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Principle Consultant Resume

Rockville, VA


Confidential has several years of broad technical experience in the areas of DevOps, Web based application development, Architecture design, Cloud integration, and virtualization technologies in various enterprise Linux/Unix environments. He has a DoD Secret Clearance, CompTIA Security+ and several database skills along with hands - on development experience.


Development: C/C++, OpenUI5, SAPUI5, Java, SQL, JavaScript, JSP, SAP Fiori, SAP Web IDE, Node.js, Eclipse, APIs, OData, Info Cubes, DSO,HTML5/XML/JSON, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, RESTful Services, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell Scripting, C#, LDAP, Puppet, TCPIP, GitHub, Open Source, Tomcat, Apache

Operating systems: Expert Linux/RedHat/SLES, Cloud, AWS, Networking, VMware/ESX, Hyper-V, Windows Mobile, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mainframe/MVS/TSO

Databases: SAP HANA, MySQL, Sybase ASE, Oracle


Confidential, Rockville, VA

Principle Consultant


  • Develop, configure and customize SAPUI5/Fiori transactional, analytical and fact sheet applications using the SAP HANA XSA/SAP Web IDE (on premise and cloud) /Eclipse using IDE tools and object oriented programming. SAP Gateway (OData Services/RESTful services) HTML5 / SAPUI5/JavaScript/Perl, Python, Ruby, Node.js, JSON/XML, C/C++/Java. SLES/Linux environments.
  • Application development (C/C++/HTML5), testing, code review, code customization, deployment (Puppet), installation, architecture design, Linux administration, sizing, upgrade, configuration management (Git), support, maintenance, debugging, database administration, SQL, Data modeling, SAP HANA SDA/SDI Adapters/Agent, RDF document conversions, performance tuning and optimization. SLES/Linux environment.
  • Improved the text analysis ingest process of 1 million files into SAP HANA from over an hour to under 20 seconds. (Improving the performance by a factor of 100 using C/C++/Java). Designed and developed SAPUI5/Fiori/JavaScript/HTML5/XML/Python/Perl interface via HANA XSA Studio/Eclipse to observe SAP HANA text analysis engine then display critical changes. SLES/Linux environments.
  • Customized, designed, installed, constructed and provisioned a hands-on, demo and development sandbox in a virtualized environment This environment was custom designed to support module portability and re-usability and included the following: HANA XSA/Web IDE, UI5/HTML5, Data Modeling/transformations, BW4/HANA Fiori, Apache, Tomcat, Web Dispatcher, SLES Linux, Red Hat Linux, NetWeaver BW 7.5, SLT real-time replication, SAP HANA SDA/SDI Adapters, HANA Studio, ASE, Windows OS, Business Analytics (client / server applications) and various data provisioning tools.
  • Designed and developed custom C/C++/ODBC/SQL code to convert and ingest RDF files into SAP HANA via ODBC Converted functionality of several SQL scripts into SAP HANA Data Models. Utilized the SAP HANA Graph engine to produce customer required results and Hadoop interfaces.
  • Installation, Cloud integration and configuration of S/4 HANA, replication, SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI/SDA/SDQ) using virtual tables and transformations with various data sources and adapters. SAP HANA data modeling. Implemented work flows to filter and map data to table. Configure HANA to BOC (Business Objects Cloud) connectivity using CORS with Web Dispatcher. Created HANA workflows and calculation views using Web IDE. Created RESTful/OData services APIs, Configure SAP HANA security/roles, s, SAML and SSL. Provided technical support, troubleshooting, testing, GitHub and guidance for network connectivity.
  • Lead Architect for the implementation of Central Finance (CFIN) on S/4 HANA (w/ multitenancy). Implemented RFC/SLT connectivity from multiple NetWeaver source systems into S/4HANA system. Generated SLT/ABAP objects to provide filtering and customization at the header and/or line item. Implemented real-time data replication using SAP HANA SDI adapters with complex Data Modeling using calculation, analytic and attribute views with joins and projections.

Confidential, Bethesda, VA

Window Mobile developer


  • Responsible for M-Business custom Web/POD development.
  • GitHub, C/C++ Visual Studio development.
  • Install and configured various Windows Mobile.
  • Troubleshoot problems with customer.
  • Provide technical support and research for new POD development.
  • Installed configured M-Business Client and M-Business Server.
  • Created JavaScript applications to interface with M-Business PODs.
  • Designed, developed, and tested various customized PODs.
  • Configured UltraLite databases.
  • Wrote JavaScript code to interact with the UltraLite database, MySQL and SQL Anywhere.
  • Developed DLLs/PODs to interface with bar code scanners on various Window Mobile devices.
  • Developed DLLs/PODs to interface with printers, bar code scanners, network, battery level, operating system and UltraLite DB background synchronization.


Custom Developer, EDI Product Support Specialist


  • Install, integrate, troubleshoot, configure and customize Confidential ’s EDI Gentran product line with various operating systems (Linux, HP-UX, Sun and AIX), ERPs (SAP NetWeaver, PeopleSoft and Informix) and business processes.
  • Installing/Configuring Gentran 6.1, Mapping, Shell scripting, Dataflow design, and Trading partner maintenance.
  • C/C++, Java, shell scripting, HTML/CGI, JavaScript interacting with various relational databases (Oracle, Informix, Times Ten, and Sybase).
  • Configure SAP R/3 interfaces.
  • Created seamless integration of EDI SAP/IDOCS via ALE with Gentran.
  • Simplified process of managing SAP/IDOCS via a web based HTML/PHP/CGI interface.

Confidential, Clearwater, FL

Senior Web/EDI Design Specialist


  • Managed development team in the design and development of HTML/CGI based web interfaces.
  • Created SQL Database Schema.
  • Performed testing and documentation of various APIs, procedures and software tools, technical support.
  • Object oriented programming in C++ and Java SUN, AIX and HP-UX environments.
  • Gentran Server Support specialist.
  • Created innovative method to accept one input “command” capable of generating various output formats, including: HTML (tables, select), XML, SQL, JavaScript, or regular text. Designed C++ JDBC API over ODBC API for improved compatibility with Java and JSP/Servlets.
  • Created Web based interface that allows Lucent's ICD/ICDPlus SS7 gateway solution product to be configured, provisioned and controlled remotely.

Confidential, Lakeland, FL

Development System Architect


  • Designed and architect various IVR product lines (Prepaid and Automated Conference Controller).
  • System administrative task, including system backups, Software upgrades, creating accounts, TCP/IP network configuration, disk space resource management, X station configuration, setup PPP connections, DNS, NFS. Designed and developed an Oracle Pro C Client/Server DB interface via RPC and TCP/IP socket programming.
  • Implemented T1 and E1/R2 protocols/APIs. Provided technical support and assistance to ensure customer service and quality.
  • Built and installed various versions of UNIX onto INTEL based workstations.

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