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Power & Performance Validation Engineer Resume

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I would like to apply for the Analyst position your company is offering. As a validation engineer I had worked with data daily from reviewing, analyzing, and presenting to stakeholders. I also had managed projects, oversee operations, monitor results, prepare, compiles and consolidates data for reporting to division leadership team. Below are my working experiences.


Languages: C++, C, C #, SQL, Visual Basic, Assembly, Python

Data Application: Splunk

Office Software: MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Labview, Visio, Tabular

Platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix, SVOS


Power & Performance Validation Engineer



  • Collect and extract data from internal database. Review and verify data. Analyze data to find new trending. Prepare, compile reports and present findings to stakeholders. Make recommendations for product performance optimization. Update and respond to stakeholders with project related data.
  • Program manager for Power On operations. Responsibilities include facilitating meetings, planning test content, tools preparation, and scheduling staff coverage. Evaluate the urgency of incoming matters, and either resolve or escalate as appropriate.
  • Develop validation test cases in C and C++. Ensure all IPs are covered in test cases, passed and meet expectation from stakeholders. Work closely with architect/design/IP teams to root caused bugs in a timely matter when bugs are found.
  • Manage sightings data base, collaborate with other teams to assign owner and ensure all issues are communicated and root caused.
  • Improve process by automate tests with Python to reduce execution time for engineers.
  • Provide training to junior engineers.

System Validation Engineer



  • Program managed platform integration for multiple IPs. Facilitate meetings, planning and arranging for validation plan. Review IPs' specifications, develop Test Plan and test cases. Ensure test cases are executed and passed. Extract, review and sanitize data with technicians. Analyze data, prepare reports and present to leadership team. Collaborate with platform Architect, and IP functional teams to maximize platform validation plan.
  • Supervise and assist platform bring up during and post Power On. Remove roadblocks, encourage and support staffs.
  • Program managed User Experience platform validation for OEM. Work closely with stakeholders for best coverage test plan. Develop test cases based on final test plan. Execute, analyze and interpret data findings to make ways for best optimization.
  • Provide training to junior engineers.
  • Team Event Coordinator.

EMC Test Engineer



  • Program managed EMC Certification tests and reports. Facilitate meetings, planning and arranging for products testing with customers to complete and pass global EMI regulations requirements.
  • Perform Emission and Immunity testing.
  • Generate and update test procedures for Emission and Immunity test stations.
  • Manage products change notices.
  • Assist Design Engineers to achieve EMI regulatory compliance at system level.
  • Program managed cross site data analysis for internal and external EMC labs.
  • Program managed lab accreditations.
  • Develop internal EMC test software with C#.

Manufacturing Technician



  • Developed and sustained process modules and operations. Collect and evaluate operating data to conduct on - line equipment adjustment, and ensure process optimization.
  • Performed preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and reviewing technological health and stability for processes improvement.
  • Trained junior technicians on technical and product process. Member of Training Focus Group.
  • Chemical and safety coordinator.

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