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It Specialist Resume

New Jersey, NJ

To obtain a position that utilizes my experience in Customer Service and Computer repair.


Major: Associate of Applied Science: Computer Maintenance Technology

Confidential, March 2010 – July 2011
As the Information Specialist for Pace, I would work closely with staff to insure that their workstations would be up to date and in great working conditions. I worked with Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Servers(2003&2008), Printers, Networks, Routers, wireless access points, VPN(virtual private network), Remote support, Server Administrator, Office 2003&2007 which includes Outlook 2003/2007, updated software, installed software and hardware, Re-Imaged workstations/laptops/tablets, backed up databases in SQL, ran scripts on an SQL environment and backed-up important patient information on the server.

Confidential,May 2009 – March 2010
Computer Technician: As a Computer Technician, I would visit different home health agencies and assist them with their workstations. I would normally maintain the desktops/workstations, install software, troubleshoot software, configure software, back up crucial information, maintain servers, maintain networks, administer email and administer user logins/passwords.

Confidential,January 2008 – August 2008
Computer Support Technician: As a Computer Support Technician, would be responsible in completing work orders. Work orders consisted of troubleshooting computer software, hardware, laser printers and the network. For every single work order received we all had a time frame of completion, normally 3 days to complete. My average work order closings ranged from 5-15 a day, depending on how difficult the work order was. Some work orders where completed in minutes while others took almost a whole day to complete. I was in charge of 3 buildings in the Pecan Campus which 2 of those buildings had computer labs. When a replacement part had to be ordered, I had to contact Dell in order to provide the service tag number of which was still under warranty and had Dell send a replacement part. All parts would be received in 1-2 business days. Every 1st Wednesday of the month we all had data drops in designated areas where work orders had been placed for them. Normally in a data drop, I would run cat6 cables from the wiring closet all the way to the area where specified.

Confidential, September 2007 – January 2008
Customer Support Representative: As a Customer support representative, I would receive incoming calls from DirecTV customers. Many clients would call to have their services activated, have their programming updated or would also call to make payments on their accounts. I would place orders for equipment, scheduled installations and would redirect people to their desired departments. I also assisted clients with troubleshooting their Standard, DVR, HD and HD DVR receivers. If I was unable to assist I would then transfer the client to a 2nd level representative. All calls received would get logged by using web based software.

Confidential, July 2007 – August 2007 Senior Computer Builder: As a Senior Computer Builder, I would assist and supervise entry level builders. I would build and average of 200 systems per shift and would build them to the customer’s specifications. Other days I would be in charge of plugging in the completed systems to a series of servers that would then run a diagnostic which determined if the system was build correctly and had no hardware issues. Once the diagnostic was completed, the system itself would then be prepped to be imaged with the operating system and its applications.

Confidential,July 2007 – August 2007
Computer Nerd/Computer Technician: As a Field Nerd, I would troubleshoot computers from the comfort of the client’s home. Many issues consisted of hardware problems and minor software problems. In some cases, the client wanted a wireless internet setup at home. All could have been accomplished by having a high speed ISP, ISP provided modem, a wireless router and then configuring the wireless router. All work orders would be printed out from the Computer NERDZ! Store, technicians would have a total of 4 work orders per day.

Confidential,February 2007 - May 2007
Technical Support/Customer service: As a Technical support agent my responsibilities were to insure that all the customers felt comfortable using the FedEx website. I would help people create both domestic and international shipments. I would also assist people who had problems accessing their accounts online. Many of the calls had to be resolved in a timely manner.

Confidential, September 2006 – July 2007
Computer Builder: As a Computer Builder working for Dell, I would be responsible in building the Optiplex, Dimension and the Inspiron systems. All computer systems were built up to the customer’s specifications and in a timely manner.

Confidential, July 2006 – October 2006
Server/Cook: As a server my main job was to insure that all the customers had a pleasant dine in experience. My main job was to make sure the customers were well taken care at all times by mainly having their tables cleaned on their arrival, to refilling their drinks and bringing the condiments to their table. As a Cook, I would be in charge of the saut station and baking station. I would arrive early morning to start the day off by making all the necessary preparations for the day’s menu. Which included 4 types of gravies, 2 types of soups and the day’s special side orders. At the end of the shift, I would insure that all my stations were cleaned thoroughly and sanitized.

Confidential,January 2000 – July 2006
Cook: As a cook, I would be in charge of the pizza station and the grill. While cooking I would make sure that all food went out the way the customers requested and on time. At the end of the shift, I would then clean the kitchen thoroughly and wash the floors as instructed.

Special Skills

*Microsoft Word 2007 *Microsoft Excel 2007 *Microsoft Access 2007
*Windows Xp Admin
*Customer Service
*Server Mgnt System
*35-50 WPM
*Data Drops
*Microsoft Power point
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adobe Image Ready
*Outlook Exchange
*Comp. Maintenance
*Computer Upgrading
*Computer Diag.
*Computer Repair
*Server Administration

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