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Training Coordinator Resume


Highly motivated Coordinator with experience in small and large groups across diverse industries. Searching for a challenging career of increase responsibilities, personal growth and professional where I may utilize my skills and grow with the organization, both in the traditional class setting and with incorporating emerging technologies/eLearning. Experience with learning management systems, proficient in Microsoft Office programs, excellent presentations skills, and excellent oral and written communication skills.


Develop Programs and MATERIALS: Developed effective and interactive programs and materials to support employee development and s.

Conduct Organizational Needs Assessment: Monthly and annually reviews programs and employees requirement for s to ensure needs are met for the organization and individual

Lead and Coaching Programs: Frequently led program and coached employees to provide guidance and build essential skills. Conducted group and one on one .

Assess Program Impact: Upon completion of all assessed the impact to ensure materials are effective and achieved the intended goals of the individual and organization.

Manage Schedules: Directly oversee schedules, ensures are delivered on time and according to internal timelines. Worked closely with department manager/DIRECTORS TO determine when to schedule session and programs to prevent excessive business interruption and s lapses



  • Organize and Conduct for our agency’s staff, as well as outside participants
  • Design and develop programs (outsourced and in - house)
  • Ensure agency compliance with all Federal/State Law, as well as agency policy
  • Maintain credentials in areas where it is required to teach (ex. CPR/first Aid)
  • Conduct annuals audits of all files
  • Generate monthly reports of agency needs and status
  • Review, update, and improve curriculum annually or as needed
  • Develop plans for people with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities based on their wants and needs.
  • Review programs from other human service agencies
  • Used Act, a learning management system to track and maintain a record of all staff



  • Ensure patrons and visitors have a safe clean and enjoyable experience
  • Hire, Train and organize staff for the entire Beach Patrol and handle scheduling
  • Annotate time cards correctly for expedite and accurate compensation for the entire staff
  • Be accountable for 2 cash boxes at each of the entrances of the beach
  • Make regular cash drop runs for employee safety
  • Keep in contact with the surrounding community and address and concerns they may have
  • Be on call to deal with any emergency or situation that involves the beach


Piano Instructor

  • Managed and organized a piano studio
  • Developed student interest in and appreciation of music and musical instruments
  • Monitored and evaluated student performance and practices
  • Illustrated basic musical concepts such as time and rhythm
  • Prepared students for annual recitals
  • Organized the repair, servicing and replacement of instruments and equipment
  • Instructed and assisted Family members how to facilitate the musical growth of the student(s)
  • Taught students from the ages of 5 to 20 enabling them to achieve learning techniques
  • Selected and prepared instructional material and published notes for each student lesson
  • Customized lessons based on students learning ability, needs, and taste in music.
  • Coordinated lesson plans and assignments
  • Set up and maintained a schedule of the lessons for my entire studio
  • Encouraged students to use various rhythm and tonal games including Rock band, Wii Music, and Dance Dance Revolution for improvement of coordination and ear
  • For Families of more then one student, arranged group lessons at various times to help students develop a firm understanding of an ensemble setting
  • Created a classroom environment that provided for student involvement in the learning process



  • Deliver and retrieve books and packages from the Library of Congress to and from Senate and House of Representative offices and committees.
  • Scan in and out each book and package for accountability
  • Disperses supplies to the Congressional Research Service offices within the Library of Congress
  • Set up and rearrange conference rooms within the Library of Congress according to instructions provided.
  • Addressed customer concerns and researched their questions
  • Coordinate other employees at times to ensure smooth productivity and operations
  • Acted as a backup shuttle bus driver at another contract within the DC metropolitan area.

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