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It Senior Consultant Resume

Arlington, VA


  • 10 years experience in the IT career field and support.
  • TCP/IP and network troubleshooting, WAN and LAN architectures
  • Routing protocols, high - availability solutions, firewall security policies, content filtering systems, Microsoft Windows security services, Syslogs, Patch Management, Wireless technologies, Encryptions
  • Experience in Vulnerability Assessments tools
  • VPN technologies and intrusion detection/prevention solutions
  • Secure networks (e.g. TCP/IP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP, etc.) and application (e.g. HTTP, SMTP, FTP, etc.)
  • Experience identifying Internet Information Services (IIS), Weblogic, Access Components (MDAC), Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, COM+, XP, Unix/Linux, and hands-on experience with industry leading security vendor platforms, including products from TrendMicro, Check Point, ISS, Juniper, and Cisco.
  • LAN/WAN installation/integration, secure radio and satellite computer integration/communication, and data analyst network security.
  • Engaged in a wide range of different projects including a variety of hardware/software at both the government and commercial organizations.


IT Senior Consultant

Confidential, Arlington, Va


  • Confidential ’s responsibilities at Confidential Federal consist of the development of documents for Phase I Certification and Accreditation.
  • Assisted Confidential team help to assist Department of State and Consular Affairs with numerous documents that certify and accredit their systems.
  • Helped to develop draft form, and then sent to the client for review.
  • Helped meet Federal Business Policies and Procedures that must meet Federal Guideline Standards in order for a Governmental Agency to operate.
  • Confidential has successfully worked and developed documentation for the Department of State and Consular Affairs.

IT Security Analyst

Confidential, Herndon, Va


  • Confidential ’s responsibilities at Confidential consist of the development of documents to clients.
  • These documents are categorized in Security terms, Risk Assessments, Security Plans, Operational Security Documents, Contingency Plans and Project Plans.
  • Confidential has a plan of action from Confidential security Program Manager to visit with clients or review information from other team members who visit, analyze Manual Assessments, and create documents from policy procedures.
  • Assisted Confidential team to implement information and data into these documents
  • Confidential and the Confidential security staff will make the necessary changes/corrections to and deliver the final document to the client.
  • Helped to develop for clients and are to be attended for operational guidance, and are put in place for Federal Business Policies and Procedures that must meet Federal Guideline Standards in order for a Governmental Agency to operate.

IT Security Analyst

Confidential, Fairfax, Va


  • Confidential supported the Confidential Computer Emergency Response Team ( Confidential ) and the Confidential Network Operations and Security Center in which he helped gather data from several Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and provide valuable analysis to the Confidential global network defense system.
  • Helped to assist in monitoring trouble-call messaging for the Confidential ’s global theater.
  • Worked with the direction of an Confidential battle captain helped report critical outages around the world using a basic understanding and monitoring of formula databases and Confidential (Secure mail).
  • Other duties included creating and posting webpage power point slides for a universal military audience and developing presentation and data analysis slides for different world wide networks.
  • Duties included: monitoring and configuring Confidential Satellite Information modems, handling cryptographic keys and equipment, configuring modems for satellite communications, and assisting the security manager in inventory and backup.
  • Responsibilities included: professional development planning, configuring data terminals for satellite access, drafting and sending out joint interference satellite and contingency messages, scheduling daily updates, creating work schedules, and performing routine maintenance back ups for the Confidential Satellite Management Center ( Confidential ).
  • Confidential ’s secondary duties included: customer service and help desk management and system administration for a 200 member LAN, supply officer responsible for accounting for and balancing a fifty million dollar purchase budget, assisting the electronic technicians in fiber optic installations, and troubleshooting communication problems in which he identified problems and diagnosed causes to determine corrective actions.

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