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Devops Engineer/build Release Engineer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Build, pack, and release multiple software products on Solaris, Linux, Cloud Foundry and Windows. NET platforms with different build mechanisms in full cycle (Design and writing GNU Makefiles, Apache Ant files, Imakefiles, and NANT build files).
  • SCM and Automation Tools: GIT, Jenkins, Python Scripts, Perl Scripts, TFS, Clearcase, Perforce, PVCS, Confidential, CodeManager (TeamWare).
  • Over 10 years of experience and knowledge in releasing process cycle with various build mechanisms by using different SCM tools.


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

DevOps Engineer/Build Release Engineer


  • Configure and create key value pares for poke process on Consul with .json files directly from BitBucket repository. Working with developers and NetOp engineers to create Jenkins pipelines for the CI build process to Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform.
  • Manually test manifest YML files to deploy Cloud Foundry sand boxes.
  • Build and deploy Web Base products to the MS .NET1.1 through .NET4.5 VS2015 platforms from the Clearcase and TFS 2015 by using different type tools: CruseControl, BuildForge, etc.
  • Perform FxCop analysis in nightly build. Create FxCop rules and analysis report.
  • Manually build and test Maven pom files for 3rdparty Java codes.
  • Debug and troubleshoot different build issues, including MS VB binary compatibility issues, packaging, and deploying issues. Manage the Alpha and Staging environments. Perform the build scripts merge, registry merge, and environment merge. Create build scripts and registry setting for different projects on multiple branches. Fix any problem from packaging to deployment stages.
  • Based on different target environments, poke the tokens from packages with different values by using xmlpath search tools in the config files. Delivered the NANT build scripts for critical projects. Maintain high quality build with minimum failures and configuration errors.
  • Create NANT build files from developers SCM requests. According to the SCM requirement, perform compile, packaging, and poke process from TFS or ClearCase based on different releases. Resolve all kind of build issues from the VMware build servers, reference libraries, or the dot NET 3.0 csc.exe special feature. Develop ccperl scripts in DOS batch files for the build processes. Troubleshoot any issue on the environments that cause from our build process.
  • Clearcase administration and user support. Creating dynamic or snapshot views, automate the labeling process. Developing various clear case triggers for SCM process (remove branch when undo checkout, attach a baseline label after create a new file). Maintain Cruise Control for CI build and nightly build.

Confidential, Menlo Park, CA

Software Release Engineer


  • Released Solars7 (patches), 8 (patches), CDE 7, CDE 8, GNU, openwindow patches and Netscape6.
  • Worked with cross - functional teams to develop web-based tools that automated release build process. (Perl Confidential and DBI interface on Oracle server side). Maintained web server and local bug and patch database.
  • Integrated C SHELL, Perl and other Confidential scripts to develop in house applications and release build utilities for program managers, customer escalation engineers, QA, developers and release teams. Supported source code control for release engineers on TeamWare tool and Confidential .
  • Worked with Sun and Netscape release teams and developers to build release Netscape 6 on Solaris platform offsite; rewrote build script files, (Imakefile, Imake.tmpl, and sun4.cf) built Solaris packages, and installation scripts. Maintained all Netscape6 Solaris package template files and bug tracking system.
  • Performed Solaris desktop application patch releases. Reevaluated and redefined new release procedures, and enhanced the release processes by using different products and release mechanisms.
  • Built StarOffice on Linux. Rebuilt Linux kernel.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Software Release Engineer and Configuration Management Administrator


  • Administrated Software source code with Clearcase; Performed branching, merging, labeling and lock procedures on source codes. Developed check in/out triggers on Clearcase. Provided Clearcase user support on Solaris7 and Attache on NT4. Imported and integrated third-party venders source codes into Clearcase.
  • Administrated company offsite source codes with Clearcase Multisite replicas. Implemented multisite branching and merging operation; automated lock and unlock process; created new triggers; and traced developers’ check-in activities.
  • Developed Makefiles and build scripts to automate PC and UNIX cross platforms nightly build. Reduced the build time with parallel mechanism under the Clearcase.
  • Maintained bugs in Clear Confidential . Developed test plans, and automated the test with Visual Basic scripts.
  • Tested Internet Platform (IP) products on Confidential stations by setting up a DNS network inside the firewall.

Confidential, Milpitas, CA

UNIX System Administrator


  • Supported DNS domain network on Solaris2.5. Provided daily backup on storage servers.
  • Developed UNIX Shell scripts for CAD group, and provided user support for Solaris2.5 and HP-UX.
  • Provided support for SunOS installation. Handled on-call duty and user request. Supported Sparc5, Sparc20.

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