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Marketing Strategy & Analysis Resume

Birmingham, MI


Vast experience measuring and reporting ROI, working within Marketing, Automotive, Financial, IT, and other businesses. Staff management, application/web development and development cycle experience. Experienced working with platforms such as Anametrix, Webtrends, Google Analytics, and Adobe SiteCatalyst. Advanced analysis, actionable insights, strategy development, execution, and presentation. Excel at evaluating offerings, developing and managing business tools. Motivated and innovative individual who excels in various environments and strives to exceed expectations. Volunteer for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Movember and a memorial scholarship foundation.


  • Analytic Strategy
  • Business Tool Management
  • Executive Communications
  • Process Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • Marketing
  • Testing
  • Consumer Management


Confidential, Birmingham, MI

Marketing Strategy & Analysis


  • Managed and owned all aspects of site side analytics efforts of the Super Bowl for Jeep, Dodge and FIAT brands, which included spend strategy and live during game analytics reporting. Efforts resulted in the first 100% issue free Super Bowl implementation.
  • Introduce and foster analysis and analytic based decision making to client executives, and throughout internal departments. Conduct regular analytic meetings, scheduled testing, and analytic based decisions. Resulted in improved performance of multiple KPI’s and analytic inclusion during model year development planning.
  • Responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, and reporting multiple A/B tests across multiple brands. Present analysis and recommendations to internal management and client executives. Resulting in regular scheduled test requests from the client, and internal groups. Manage regular testing to drive continuous improvement.

Confidential, White Lake, MI



  • Competencies include, convert data into a story with actionable information, effectively measure ROI from on and off - line campaigns, advanced installations & configurations, cross sub and top level domain installs, goal, funnel, Ecommerce, A/B, Multivariate, and landing page testing.
  • Developed a Confidential secure online SAP Dashboard, and excel application, product comparison tools for both Automotive Refinish and Electrocoat finish divisions, used by their North American sales forces. It creates instant, real world product comparison reports (cost and time).
  • Developed an online solution to offer printed material. Designed to mimic hardcopy, include animation, increase web traffic, and eliminate print/distribution costs. Annual savings > $20K.

Confidential, Southfield, MI

Commercial Coatings Marketing Strategy and Analyst


  • Lead a team of product, technical, and communication managers to develop marketing collateral for Commercial Coatings. Resulting in new marketing material, ads, and a trade show booth with net savings of $25,000.
  • Identified inefficiencies in price discrepancy procedures. Eliminated unnecessary approvals, redundancies, and set minimum automatic approval standards. The new process allowed discrepancies to be closed 90% faster. And resulted in faster product delivery times and allowed for optimizations within the call center.
  • Analyzed current active pricing due to inaccuracies. Located 253 Invalid prices, 670 prices at negative Gross Profit, 4335 prices below minimum GP, a product that lost $19,104, and 9184 expired prices, with 9225 prices that wouldn’t expire, and missed contracted price increases. Presented findings to c-level leadership and implemented solution. Immediate elimination of current annual loss (85K), and converted into profitable future sales.

Web Content Manager



  • Analyzed website data from Web Trends, Browser Hawk, Google Analytics, Overture, competitive evaluations, and internal/external feedback. Utilized data to develop and distribute KPI’s for executive leadership. Presented data quarterly, and annually to marketing, sales, and executive leadership. Leveraged data into strategic web plan.
  • Developed marketing strategy to increase website traffic and search engine placement. Based on analytic insights, it resulted in, a site redesign, international sweepstakes, and multiple online PPC ad campaigns. The result was an increase of 433% in traffic volume and first page search results placement.
  • Developed an international sweepstakes marketing campaign designed to promote brand awareness throughout North America, defining the scope, timeline, marketing material, legal disclaimer, and coordinated the prize patrols. With minimal advertising, this promotion resulted in more than 20,000 entries and aided Sales obtaining customers.
  • Developed an innovative online sales tool to help sales leverage strategic content. Tool utilized Dun & Bradstreet data and various technologies. The result was U.S. Patent #D590838 and a high adoption rate.

Confidential, Waterford, MI

Owner, Developer and Multimedia Technologist


  • Minimized development cost DaimlerChrysler began outsourcing IT work to India. Coordinated the development team on multiple projects for web applications and training applications. Managed the time and language barriers meeting all deliverables and budgets.
  • Managed the effort to reduce costs related to media development. New standards included templates, media repository, and an elimination of redevelopment. Additionally internalized the editing graphics, video, and audio. The result was an ongoing savings of time, and 35% on development cost, and elimination of vendor costs. Received multiple recognition of excellence awards for process improvement and creative development

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

Project Director/Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed an online game for kids that was fun, entertaining and stressed electrical safety for Confidential utilized animated Flash game technology with bright graphics, sounds, timers, scores and hidden prizes. The game was covered on the local Detroit news stations.
  • Confidential ’s web site traffic in one month hit over 40,000 visitors. An increase from 20,000 per year.

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