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Information Security Engineer Resume

Elkridge, MD


  • Exceptional troubleshooting ability, maintained by an active role as a Symantec Secure One Support engineer
  • Demonstrated leadership in supervisory role overseeing nine cybersecurity engineers
  • Design, develop, engineer, and implement best practice networking and security enterprise solutions in vertical markets including but not limited to U.S. Government, Financial, Healthcare, Education, Energy, and Telecommunications


Confidential, Elkridge, MD


  • Extensive experience presenting complex technical topics to audiences in student, user, team member, and managerial contexts
  • Performed policy analyses on multiple services delivery engagements to determine industry and vendor - based best practices and guidelines were present in ruleset configurations and provide recommendations for performance improvements where possible while accounting for risk management
  • Architected over 70 enterprise network and systems designs in more than six industries and provided integration engineering support to apply appropriate systems security policies and vendor implementation recommendations, of which the majority were concerned with deployment of network security boundary enforcement tools
  • Trained over 390 students in over 70 classes on the Confidential ProxySG, PacketShaper, and Security Analytics, receiving consistent performance feedback of a 5 out of 5, to include network security teams of Fortune 500 companies in banking, healthcare, and retail industries
  • Configured and maintained VMWare ESXi environment of fourteen ESXi hosts, including centralized management through vCenter to include distributed virtual switches, and integration with a Storage Area Network via iSCSI
  • Developed 3 training lab networks leveraging 20 physical appliances, 24 virtual security appliances, and 16 virtual workstations to be multi-functional for training on four different network security appliances, including mapping out IP address space and VLAN allocation used for each of the four LAN segments, documenting the flow of information from each lab out to the internet, and configuration maintenance
  • Performed network assessments utilizing vulnerability scanning tools such as OpenVAS and NExpose, and monitored network performance through tools including the Confidential PacketShaper, SNMP, and Zabbix
  • Migrated domain environment from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016 and maintained Microsoft Active Directory domain services, user account management, security permissions, and network security policies
  • Migrated company firewall deployments from Confidential to Palo Alto to Fortinet, including configuration and establishment of VPN tunnels between primary site and disaster recovery location

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Administrative Specialist

  • Created a centralized, relational FOIA database using Microsoft Access to facilitate tracking and reporting of FOIA requests, including the functionality to log workflow queues and provide compliance reports for 2007 FOIA amendments
  • Worked with appropriate component offices and other government agencies when necessary to resolve request scope issues, provide guidance on FOIA processing procedures, and ensure responsive documents were located
  • Reviewed and analyzed government documents for FOIA Exemptions and provided preliminary case analyses to senior FOIA Analysts


Report Writer/Collector/Hot-R Local Administrator

  • Created the CMPC-Q document translation request and report-writing database using MS Access to track and streamline workflow processes between intelligence and operations sections
  • Led the development of the CMPC-Q J2 SharePoint website and worked closely with IT sections to resolve user access problems
  • Performed quality control of IIRs to ensure conformance to IC standards, and verified accurate use of concepts and vocabulary, significance of intelligence was recognized, and valid conclusions were drawn
  • Created a new intelligence reporting format, DOMEX Summary Report, so well-liked by entities in the IC such as the Confidential Chief of Staff, that based upon its impact it was implemented as an intelligence product by the CMPC-Q

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