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Scientist Vi Resume

Oakland, CA


Technologies: Python (numpy, scipy, scikit - learn, pandas, spacy), Theano, Keras, TensorFlow, C/C++, Bash, IDL, JavaScript, SQL, MongoDB, HDF5, d3.js, Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware

Algorithms and Statistical methods: Clustering, Classification, NLP (text mining, topic modeling, clustering, classification), PCA, Cross-Validation, RF, Mixture Models, Deep learning (MLP, RNN), Regression, Regularization, Stochastic Optimization, Decision Tree, Ada-boost, image filters and wavelets decomposition, Markov Chain, Hidden Markov model, (Reversible-Jump) Monte Carlo, Cross-Validation, Bayesian Inference and networks, spectral analysis of images, Spatial autocorrelation and regression, Data Mining, econometrics and decision making (partial differential eqn, stochastic calculus, predictive analysis (e.g. Kalman filter), Wald sequential analysis, Nash equilibrium, Markov matrices (e.g. PageRank), Bellman eqn)


Scientist VI

Confidential, Oakland CA

Research Assistant

Confidential, Huntsville AL

Research Associate

Confidential, West Lafayette IN postdoc

Confidential postdoc


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