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Assistant Produce Manager Resume

Cromwell, CT


  • Have 5 years experience in food security analysis, 5 years experience in agribusiness development and advice, 1year experience in post - harvest management and handlings, 2 years experience in food safety control and 4 years experience in commodity value chain analysis and development.
  • Experience in conducting vulnerability analysis of food insecure zones using the harmonized framework/Integrated phase classification (IPC)
  • Excellent presentation skills and Report writing
  • Skillful in Writing proposals, concept notes, developing strategic plans and tracking future opportunities.
  • Able to collaborate with colleagues across capabilities relevant to resilience and food security, including food security and climate data analytics, political economy analysis, governance, local capacity building, health, and nutrition among others.
  • Good experience publication of technical articles, papers and reports.
  • Experience in reviews, assessment and conducting of surveys on agribusinesses
  • Proven knowledge in the implementation of HACCP, GAP, GMP, SOPs (USDA) and SSOP
  • Proven knowledge on post-harvest management for perishable crops along the value chain
  • Provide institutional capacity and trainings to conduct technical studies on post-harvest management.
  • Experience in conducting value chain assessments to determin appropriate interventions to enhance agricultural productivity and market access for farmers
  • Experience in designing and implementation of projects aimed at improving agricultural value chains and linkages with markets
  • Experience in developing and managing capacity building activities for enterprise groups and local institutions
  • Experience in sustainable agriculture and livelihood resilience programming
  • Ability to liaise and build partnership with stakeholders along the value chain
  • Proficient with STATA and ARCGIS
  • Proficient in the use of MS word, excel, access, power point and internet communication
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Problem Solving and Result Oriented
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively and meet deadlines
  • Experience managing research
  • Good team player and ability to work independently
  • Experience in leading and managing


Assistant Produce Manager

Confidential, Cromwell, CT


  • Manage department activities related to stocking, pricing and rotation of merchandise.
  • Assist in ordering, receiving, display and sale of all products in accordance to company quality and merchandising standards.
  • Collaborate with Merchandising Director to develop pricing plan and marketing plan.
  • Assist in developing marketing events and other promotional activities to maximize sales and profits.
  • Collaborate with Merchandising Director to develop work plan and labor schedule.
  • Manage department inventory control to maintain proper stock level so that there is no out of stock and over-stocking of products.
  • Prepare weekly sales reports for the management.
  • Ensure all invoices and bills are processed accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain accurate records of sales, purchases, and any transfers daily between departments.
  • Ensure that work environment is clean and safe.
  • Comply with federal, state and local laws.
  • Dispose all outdated and spoiled produce, which is no longer suitable for sale.
  • Monitor and control all procurement costs and expenses according to the budget limit.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by resolving customer concerns and problems in timely manner.
  • Work with Store Manager on hiring, evaluation and overall supervision of department personnel.
  • Train the produce team in new policies and product knowledge.
  • Participated in defining the roadmaps for Business Transformational and business process design for CPG
  • Develop a deep understanding of the issues and future challenges facing the manufacturing and retail industry
  • Constantly surveys the store for safety concerns and look for new methods to keep store clean and organized.
  • Provided training for food safety and quality requirements.
  • Developed and maintain documentation such as SOP’s, SSOP’s and Corrective Action reports.
  • Maintenance of manuals, policies and procedures as relate to any food safety standards and concerns.
  • Assure compliance with GMP’s, and written SOP’s and SSOP’s.
  • Conduct internal food safety audits and manage third party audits.
  • Monitor and verify activities to ensure that all products coming in and out of the facility meet food safety standards in addition to quality standards.
  • Manage the product recall program by establishing and implementing traceability and mock recalls.
  • Oversee proper maintenance and sanitation of all facility to comply with food safety requirements.
  • Ensure that all company food safety and quality assurance procedures are followed and documented correctly at all.
  • Organize stockroom and storage room areas.
  • Keep inventory of all sold and damaged accessories in the back dock.
  • Assists Merchandise Manager with the completion of store displays.
  • Unpacks and receives all accessory orders.

Assistant Agriculture Economist



  • Highlight business opportunities in districts and various agro-ecological zones in the country.
  • Explore ways of making market information readily available.
  • Carry out training need assessment of agribusinesses to develop capacity building plan
  • Link local issues and opportunities associated with business growth and development to sound education and research
  • Conduct research and analysis in developing countries setting
  • Collaborate with Investment Promotion Centers to Prepare list of investors in agriculture and link them to their areas of interest
  • Provide up-to-date data relevant to agri-business operators and investors interested in the agriculture sector.
  • Prepare status reports on agri-business development and on-going investments in the agriculture sector.
  • Provide technical services to prospective agribusiness investors in the agricultural sector.
  • Review agribusiness proposals and advised on way forward.
  • Establish a baseline for regular monitoring, future reviews and evaluation of investments in the agriculture sector.
  • Prepare work plan and budget.
  • Link farmer groups to market through match making activities
  • Conduct vulnerability analysis of food insecure zones using Harmonized Framework/ Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) approach
  • Participate in review and formulation of post-harvest management policies and strategies
  • Support in the identification and scaling - up of best practices on post-harvest loss reduction
  • Document innovative best practices on post-harvest lost reduction
  • Conduct technical studies and support on post-harvest management
  • Development and deliver capacity on commodity value chains
  • Conduct value chain assessments to identify gaps and provide recommendations on improving the selected value chain to maximize impact
  • Gather data and information needed to undertake an effective monitoring and evaluation of activities related to value chain and marketing
  • Organize and facilitate discussions on agribusiness policy issues
  • Enter completed survey data into data entry template
  • Report daily progress on various assignment and ongoing projects to IPA data coordinator

National Survey Assistant



  • Identify and establish contact with relevant stakeholders in the cassava Value chain
  • Collect data across the country
  • Prepare report and send electronic version of the filled questionnaires via email with supporting document to Regional Coordinator based in Cameroun.

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