Review Master Lease Agreements and work with Confidential Legal to finalize agreements
  • Execute FASB test for each lease schedule before signature to ensure accounting requirements have been met
  • Support Confidential CIO in the development of various IT infrastructure, including end-to-end procurement and leasing strategies
  • Streamlined requisition and procurement processes to ensure consistent, predictable just in time delivery on orders
  • Monitor vendor performance to ensure service level agreement targets were met, including participation in Dell Kaizen event to evaluate process for all of Confidential
  • Work across the organization to reallocate idle assets
  • Developed, instituted and monitor company procurement policies and procedures
  • Manage Confidential leased assets of computer, network infrastructure, copiers and vehicles valued in excess of $95M
  • Manage Confidential vehicle policy and fleet, including vehicle acquisition, driver and leasing company relationship
  • Integrated Vangent and ViPS, acquired by Confidential, into the Confidential lease processes
  • Lead efforts to locate or develop new Confidential procurement systems and designed custom leasing modules
  • Lead data conversion from legacy Confidential lease management system into IFS
  • Manage and coordinate payment of leasing invoices ensuring proper cost allocation across multiple divisions

Confidential,Manassas, VA

Customer Service Manager

  • Managed all purchasing of $11M contract, including Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), compliance, vendor relations, and price negotiations
  • Tracked corporate contract spending and oversaw contract finance operations
  • Supervised IRS Logistics and Warehousing Contract finances, and managed customer service center staff Primary POC for coordination of all services, delivery and contract compliance issues with COTR and field office representatives
  • Assisted program managers with contract activities and issues assuming acting program manager duties in their absence
  • Oversaw daily contract operations at headquarters office, including web-based end-user support and web hosting provider relationship management
  • Provided direction to system programmers to quickly respond to customer enhancement requests and resolve system faults
  • Coordinated task executions between service centers, warehouses, EG&G vendors and IRS users exceeding customers’ satisfaction expectations
  • Managed corporate-wide procurement for multi-million dollar seized real estate management contract, developing and maintaining in-depth vendor records
  • Implemented, monitored and ensured compliance with Small Business Utilization Plan
  • Assisted field operations personnel with vendor searches and negotiations
  • Ensured FAR compliant procurement for five district offices and Central Headquarters Office for a major Seized Personal Property Contract
  • Represented EG&G at vendor outreach sessions for the Small Business Administration

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