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Staff Physicist Resume

Berkeley, CA


  • Desire to enter a completely new and challenging field to solve practical problems in industry.
  • Vast experience in data acquisition and analysis, modeling, simulation, data mining, silicon detectors, and designing equipment.
  • Easily can learn a new computer language. Will accept interesting position to demonstrate my ability.
  • Designed and debugged a measurement test platform for medical instrument using Confidential .
  • The interface included a Confidential camera, digital and analog inputs and outputs, bar code scanner.
  • Created Amazon.com ecommerce business for Contemporary Physics Education Project.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation involving half a million Confidential hours to determine properties of detector. Involves statistics and error analysis to understand data.
  • Designed hardware testing to insure operability of detector. Analyzed data.
  • Wrote software and analyzed data to determine whether detector met requirements.
  • Member of design team. Designed, built, and tested sensors for project.
  • SSD project manager for silicon vertex tracker for $30M DOE project at BNL
  • Led project to Department to Department of Energy acceptance.
  • Developed budget and schedule.
  • Led design.
  • System project manager for vertex tracker at RHIC
  • Created 3D software model of proposed detector.
  • Developed 3D software and pattern analysis to show that proposed tracker would meet design requirements. Created different algorithms to study characterizations of data.
  • Used 3D visualization techniques to study ray - tracing algorithms.
  • Developed data mining techniques to show that rare signals can be found in simulated data.
  • Lead research efforts to show that CMOS sensors can meet the detector requirements.
  • Wrote real-time software and designed hardware to acquire data from sensors. More than three other groups adopted this system.
  • Lead testing, wrote software and analyzed data to verify performance of silicon CMOS sensors. Designed test sensors.
  • Neutrino telescope in the South Pole (IceCube)
  • Tested prototype circuit board and analyzed performance. This work lead to $250M project accepting this technology. Designed, built, and tested sensors for project.
  • Responsible for electrical quality control. Designed system where more than 5000 very complex circuit boards with an FPGA and Confidential can be tested from -50°F to 50°F.
  • Designed custom Integrated Circuit (IC) chip tester. Wrote software acquisition.


  • UNIX
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Matlab
  • Confidential
  • Macintosh
  • Big Data
  • JAVA
  • Excel
  • Computer Security


Staff Physicist

Confidential, Berkeley, CA


  • Designed electrical system for ~5 MW of power. Responsible for coordinating activities of 100’s of physicists into a plan that can accommodate everyone’s requirements.
  • Responsible for budget and planning.
  • Supervised many students and postdocs in their research.
  • Reviewer for Department of Energy SBIR/STIR proposals.
  • Leading Contemporary Physics Education Project to ecommerce through Amazon.com

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