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Graduate Student Resume

Dallas, TX


Master’s degree of Data Science and Software Engineering, experience with data analytic and big data modeling, skillful with machine learning, data mining, Python, R and SAS, 7 years working experience, goal oriented professional


Machine Learning algorithm: Decision Tree, Random Forest, kNN, SVM, K - means, DBSCAN, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, PCA, LDA

Data Science P ackages: Scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy, nltk, spaCy, pattern3, WordNet

Programming: Python, SQL, R, JSON, XML, Java, C++

Tools: SAS, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, matlibplot, Excel


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Graduate Student


  • Apply unsupervised clustering machine learning method to detect BGP anomaly
  • Use over 7 million of raw data records and over 20,000 statistical data records for analysis
  • Detect anomaly successfully for the historical events with 0.82 silhouette score of DBSCAN
  • Use supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods to train and test data of 1094 Confidential high schools and predict possibility of college enrollment rate of high schools
  • Final optimized random forest model obtains 94% accuracy in probability of college enrollment prediction
  • Working with streaming data: Mining Twitter Data with Python and MongoDB
  • Build a sample service that accepts data from a Twitter stream and stores it locally in a MongoDB database
  • Use predictive regression models in SAS on Kobe’s shot attempts dataset to predict Kobe’s shot
  • Build regression models with statistical tools in SAS to predict housing prices
  • Obtain 0.9215 in adjust R2 with the final model
  • Conduct Topic modeling analysis for user reviews of IMDB action movies.
  • Use NLP topic modeling pipeline. Text scraping, text normalization, building up NMF model with tfidf feature extraction, finding out top topics with most weighted terms


Product Support Engineer


  • Provide level 3 technical resolution services on escalated global support cases for telecom providers
  • Assist customers in collecting captured data for discovery and Root Cause Analysis
  • Conduct the sanity tests and software function and stress tests for the global customers

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