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It Needham, Ma


  • Senior IT Developer with over 15 yeas of experience in development and support of M/F applications. Experience in system analysis and implementation. An innovative, resourceful problem solver and troubleshooter capable of facilitating swift efficient problem resolution and getting things done on time. Experience supporting ORACLE/UNIX applications and using different types of middleware for data transfer. Familiar with job scheduling using ESP/ENCORE and setting up Predecessors-Successors relationships.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and an experienced team player.

Technical skills

Development Methodology: All phases of the development cycle from conception to completion, Full cycle Development.
Operating Systems: IBM z/OS OS390, Unix, Windows 2000/NT/XP/CE,
Languages: Cobol, JCL, CA-Easytrieve Plus, REXX, UNIX Korn Shell script, SQL
DBMS: DB2, Oracle
Development Tools: Expediter; InSync; TraceMaster; Dumpmaster; Abend-Aid; File-Aid; ENDEVOR; SyncSort; IBM Utilities; QMF; PL/SQL developer; SQL*Loader; UltraEdit; Microsoft Office Suite (Access, Excel, Word and etc);Visio.
Software Packages: FTP, middleware (JCAPS, RDX, ERP server)


Confidential, Waltham, MA Aug.2011 - Present
CSS Solution Delivery, Application support and development

  • Web Customer Rebate Validation Project CSS
  • Designed, coded, tested and implemented to production application that receive request
    from the vendor web site, retrieve data from Customer Service System and pass it back to
    the vendor thru the web. Implementation done in COBOL, DB2, AGS (Application
    getaway services), C/C++. In test was used COBOL on UNIX platform and ORACLE.
  • Lead support of the CIAP (Customer Insight and Analytic) - Oracle Data Mart
  • This application has interfaced with 24 National Grid and outside vendors applications.
    Over 1000 tables have updated daily, weekly and monthly thru the ESP scheduler
  • Lead support of ERS application - reading system for electric meters with interval data.
  • Lead Support, maintenance and troubleshooting of the 10 test M/F CSS DB2 databases and 2 test UNIX Oracle databases.
  • Lead support of the BAE tool (Business Account Extract).
  • Lead support and maintenance of the multiple CSS tools written in REXX.
  • Lead support of the CSS DB2 Archival process.
  • Lead support of the retrieval data from the old NE CIS system and producing multiple reports for different business clients.
  • Performance tuning COBOL - DB2 programs.
  • Trained and supervise six (6) offshore developers.

Confidential, Waltham, MA Feb.2008 - July.2011
CSS IT Tech Team, Sr. Developer
CSS (Customer Service System) Technical Support Team.

  • Redesigned, coded, tested and implemented to production the CSS archive process.
  • Reduced CPU time by over 50% and improved accuracy and performance of the process.
    Increase number of the archiving CSS tables by over 100% (from 27 tables in 2008 to 62 at
    the end of 2010)
  • Designed, coded, tested and implemented to production the written in REXX tool application to update production CRIS (customer relations information system) DB2 database for the business clients. Introduction of this tool allowed business clients to update CRIS DB in the SOX compliance manner without involving IT personal (For this project I was honored as IT employee of the month).
  • Technology used: REXX, COBOL, JCL, DB2, and ESP.
  • Lead support of the CIAP (Customer Insight and Analytic) Oracle Data Mart application (Oracle, UNIX, UNIX shell script, ESP, RDX, JCAPS)
  • Lead Support, Maintenance and troubleshooting of the 10 test M/F CSS DB2 databases and 2 test midrange Oracle databases.
  • Lead support of the BAE tool (Business Account Extract).
  • Lead support for multiple REXX applications for updating production DB2 data base for business clients.
  • Lead support of the retrieval data from the old NE CIS system and producing multiple reports for different business clients
  • Performance tuning Cobol - DB2 programs
  • Created a process to provide necessary data from the old NE CIS system to support Rhode Island state tax audit request.

Confidential, Westborough, MA Aug.2003 - Jan.2008
Info Analyst CIS (Customer Information System)

  • Applications analysis and design phase: Performed preliminary and detailed application systems analysis; gathered and discussed business system requirements with various users and business groups; translated the requirements into detailed flowcharts and diagrams, and created detailed functional and technical code specifications
  • Development phase: Reduced technical specifications to Mainframe COBOL, DB2, IMS, VSAM, EASYTRIEVE, JCL, Expeditor, FileAid
  • Testing Phase: Created detailed test plans, conducted thorough unit testing and systems testing of all the COBOL programs including the use of appropriate debugging tools such as the Expeditor, and created detailed technical documentation.
  • Maintenance: Routine troubleshooting, enhancements and resolved issues with regular production environment and user requests
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Phase: Reviewed and conducted thorough verification checks including code review of all the code changes made to COBOL programs of medium to high level complexity
  • Production Support: Served as the primary day time production support resource for all Mainframe COBOL
  • Types of Applications: ITRON PP4 - Meter reading software, Mainframe/midrange interface billing, accounting and revenue systems.
    Complexity of environment: # of users involved in supporting --- approx 50-100 (revenue, customer service) # of databases involved in supporting --- 2 IMS, 15 DB2 (worked with DBA team constantly) # of files involved in supporting --- approx 500+ (flat, gdg, vsam, gsam, temp, tape)
    On call 24 / 7 for production problems --- abends - working with operation support for rerun/restart

Key accomplishments:

  • ITRON PP4 Meter reading system.
  • Design, tested and implemented to NE CIS M/F part of the system for over 2,000,000 customers. Our company was the pilot company for this vender software.
  • Suggested, designed, tested and implemented automated SOX compliant process for entering rates to the NE CIS DB2 Database.
  • Created front end interface for outside suppliers.
  • Performance tuning Cobol and DB2 programs.
  • Billing, accounting and revenue systems - reports, updates enhancements, State audits
  • Involved in Y2K analysis, coding and testing during 1997-2000
  • Customer Information System ( CIS )
  • Involved in all daily, monthly and yearly running of system (batch and on-line)
  • Involved in monthly and yearly updates to rate and price tables, copybooks, programs.
  • Worked on regulated projects mandated by each State (RI, MA, and NH).
  • Supported Open Enrollment Supplier Services system that enables suppliers to send in enrollments, changes or delete transactions for customer accounts. Created reports and FTP downloads for users and suppliers to verify. Worked with EDI team in development of inbound and outbound supplier transactions based on files from CIS system.
  • Project One conversion of CIS system to CSS system.
  • Decommissioning the current CIS system
  • Supplying reports and files to conversion teams
  • Supplying analysis of current CIS system to conversion team
  • Closing out the CIS environment --- weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual process
training courses

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - Web development course2002
Leningrad Finance University - Mainframe programming course


M.Sc. Mechanical engineering

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