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Quantitative Analyst Resume

Dodgevillie, WI


  • A skillful and an experienced statistician with a practical, problem solving skills and expertise.
  • Skills are well demonstrated within data analytic including; Predictive Modeling, Mixed Models, Inferential Statistics, Statistical Reporting and Data Mining.
  • Predictive Modeling (Linear / Logistic Regression, Random Forest), Mixed Models, Inferential Statistics, Customer Segmentation, Statistical Reporting, Data Mining (Machine Learning Methods), Business Analysis, Operational Research, Statistical Analysis


RDBMS: Oracle 10g/11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, DB2, Teradata, Netezza

Analytics: SAS 9.4, SAS/Access, SAS/Base, SAS/Macro, SAS/SQL, SAS/Procs SAS/ODS, SAS/Datasets

Language: SQL, PLSQL (Oracle), T - SQL (Microsoft SQL Server).

Development Tools: TOAD for Oracle, TOAD for SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio (SQL Server/ SSMS)

BI Tools: SAS, R, Matlab, Splus, Stata, JMP, Tableau

Operating System: Unix, Window, Linux

Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Pig


Confidential, Dodgevillie, WI

Quantitative Analyst


  • Developed the recent customer models (linear, logistic model) used by the campaign group to; successfully classifying customers’ based on their propensity to purchase Lands End corporate, core and seasonal products (spring, summer, fall and winter season)fulfill the target of 5 million new customers base, by promoting and targeting their propensity to purchase Lands End seasonal and core products while considering the management’s business focus and on the ROI.
  • Developed a random forest classification model which has been recently deployed based on it very successful target of retaining Lands End loyal customer base, solidifying the various segmentations according to the business rules
  • Solely responsible for statistical methods to evaluate and develop metrics to driving new customer base on all Lands End products.
  • Assumed sole responsibility of the Lands End customer attrition analysis, specifically for scoring and business rules purposes, while targeting new corporate and core customers looking at the ROI.
  • Developed new data mining statistical approach to data segmentation with various data reduction techniques (cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, Kmeans).
  • Developed statistical reporting techniques to presenting marketing analysis results to the management (excel, power point, words, access).
  • Gives instructions and training on statistical and modeling techniques to team members.

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Data Scientist


  • I extracted data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAS and displayed in the information in form of tables, pivot and charts.
  • Provide analysis services for business data needs and makes recommendations for viable solutions.
  • Data Analytic within Hadoop and Oracle database (SAS)
  • Statistical analysis (claims, lab, hospital and patient data) and predictive modeling

Confidential, Round Lake, IL

Statistical Analyst


  • Provided statistical analysis for specification limits on manufacturing products (proc glm, capability, summary) for both renal and stability department sent to the Confidential .
  • Performed manufacturing process control analysis (during initial, in-process and final product testing on material specification) presented for various medical products uses and Confidential purposes
  • Generated stability water loss report with stacked histogram and capability plots of analytes used for medical products and Confidential purposes
  • Generated statistical summary tables sent to the Confidential
  • Profiled and validated medical products statistical data for the statistical and programming department of Confidential
  • Performed quality checks on medical products statistical data and SAS programs statistical and programming department of Confidential

Confidential, Pheonix, AZ

Statistical Analyst


  • Developed linear and logistic regression model and SAS programs for international and Basel I & II economic data
  • Supported the Econometric and Global Operations sectors with predictive and forecasting expertise on Basel I and II risky investments credit and loan customers.
  • Created data segmentation methods for cluster (K-means) analysis on Basel I &II data.
  • Created and performed variable selection data reduction and segmentation with data reduction techniques (cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, Kmeans).
  • Performed Presentation with Power Point to Team and Clients

Confidential, Grand Prairie, TX

Data Analyst


  • Performed data analytics within databases (Oracle, Access, Excel, and flat files)
  • Extracted required information from source documentation and entered into encoder / abstracting system
  • Performed data validation for tables, listings and datasets
  • Validated and interpreted data for the outcomes management program applications
  • Led a team on data structure (medical billings/coding)


Data Analyst


  • Performed a Phase III and IV market surveillance clinical trial statistical analysis on Confidential, testing the efficacy of ‘Pantoprazol’ a new drug produced by Confidential
  • Provided inferential analysis for a phase III/IV clinical trials project with regression analysis (longitudinal, clustered and repeated measure clinical trial data) analyzing the potency and the market structure of ‘’Pantoprazol.
  • Provided statistical reporting and presentation to clients and management team with Microsoft Office (excel, power point, words, access).

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