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Resident Engineer Resume

Auburn Hills, MI


Seeking a direct or long - term contract principal or senior level engineering/managerial position in the area of Embedded Electronic Systems, Control Module, sensors and actuators to complete my career, due to unexpected RiF at previous employer. Strongly interested in mentoring or training my replacement.


Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

Resident Engineer


  • Managed all hardware issues, including Bootloader Firmware (Proprietary to MM and considered, along with low-level drivers, to be ‘hardware’)
  • Management of all prototype and DV, PV and production engine control Confidential /ECMs, including stuff options, variant and version matching, test, special function and bootloader software
  • Responsible, on a day-to-day basis, ‘regreening’ of every Confidential in use by Confidential and its subcontractors, each time an upgrade of Bootloader, return-from-the-dead state, new Application Software release for Confidential production release, In-plant, End-of-line test code validation, memory dumps for evaluation by responsible teams at MM, Bologna, recompiling of object code, received from Bologna, to make it compatible with Chrysler Group security, for linking with CG ‘wrapper’ code, accounting for a plurality of my available hours; this task regularly incurred hours of casual overtime, several times over weekends, even extending to Christmas holiday work
  • Responsible for creation, maintenance and operation of laboratory facilities at Chrysler Technology Centre to support hardware-related functions
  • Responsible for Confidential support for Confidential Electrical Engineering and at Chelsea Proving Grounds
  • Internal resource engineer for other Confidential projects

Confidential, Novi, MI

Engineering Team Leader


  • Design and specification of all control systems, controllers, actuators, sensors, lighting and software for mining haul trucks up to 400 Ton (US) / 360 tonne; 3500-3650bhp, V18-V20, 78-80l Diesel-electric
  • Design responsible for 28VDC, 2kVDC Power, Electrohydraulic (servo) Systems, EMC, CAN, CANOpen Bus, wiring and other design functions
  • Redesigned instrument cluster, using modern, bus data to reduce wiring content and to include live video for improved safety
  • Designed peripheral safety drive/HV shutdown system (current supervised loop)
  • Created saving of hundreds of hours of engineering time, months of production delay and tens of thousands of dollars cost avoidance of revision of prime mover (3650hp 80l, Tognum/MTU V-20 Diesel) accessory drive, when engineering study showed that the hoist time (to raise loaded dump box at engine idle) did not meet requirement, by negotiating 15% increase in manufacturer-specified, no-load idle speed limit of prime mover during hoist operation
  • Discovered CAN Bus wiring error (rule violations) in existing design, preventing operation of real-time loadout display boards
  • Proposed method of 2x6-phase drive motor wiring to significantly reduce electromagnetic interference from dual 2000pk bhp, torque vector main propulsion drive
  • Negotiated a display engine from Tognum/MTU for the 2012 quadrennial Las Vegas Mining Equipment Show, when customer failed to provide significant display item a few weeks prior to show

Confidential, Warren, MI

Functional Safety Engineer


  • Hardware Functional Safety of chassis control systems, controllers, actuators and sensors
  • Assigned to MY ’16-‘18 four-wheel, four-quadrant active suspension and rear steer (program failed executive concept approval)

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Product Development Engineer


  • Hardware design of mobile equipment diagnostic tools (Military and commercial automotive)
  • Redesigned existing hardware to prospective customer specification (ARM Cortex mcontroller), eliminating redundant circuitry that also adversely affected noise and accuracy, with a large cost saving

Confidential, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Consulting Engineer


  • Determination of requirements for European Economic Community entry for wind cogeneration equipment (generators and inverters)
  • Liaison with accredited witness laboratory for detail of testing, interpretation of test results and recommendations for remediation
  • Researched and prepared summary of EEC laws and regulations, EU Parliamentary Directives, applicable ISO specifications and preparation of EU ‘Declaration of Incorporation’ / ‘Declaration of Conformance,’ as required

Confidential, Dearborn Heights, MI

Consulting Engineer


  • Principal electrical / electromechanical engineer developing speculative proposals and quotations for armored vehicles and Micro Grid design, construction, development and management programs for several customers, principally the Confidential Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Command ( Confidential )

Confidential, Oak Park, MI

EMC, Product Design/Development Engineer


  • Principal electrical engineer for all vehicle systems, including J-1939 CAN Bus communication system, electric power storage, traction drive electronics, service brake system, electrohydraulic system, regenerative / dissipative / Confidential brake torque blend strategy, HV power safety system, driver instrument cluster display, control and diagnostic system, interior and exterior lighting systems, passenger ingress / egress systems (door operation, kneeling), driver and passenger HVAC systems, driver convenience system, charging systems, APU planning.
  • Confidential Engineer and resource person for all Confidential issues, including circuit design, coupling effects, functional and regulatory Confidential, two-way radio compatibility for all electronic components on the product.
  • System, including provisions for vehicle options (e.g.: two-way radio, GPS tracking for dispatch, routing & mapping)
  • Designed improved HV traction motor wiring, utilizing stainless steel hose, with polyamide liner
  • Proposed use of flow battery (zinc-bromine) to replace roof-mounted high temperature nickel-sodium, stainless steel vacuum containment batteries, taking advantage of vehicle’s unique floor structure for electrolyte storage, resulting in major improvement (lowering) of vehicle CG, for improved vehicle dynamics, ride & handling and safety.
  • Initiated investigation of small turboshaft/generator as a ‘Range Extender’ (terminology determined by federal regulatory requirements for transit buses).
  • Proposed use of intermediate configurable ‘Junction Block’ technology to manage complexity, serviceability and physical size of wiring harnesses


Confidential Engineer


  • Confidential Engineer for all Confidential /chassis electronic components (Engine/transmission control, ABS/ ESC) and rear-wheel drive product (Wrangler, Dakota, Durango, RAM Truck).
  • Resource person for vendor and customer Confidential issues, including circuit design, coupling effects, PC artwork and layout, antenna theory, digital and analog broadcast radio and two-way radio.
  • Developed a process to assess the contribution of on-vehicle RF noise sources in the MF (AM Broadcast band), and to empirically evaluate remediation actions to provide the best possible performance vis-à-vis cost of the remediation, using a Vehicle Transverse Electro-Magnetic (VTEM) cell and the on-board entertainment system. This method is necessarily conducted with a completely production-representative vehicle in all respects, and is, therefore, very late in the design-develop-release for production cycle, thus limiting the cost and timeline impact of the actual changes. Nevertheless we were always able to implement the required changes as a customer perceived benefit. Additionally, accumulative experience in the efficacy of the changes provided positive guidance to the respective Design Release Engineers (DREs) as ‘Lessons Learned’.
  • Diagnosed an ESD issue in Confidential and truck fuel gauge systems that resulted in over $1.5 million saving in warranty cost.
  • Worked on SAE task force (J 2716, Single Edge Nibble Transmission, SENT) to define next generation digital interface for automotive electronic sensors. Proposed two-wire, current-loop physical layer implementation for vastly improved Confidential performance and cost reduction.
  • Worked on SAE committee to update and redefine the design and test requirements for automotive fuel system components (J-1945 Electrostatic Discharge, Fuels & Lubricants).
  • Mentored several young engineers.
  • Director of Professional Development and Continuing Education of the Southeastern Michigan Section IEEE Confidential Society (Chapter VIII).

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Product Engineer / Confidential Engineer


  • Design Release Engineer (two years) for Dodge Truck transmission system electronic controllers and sensors.
  • Design Release Engineer (five years) for all wheel-speed sensors and Electronic Control Units ( Confidential ) for Dodge Dakota, Ram Van/Wagon and the then all new full size Ram Light Truck.
  • Coordinated launch for a completely new four wheel Confidential for three separate vehicle lines with six-month launch intervals.
  • Assisted brake department and vendor in complete product development cycle, from program approval to successful launch, and follow up for all in-plant and field issues.
  • Wrote Performance Specifications for two Confidential system ECUs.
  • Wrote electrical pre-source package for next generation ABS/Traction assist electrical/electronic content.
  • Assisted vendor in Confidential testing and development (board level redesign) to meet performance requirements.
  • Worked on subcommittees to rewrite Design Standards and Performance Specifications, relating to Confidential: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design for Confidential, Grounding Practices and overall vehicle electrical performance requirements.
  • Wrote and published mobile radio installation guide, for Amateur and commercial two-way communication equipment (Currently a Service Bulletin for all vehicle lines).

Confidential, Northville, MI

Senior Field Applications Engineer


  • Designed and implemented laboratory facilities, including shield room and associated instrumentation for Confidential development.
  • Presented standardized microcontroller familiarization seminars.
  • Developed and presented a 'Design for Confidential ' course for presentation to customer engineers.
  • Gained a design from competitive product by implementing design-for- Confidential techniques, which permitted a HCMOS microcontroller to operate effectively less than 10mm from a radio receiver circuit board without adverse interaction (<2.5μV peaks at the receiver input terminals).
  • Assisted customer in a redesign of an automotive time/speed/distance computer which did not meet their customer's Confidential specifications, resulting in a 24dB improvement in radiated emissions.
  • Participated in Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) multiplex bus committee, and medium speed bus implementation task force as Secretary, which group produced the current industry-standard SAE Recommended Practice (J 1850) for vehicle multiplex bus communications.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Applications Engineer


  • Participated in group coordinating introduction 5.9l Confidential in Dodge truck.
  • Developed, with an outside vendor, a speed-sensitive switch for control of in-vehicle data terminal, to conform to federal and state regulatory requirements, resulting in a fleet order for five hundred full-sized vans.
  • Coordinated special requests for field equipment and fleet orders.

Confidential, Romulus, MI

Development Engineer


  • Made patent disclosure for high efficiency rotary to linear mechanism.

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