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It Manager Resume

Gainesville, GA


To be a SAP - Functional Consultant in industry that will utilize my education and experience
to contribute as a team player in the overall success of the company.


  • IT Manager with Confidential,Gainesville, GA

from April 1st, 2008 to present date.

  • IT Manager with Confidential,Gainesville, GA

from January 1st, 1998 until March 31st, 2008.

  • IT Manager with Confidential,Germany/Slovakia from November 3rd, 1993 until December 31st, 1997 (assignment to US)
  • IBM System Engineer for Confidential.
  • IBM Customer Engineer for Confidential.

ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES for Confidential,

WM - Master data, Warehouse structure in WM system, Warehouse operations, Interfaces,
Stock put away, Removal, Stock transfer and replenishment, Internal warehouse
movements, Mobile data entry with RF, Put away with RF, Removal with RF, Kan-ban with
RF, RF Identification, TO confirmation, Scanning vendor labels for material receipt, Picking,
Scan to warehouse FG, Scan to Ship.

IM - Basic functions, Quantities, Values, Goods Receipts, Goods Issue, Returns, Reservations,
Physical Inventory, Sourcing, Vendor master data, Centrally Agreed Contracts for production
material, Quantity and value contracts, Inter-company procurement, Procurement w/o ASN.

PUR - Basic data, Production material master data, Indirect material master data, Scheduling
Agreements, Source lists, Quota arrangements, Purchasing info records, Subcontracting
material, Vendor consignment material, Purchasing controlling, Purchasing Info system.

PP - Direct material, Material planning and generation of forecast delivery schedule, Indirect
material, Demand management, Repetitive manufacturing, Master data, Work centers,
Routings, Operations, BOM, Material master, Change request.

LE - Inbound deliveries, goods receipt, put away, EDI inbound process, EDI outbound process,
Outbound Deliveries, Picking, ASN, Standard Scheduling agreements.


Projects : Confidential,
Client : Confidential,McAllen TX,
Confidential,Hermosillo, MX

Version : 4.6C
Roles : Core Team Member, Site Lead
Team size : 10 members core team in Germany
Technology : SAP R/3 -WM, MM, IM, PP, (SD)

Roles - and Responsibilities

Setting up the organizational structure standards like defining and assigning plants, purchasing organization, storage
locations, warehouses, receiving and shipping points, work centers, production versions.

Planning and Procurement of Components. Material master data, BOM, drawings, consignment, standard categories,
material and data flow design and implementation.

Warehouse Processes, shop floor processes for repetitive manufacturing, scan for traceability, scan to warehouse, scan to
contain, back flush from the touch screen.

Inventory Management. Special stocks. Physical inventory processes. Purchasing, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase
Orders approval and release hierarchies, info records, source lists, quotas, agreements.


  • Capable of adapting and working on new systems and new environments.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A flexible team player and/or lead with the ability to adapt to an evolving product development
  • Strong analytical presence supported by years of experience in the industry, interactions

with business processes systems through IBM Mapics and Copics and SAP R2 to current SAP R/3.

  • Good knowledge of the IT infrastructure.

Product Life Cycle Projects and Implementations of MM, PP, IM, WM:

1993 - 1997 Confidential,Michalove, SK - SAP R/2
Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, SA, Contracts, Info records, Stock types, Goods Receipts, Valuated and
Non-valuated, Invoicing and Credit memos, Manufacturing execution, Confirmation, Warehouse and operations,
Shipment, Inventory, etc. Complete implementation with subsequent user support and documentation.
Assignment to the US to support a new Siemens location in Gainesville, GA.

1998 - 2000 Confidential,Gainesville GA – SAP – R/2
Customized and tailored standard Business Contents Objects in MM, PP, IM including, master data, text,
hierarchies and transaction data and objects for the same type of industry – automotive, (as the above project).
Core team member and site team leader responsible for the local implementation, training of department key users
as well as overall user support and post-implementation day to day support.

2000 - 2001 Confidential,Gainesville GA – SAP–R/2 WMS
Design, customizing, implementation of WM warehouse management system with different storage types,
organized rack types bin locations, FIFO, block storage, training, documentation, etc.

2000 - 2001 Confidential,TX – SAP– R/2 WMS

2001 Confidential,Reynosa – SAP– R/2 WMS, IM

2002 Confidential,Gainesville – SAP– R/2 to R/3 Migration
Core team member and site team leader responsible for the local implementation, training of department key users
as well as overall user support and post-migration day to day support

2003 - 2004 Confidential,US / plant Gainesville R/3 RF Implementation MM, WM
Scan to Warehouse, Scan to Receive, Scan to Ship, Automatic vendor consignment warehouse to shop,
Confirmation from the planning table, on-line material requisition from warehouse, returns to warehouse.

2004 - 2005 Confidential,TX RF Implementation

2004 - 2005 Confidential,Reynosa RF Implementation

2005 Confidential,Spare Parts SAP Driven System MM, IM
SAP controlled, consumption min/max driven MRP to create requisition. SAP driven REMSTAR fully automatic tray
system. Unique solution developed together with Remstar shuttle tower manufacturer.

2005 - 2006 Confidential,Lot Traceability System PP, IM
Custom solution using RF scanners to read GR assigned to the lot at the GR receipt time. It allows SAP to match
material with the current BOM. At the confirmation time GR numbers are linked with the confirmation number.
Trace data used by QA.

2007 - 2008 Confidential,ASN LE, SD

2009 most recent Confidential,, Kan-ban with RF, IM, WM
Design and customizing three separate WM warehouses to accommodate the business process, replenishment,
process, inbound deliveries.
Bar code labeling, storage sections control for heavy material. RF to scan to unloading points.


Master degree in microprocessors
Master degree on electronics


As a manager responsible for the location(s) infrastructure as well, I have a good knowledge
of the Ethernet, VAN / LAN Networks, Communications, Windows Server 2000. 2003,
Windows-XP, MS-Office, MS-Outlook etc.

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