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Accountant Resume

Chicago, IllinoiS


I am an analytical and seasoned professional with more than twenty years of experience in accounting, training, system development, and general management responsibilities. I have consistently demonstrated the ability to develop highly effective management strategies and to produce accurate and profitable operations through innovative problem solving techniques and follow up.


Confidential, Chicago, Illinois



  • Manage all accounting functions including budgeting, forecasting and cash management.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Manager of Operations


  • Oversaw the day to day operations of a Professional Employer Organization.
  • Coordinated all the clients’ health, dental and vision insurance benefits with our insurance vendor.
  • Managed and ran all payroll functions for our clients.

Confidential, Marshfield, Wisconsin

Chief Financial Officer


  • Restructured financial statements by department to better control expenses. Analyzed financial reporting structure and determined that a more detailed reporting structure was required. Changes made resulted in a reduction in expenses by 200 thousand per year.
  • Created a budget plan to manage the company’s income and expenses. Restructured the Income Statement to include budget and implementation of a monthly manager review which increased profit by 400 thousand the first year.
  • Hired a collection expert to improve bad debt, delegated collections to him along with a staff which improved bad debts by 25 percent within 8 months.
  • Developed 80/20 and Gross Margin Reports to reduce lost sales due to issues with back orders. Trained buyer on how to read and use these reports, leading to an out of stock reduction by 30 percent and an improvement in our Gross Margin Return on Investment by 10 percent.
  • Created a Confidential growth plan for the company to meet demographic changes in our consumer base which increased profit by 80 percent over a 3 year period.

Confidential, Park Ridge, Illinois

Director of Finance and Administration


  • Responsible for the day - to-day financial and administrative operations for a $3 million per year environmental engineering consulting firm.
  • In addition, I prepared all quarterly payroll tax records and all financial statements on a monthly and yearly basis.
  • Established and implemented accounts receivable collection procedures to reduce the average aging of Accounts Receivable, resulting in a reduction of the average number of days outstanding by 25 percent.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Director of Payroll Operations


  • Saved the Park District 450 thousand by resolving a long standing issue with the IRS regarding non-filing of payroll taxes to the Social Security Administration by the previous Director of Payroll Operations.
  • Redesigned payroll department, implemented controls over check stock, signature plate, posting to the G/L, and bank reconciliations to improve financial controls and eliminate the loss of dollars.
  • Developed a unified financial reporting system and designed audit programs for the park system which eliminated 70% of each park manager’s paperwork, reduced banking cost, and created more financial control within 3 months.


Director of Internal Audit


  • Developed and implemented a program with IT to reduce interest cost on inventory by analyzing individual store selling trends and developing a system to replenish stock levels weekly, thereby reducing overall inventory levels by 30 million dollars and interest cost within 8 months.
  • Established an Internal Audit Department for a Confidential Corporation. Designed an Audit Program, analyzed the staffing requirements, created a budget, and presented and received approval for an Internal Audit Department by the Board of Directors.
  • Analyzed and restructured the Loss Prevention and Sales Awards Departments to eliminate conflict of interest between these two functions and to improve control over the inventory stock at the store level.
  • Restructuring needs included the development of process and procedures for store audits and negotiating with key management to implement the proposed changes.
  • Designed accounting /store software systems with IT, organized schedules, and managed a large team of programmers to eliminate the amount of manual work being performed by the department. The project was completed within 12 months and saved the company more than 1 million per year.
  • Improved the functionality of the Canadian accounting department to meet Confidential requirements by implementing Confidential systems, processes and developing staff training within 12 months which resulted in a 100 percent increase in production and a 50 percent reduction in staffing.

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