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Sr. Electrical Design Engineer Resume

Blacksburg, VA


Seeking opportunities in designing cutting edge technologies in embedded hardware design position including digital and analog circuit design using(Pspice, Ltspice, DX Designer, Cadence & PADS Logic), PCB design using(Mentor graphics PADS, Allegro PCB editor & Eagle), Firmware design using (C, C++, JAVA), IOT, digital signals processing, power systems, power electronics, microelectronics, electromagnetism & quantum Mechanics.


  • PCB Design, PADS layout, ALLEGRO, BOM generation and maintenance.
  • Expert level experience working with Java C & C++ languages .
  • Capable of designing Analog and Digital Circuits using Pspice, Ltspice, DX Designer and Part Quest.
  • Executing test plan using lab equipment’s(DMMs, Power Supply, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency counter
  • Oscilloscope, data acquisition software’s, Signal Generator . . .)
  • Prototype calibration.



Sr. Electrical Design Engineer

  • Designed Power system controller that has 98% efficiency.
  • Draw schematic design for power controller system using Cadence.
  • Developed Prototype Design Using Solid Edge
  • Used Allegro PCB Editor to design PCB layout.
  • Utilized code composer studio to write firmware for MSP430 MCU.
  • Designed cloud based GUI using CCS that enabled user interface with the controller.


J r. Electrical Design Engineer

  • Designed different kind of PCB using Mentor graphics PADS layout and draw Circuits Using PADS logic.
  • Use Design rules for EMC for mixed signal PCB.
  • Design Iot Devices using advanced microcontroller.
  • Write Firmware for The systems using C
  • Designed RF embedded systems.
  • Tested different kind of PCBA for functionality.
  • Wrote and executed test plans that are used by technicians to test prototypes.
  • Implemented RF circuit for testing RF sensor.
  • Used different RF sensing techniques to implement RF analog hardware.
  • Use MATLAB to process data to come up with transfer function that can be used in the Firmware.
  • Implement temperature sensor in different applications.
  • Developed Firmware’s for PIC microcontrollers using MPLAP X IDE.
  • Designed Power supply in mixed signal PCB.
  • Analyzed different RF circuits using SPICE.
  • Implemented USART serial communication to communicate sensor with a PC.
  • Designed a sensors that uses SPI and I2C communication protocol and wrote the firmware for it.
  • Utilized frequency counter to measure the tolerance of RF hardware through temprature.
  • Applied different technics to manipulate audio visual data in MATLAB.
  • Used network analyzer and data acquisition software for testing.
  • Designed 4 to20 mA Transmitter and calibrated the prototypes.
  • Perform Electrical Calculations for replacing components for manufacturing.
  • Prepare test plan and perform test for unit and system testing.
  • Prepared process sheet for technicians to assembled a prototype for client.
  • Perform root cause analysis of equipment failures.
  • Implemented C, C++ and JAVA to develop different programs to solve complex Engineering equations.


Electrical/Electronic Engineer

  • Design digital/analog circuits and develop working Prototype.
  • Develop 2 layer copper etched PCB for prototyping.
  • Utilized MATLAB to calculate different set of Data and calculation needed for the Design of a prototype.
  • Design 4 layer USB powered system and Developed a board that enables CAN communication.
  • Use DSP technics to achieve a specific goal.
  • Applied programs to MATLAB to visualize a Data distribution.
  • Design PCB using PADS DX Designer to integrate Design and Database for Data Driven Business.
  • Develop Android app in JAVA using Android studio.
  • Download, install, configure, and update SQL server 2012 for different workstations.
  • Maintain and administer the data base of the company.
  • Used Mentor graphics PADS to design portable hardware’s.
  • Create complex T - SQL (Transact SQL) Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Security Management (Secure the database from SQL injection and other type of security treats).
  • Create logins, grant and control access to different components of the data base for the employees and clients.
  • Design a strategy to solve problems related to backup and recovery of the database.
  • Automate reoccurring jobs using the maintenance tool and monitor the performance of the database.
  • Grantee high availability and disaster recovery using mirroring, log shipping and replication.

Confidential, Blacksburg, VA

RF software/ cognitive radio researcher

  • Participated in wireless at VT research experience.
  • Developed a model of locating a transmitter inside a building using a wireless test-bed (CORNET).
  • Applied my skill of using oscilloscope together with basic instrumentation and measurements to accomplish my goal in the research.
  • Applied my digital signal processing(DSP) skills to analyze the data I got from the experiments.
  • Generated RF signal using signal generator and cone shaped antenna.
  • Designed dial tone signal decoder using tool.
  • Measured RF/MW measurements using wireless nods.
  • Used GNU radio companion to design simple radios that receive AM and FM signals.
  • Utilized GNU radio to collect data from a wireless node.
  • Worked with different type of antennas, digital to analog converter and analog to digital converter.


Spectrograph designer

  • Participated in a National Student Solar Spectrograph Competition (Sponsored by NASA).
  • Utilized the Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 tool to design the body of the Spectrograph .
  • Programmed the analysis of the received light spectrum using C programming language and MATLAB .
  • Analyzed light pollution reduction filters.

Confidential, College Park, MD

Digital /Analog Circuits designer/Lab Assistant

  • Administered the design(using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 ) and construction of hovercraft.
  • Readied and organized equipment for physics and circuit labs in Physics and Engineering Departmen t.
  • Designed complex Ac circuit, did transient and nodal analysis.
  • Designed and implemented elementary switching POS(product of sums) and SOP(sum of products) circuits.
  • Made encryption sequence detector, addition and subtraction circuits.
  • Structured operational amplifier circuits.
  • Designed vote counter, synchronous counter, and timer circuits.

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