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Senior Software Resume

Atlanta, GA

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Over 9 yearsof IT experience professional Experience of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) demonstrated ability in Analysis, Design and Coding of various Application Software, Object Oriented Design, development, documentation, debugging and implementation of multi-tier Client/Server applications.
  • Extensive working experience across various industries like Bank, Telecommunication, Financial, Healthcare. Good Communication skill and having strong background to define business processes.
  • Expertise in the implementation of Core Java concepts & J2EE Technologies (EJB, SERVLET, JMS, JSP, XML, WEB SERVICES, SOAP, JPA, WSDL, RMI, JNDI).
  • Experience of Data Structure, Multithreading, Concurrency, Collections, Exception handling, Garbage Collection, Serialization.
  • Expertise in XML and related technologies like XSD, DTD, XSL, XSLT, XPath and parsers like (SAX, DOM).
  • Expertise in core J2EE design patterns including Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade, Data Transfer Object (DTO) and Data Access Objects (DAO).
  • Experienced in various MVC frameworks and tools: Jakarta Struts Framework, 1.2, Hibernate, spring.
  • Experienced in GUI/IDE Tool using IBM Web Sphere Application server, RSA/RAD,6.0/7, Eclipse 3.0/3.5.
  • Strong experience with Junit Framework in performing unit testing in applications.
  • Excellent in relational databases like Oracle 8i/9i/10g,11g,SQL Server 2005,My SQL, DB2 Sybase. SQL
  • Experience of UNIX/LINUX, Windows XP.
  • Proficient in designing all the layers of an Object Model (using UML notations) to make it reusable and, more importantly, making the application, both database independent and GUI independent. (Compliant with the J2EE architecture specification).
  • Expertise in Relational Database Design (Involved in huge databases design) and writing SQL Queries and PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, andDatabase Triggers, Functions, Transactions.
  • Strong background in working with the client to define business processes and develop high-level functional requirements.
  • Continually provided value added services to the clients through thoughtful experience, productive coding habits and excellent logical aptitude and Communication skills.
  • Experience of code migration from Web logic Application server to JBoss application server, from Tomcat JBoss.
  • Working experience of JBoss, WebSphere Application Server, Weblogic Application Server and Tomcat.
  • Good knowledge of Documentation E-R diagrams, Gantt charts, DFD's, Performance testing.
  • Experience of creating test cases, iRools /DRools. Experience of CVS, SVN, PVCS, Serena 8.1.
  • Working experience of VB.Net, using C#, VB, IIS, SQL Server.
  • Knowledge of HTTP, TCP/IP.LADP.
  • Experience of UI design.
  • Knowledge of SAP ABAP, CRM, SCM Product Development experience.
  • Strong experience of front end technologies(UI) like JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, Adobe Flex, VBScript ,ASP, C#, C ++,JSF,JSON, JQuery. Dojo
  • Text Editors used WordPad, Notepad, Slick Editor 2008, Edit plus, Power Designer.
  • Used Microsoft Office Visio 2003 for diagrams. Rumba 7.4 for mainframe, JProbe 8.1 for memory analysis, coverage, analysis, and Performance analysis, HttpWatch Professional Edition for getting log for web application, Snagit 8 for capturing diagrams, Hammingbird connectivity 2008 for debugging script.
  • Experience of Unit testing, integration testing, UAT , smoke testing, Quality center too, Mercury test tool.
  • Experience getting business requirements and documented each requirement.
  • Created more than 60 documents. Project Charter, Requirement Specification Document, High Level Design Document. Technical Design Document, Use Cases, Test Cases, Change Request Document, Defect Template, Prototype UI screens

Experience AS a Product Manager: 12 months experience as a project manager.

Technical Competencies:
Languages Core Java 5.0,/6.0, MS Visual Studio 2008,.NET, ASP.NET,C++,HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Cobol, Pascal, PL/SQL. Network Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, LADP
Web Services Axis
UML Tools Rational Rose, Visio 2003
Methodologies OOPS/OOAD, UML, J2EE Design Patterns, Junit
Messaging Services JMS
Databases Oracle 8i/9i,10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000,MS Access 2000, IBM DB2 ,IBM Installation Manager.
J2EE Technologies Core Java, Data Structure, Multithreading, JDBC, JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.2, EJB 2.0, JMS, RMI, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, XML (XML 1.0, SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML Schema, XSL, XSD, XSLT), JNDI, Web Services, Ajax, Adobe/Flex/Flash
App/Web Servers Web Logic 8.1, IBM Web Sphere 6.0/6.1, WASD, Apache Tomcat 6.0.20, JBoss 4.0.5,
Tools & Frameworks Jakarta Struts Framework 2.0, Hibernate, spring, CVS .JSF
Operating Systems Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, UNIX, MKS Tool Kit, Rumba 7.4
IDE IBM Web Sphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 5.1.2, Eclipse 3.5.0, RSA 7/RAD,
Build tools Ant 1.4, apache 1.7, Maven
Testing Tools JUNIT, SOAPUI
Software Configuration Management Tool CVS, SVN, PVC (Serena 8.1)

Client: Confidential, Atlanta, GA July2011 to till date
Project: 1. OPUS 2.OPUS Mobile Role: Designer/Architect

AT & T is entering into a new line of business and desires the ability to sell it through the retail applications and process all transactions through existing systems where possible. Additional enhancements to existing systems are required in order to successfully support the business and to provide extended functionality beyond what the existing systems provide. Below is a summary of OPUS enhancements included in the fourth phase of the rollout of Digital Life.

  • OPUS will be able to accept new customer Direct Fulfillment orders for customized Digital Life kits (solution will include a pre-kitted group of devices as one SKU and additional configurable items as individual line items) and a-la-cart items.
  • OPUS will implement a table driven solution to allow for the configurable definition of customizable Digital Life packages and relationships; input will be ongoing from Digital Life Marketing.

OPUS Mobile:
OPUS Mobile modified to differentiate 'direct fulfillment items' from 'in-store items'. Direct fulfillment items are required to be processed using the existing accessory Sales flow. The items may be accessories or equipment that does not require activation. OPUS Mobile is also modified to accept 'Serialized' items to be part of accessory Sales flow. Items scan using barcode scanner or manually. SKU value is appended with identifier for SC items and saved to Oracle backend. This project dealt with Manual entry of SKU for both Solution Center Item and that of regular in-store items.

Business Requirements, Functional Requirements, Wireframe are analyzed.
High level Design (HLD) is created for OPUS application.
Application Design (AD) is created for OPUS application.
High level Design (HLD) is created for OPUS Mobile application.
Application Design (AD) is created for OPUS Mobile application.
New methods are written in action classes, service classes, bean, DAO and Dao implementation
Classes to implement the functionality.
Change Request documents are created.
Review Record and Requirement Traceability Matrix documents are maintained.
Review and Approve the documents, Use Cases, Test Cases.
Code review is performed.
Database script for new tables, constraints, Index, stored procedures.

Struts 1.0,EJB 3.0,DAO,JDK1.6,Weblogic server 8.0,putty,winscp,Solaris 10, ,JSP,CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML Schema, Toad 8.6, ,Oracle 11i, Stored Procedure , SQL Index, DB Schema, SQL View, SQL query, JDBC, Web services, SVN, Eclipse 3.3, MS Visio 3.0, Rational clear case, Rational clear quest, UML Diagrams,

Client: Confidential, Atlanta, GA July2010 to July 2011
Project: ALDB Alarm Linkage Database Role: Application Management (Product Manager) and Senior Software Developer
ALDB: Alarm Linkage Database is central repository of all monitoring tools and alarm data. It provides an Interface for the user to register their request. This tool is mainly for use of Patrol team. There are server groups where user can add servers and monitor groups. In each monitor group there are the 13 Knowledge Modules (KM), within each KMs alerts can be generated .There is concept of server group to monitor group mapping and both to associate with each other. There are single server monitor group where one server is mapped with each monitor within each KM. Data is retrieved from oracle database migration catalog database with Migration Tool, and from CSV files.

Role AS Product Manager

  • Worked on requirement analysis, getting requirements, design GUI screens on bases of requirements.
  • Created ALDB charter
  • Created Software Requirement Specification Document
  • Created Use-cases
  • Created High Level Design Document.
  • Created Technical Design Document.
  • Design database, design tables
  • Worked with client far Change Requests / Defects
  • Documented each Change Request and sent to the team far implementation.
  • Daily maintained Defect template and change request document
  • Provided weekly status report to the manager
  • Provided details of each release of code
  • Provided resources to client
  • Provided every information to the client about project implementation/Defects/Change Requests
  • Implementation of functional and nonfunctional requirements.

Role as a Developer:

  • Created JSPs, Action classes, DAO. DAO implementation class.
  • Used thejava database connectivity for making a connection to backend database -
  • Used it for calling the JDBC type 4 thin driver classes directly from the code.
  • It has also been used in ORM model for connecting the DB with hibernate.
  • Starless session bean created
  • Created software configuration document
  • Used struts framework.
  • Created struts.xml and web.xml file's
  • Set system configuration required for project.
  • Created test cases.

Environment: Struts 2.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0, JDK 1.6, Core Java, Oracle 11g, Sun Solaris 5.0
Windows XP 2002, Eclipse, JSP, CSS, HTML, Hibernate 4Jlog, SQL Developer 1.5, JavaScript, JDBC, SQL Query, JQury, SVN code repository.

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Malvern, PA Nov 09 to July 2010
Project: S012 VPEX Part ED Support

Lead/Senior Software Developer

Worked on multiple projects like Meetings Forms, KPManager, Kaiser Permanente, Designing calculators like SAPCalculators,bayer,Battlle,JO-ANNStroes,saic,sandc,deloitte,telcordia,neaCalculators for Federal Tax 2010.Worked on Production and Support issues and on Security issues with Architect. Working on UI


  • Worked with Business persons directly to get requirements and implement these requirements
  • Fixing pre-existing issues worked on new requests and changed requests getting from Vanguard's clients.
  • Developed Meetings Forms, Emeeting Forms, from client side and from Manager side request and generate emails depending upon type of meetings.
  • Created different links for keeping record of all meetings.
  • Client side validation with ASP script.
  • Worked on SAP Calculator issues.
  • Created the Test cases to test SAP Calculator, bayer and Battlle calculators.
  • Elevated files of SAP Calculator in Production.
  • Designed Central XML file having data for Federal Tax 2010.
  • Created .ascx file to read the data from Central XML file for Federal Tax 2010 by using DOM parser.
  • Designed 8 calculators which used XML Federal Tax Central XML file for 2010 by using VBScript, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Worked on security issues.
  • Did Validation on both client side and server side using VBScript and JavaScript.
  • Created UI using DHTML, XHTML, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, XML and CSS.
  • Screens are created for KPManager by using JQuery, DOJO, HTML, and CSS.
  • Created JSP paged with HTML CSS and JSF, JavaScript for front pages for client side request in Meetings Form.
  • Created a 'Waitlisted' module in Meetings Form and linked it with other modules.
  • Wrote servlet, jdbc connectivity, and SQL query for retrieving values from oracle database server.
  • Data is retrieve from oracle database server.
  • Implemented spring IOC in the project.
  • Run URL's on different browsers like Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox to check browser compatibility.
  • Security issues, time for loading of (images and CSS) files are checked with Mozilla Firefox.

Environment: Java, Web sphere application server, WSAD, RAD(Rational ApplicationDevelopment7.0),.NET (Visual studio 2008,ASP, Visual Basic, ASP.Net,) , JSF, JavaScript ,DOJO, DHTML, JQuery, CSS, MKS Tool Kit, Slick Edit 2008, XML,XSLT,DOM parser Oracle 10g,Sybase,MS SQL Server 2005,Windows XP 2002,Mozilla Firefox ,Spring, IIS Server ,Adobe Flex, Scrum methodology, ,Serena.

Confidential, IL Oct\' 08 to Sept 2009
Project: iWarranty

Sr. Software Developer

The iWarranty product is designed specifically for automotive industry (truck, car, and heavy equipment recreational).It uses a service model ,which has Cost Management and Quality Improvement .It helps global manufacturers optimize their entire warranty life cycle through the use of the following modules like eClaims, Failure Analysis ,Warranty Center, Parts Return, Supplier Recovery, Analytic and Business Rules. iParts module is all about placing a parts order. It is integrated with Parts Catalog system where the user can browse the catalog for a model and view the bill of materials and the figure associated to it. The Parts Catalog system is a third Party Software called Mincom LinkOne developed in CSharp and VB.NET. We also integrated their existing ordering application with our iParts application.
Base Product has multiple modules likeService Hub , iParts , iSupport , iWarranty , iService , GoTo , Help , Sign Off , Service Intelligence , Home Page.
Service Hub is the main and independent module, all other modules has more or less dependency on it . ServiceHub consists of many sub modules like User Management which takes care of all types of login like user login/client login/Admin login etc. In User Interface Management all User Interface Elements are need to put in Interface Element after creating JSP.


  • Set up workspace for different projects, took the code from SVN, import the project in RSA , configure DB2 UD, Oracle, SQL server in RSA.
  • Harvested Dynamic Applicability feature in Base Product from FrightLiner and Cooper Projects.
  • Involved in the Supplier Warranty Claim Process.
  • Harvested Reason Code functionality from Dealer Claim module ineClaim of iWarranty modules to Supplier Claim module by using swing and java classes.
  • Implemented new feature: parts verse multiple components in Production Management module and PartsManagement moduleof Service Hub.
  • Wrote JSP pages by using HTML, DTML, Action Script, CSS, JavaScript, and Servlet, Controller for business logic, JavaBean, created interface DAO and java class DAOGenric for database connectivity, used prepared statement.
  • Involved in designing of the iWarranty CLM framework using core java concepts, multithreading, J2ee1.4 guidelines with JSP, Controller Servlets and EJB in picture.
  • Implemented CLM frameworkfor dispatching request to appropriate class.
  • Configuring the iWarranty application for changing the display label.
  • Creating classes for implementing User Lock management screen using current framework.
  • Implementing Claim locking functionality for SupplierClaims so that 2 or more users cannot work on the same claim. Used SVN as a version controlling tool.
  • Modify parts management screen elements by using GWT elements.
  • Created new module: Entity Attachment module by creating Search JSP (HTML, JavaScript, CSS,) Search Servlet, framed Business rules inController ,DAO, DAOGeneric. Developed interfaces and bean implementations for the same for propagating data on the JSPs.
  • Spring IOC is used is entity module.
  • Configured criteria column and show column element in XML file, wrote query in XML file and configure in configuration file with suitable query Identifier.
  • Implemented functionality of Help On/OffIcon, enabling and disabling Help On/Off in all modules of complete workspace by writing code in JSP's.
  • Changed color of all screens from white to gray ,changed acronyms of all screens , replace element \'code \' with \'Id\' to maintain consistency in Base Product.
  • Implemented iRules in . drl filesfor validation of Postal Zip Code for all screens of Base Product modules, Generated packages, wrote queries,invoke messages for invalid entries.
  • Made Country dropdown list to User Login default Country.(When user do login country of user would be selected by default at the time of login)
  • UI for parts verses multiple components are created by using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, data manipulation with Jquery, Ajax for data binding to update UI components.
  • Created web services for parts verses components prices using wsdl SOAP and axis.
  • Used Java Bach files
  • Performed unit test and system test, supported QA team for testing.
  • Modified more than 60 queries and wrote new queries,used join, left join statement.
  • Reporting to manager, guiding and conducting interactive sessions with fellow members
  • Created many documents. Fixed defect. Created test cases of each task in Deliverable checklist and committed in SVN. Run and test the application on DB2, Oracle, SQL server and UNIX/LINUX.
  • Documents: Technical Design Document is prepared from Functional Design Documentfor implementation of Functionality Dynamic Applicability.
  • Testing is done by using quality center tool.
  • Document Database Document is prepared showing table name, table columns, schema for different screens.

Environment: JDK 1.5, Java, Core Java, WSAD, Servlets 2.4,web services, WSDL, Axis Tool, SOAP, Aqua Data 1.4 ,Spring framework, CLM Framework, Flex, DAO, JSP, Quality center tool, Ajax, JavaScript, SVN, Windows XP, RSA 7,JQuery, XML,HTML,DOJO,CSS,UNIX/LINUX
Application Server: Web sphere application Server 7.0/ 7.5, JBoss 4.0.5,
IDE: RSA 7 (Rational Software Architecture)/RAD (IBM Rational Application Developer)
Data Base: DB2, Oracle 10g, SQL Server
Challenges: Understanding company\' framework (CLM Framework), Validation of values by using iRules/Drools.

Confidential, OK, Tulsa Dec06 - Oct08
Project: One stop: CLASS

CLASS application checks if the address entered by the customer is valid and serviceable by the Verizon Business. If the address is valid and is serviceable byVerizon Business, it displays the Input Address(as entered), the Validated Address, the Rate Center, Wire Center, Install TypeandCustomer Type. Also, displayed is an indicator specifying whether "Local Facility Based Service" is available? "Network Accessibility" tab will display details on Unbundled Services and Building Information. It displays Product data sorted by options. The optimization results are appended to the Local Facility based Product. It determines if a customer's telephone number can be ported .The Local NumberPortability Result shows the phone number (as entered).portability indicator, carrier name ,Rate center, porting available indicator. These results can be sent via email. It is a ecommerce project's


  • Design discussed on the basis of user requirements .Involved in all phases ofSDCL of the project.
  • JSP files with HTML and JavaScript are written for GUI and some functionality and validation.
  • Java classes and Servlets are created defining functionality, database connectivity and SQL query.
  • Style sheet is created by following Verizon guidelines. Verizon style sheet is used to give look and feel of Verizon business to the application. Images are used.
  • Help file is created by using screen shots of GUI pages.
  • Web Services are used to access the values.
  • SOA is used to develop web Services
  • Web.xml is created. Build.xml is created, ant script is used. Application is deployed on JBossserver.
  • Extensive UNIX commands are used to run the script to take code from PVCS tested and deployed the application on JBoss Server with UNIX. Defects are fixed which are raised by testing team .Oracle database is used.

Environment: Java ,JSP, Java Script, JDBC, SQL, Eclipse ,Webshere app server , MQseries, Web services, Soap, SOA, Windows XP, JBOSS 4-0.5, Apache-ant1.7, Oracle, Unix/Linux, Shell Script.

Confidential, OK, Tulsa Dec06 - Oct08
Project : PicTool

Senior Software Developer

PicTool Verification allows wholesale customers to submit queries and receive Pre-subscribed Interexchange Carrier (PIC), status of Automatic Number Identification (ANI).Additionally, queries can be performed on the Billing Telephone Number (BTN)
Automatic Number identification (ANI) is a telephone number consisting of an area code, prefix, and line number. This search provides the capability to query up to 10 ANIs at one time for PIC query results. ANI details can be viewed from the PIC Query Result by selecting the desired ANI.
Billing Telephone Number (BTN) is telephone number associated with one or many ANIs that are used for billing purpose. This search provides capability to query a BTN for a list of associated ANIs and the Pic Query Resultsfor applicable BTN account number. ANIs details can be viewed from the Pic Query Results by selecting the desired ANIs


  • Design is discussed on the basis of user requirements.
  • Functionality is defined in Java classes and in Servlets.
  • Developed style sheet.
  • JSP, HTML, JavaScript, imagesare used to define GUIand Validation.
  • Changed the look and feel of the application by following the Verizon guidelines.
  • RMI is used to access values from remote server.
  • Web. Xml is created. Build. Xml is created, ant script is used.
  • Application is deployed on JBoss serverand tested and deployed on server with UNIX/LINUX.
  • Defects are fixed which areraised by testing team, tested performance.
  • Oracle database and Sybase is used to get values.

Environment: Java, JSP, RMI, Java Script, JDBC, Eclipse, Mercury testing, Windows XP, JBOSS 4-0.5, Apache-ant1.7, Oracle and Sybase, Unix/Linux

Project: OneLook
Senior Software Developer

OneLook analysis and reports data from the Tariff Database. It creates, saves, and modifies personal queries to obtain custom reports quickly and easily. It also provides Help and Download options. OneLook home page is the welcome page. Right side of the page is the LEC Tariff, eCustomerReporting, eRespORG, Toll Free Network Manager Option 1, RSS Reports links. LEC Tariff link leads to welcome to LEC Tariff Database Reporter page, right side of this page are links which lead to other pages. eCustomerReporting link opens the Welcome to Wholesale Customer Reporting page.eRespORG opens the OneLook homepage with all links. Toll Free Network Manager Option 1 link leads to TFNM Option 1 Logon page. RSS Reports leads to report generation page.


  • Code took from PVCS migrated from Web logic application server and run on JBoss application server.
  • Changed the look and feel of the application by following the Verizon guidelines.
  • Changes are done in all JSP files, Java classes, HTML files. Application is deployed on JBoss server.
  • Run the Script, took the code, start the server, tested and deployed application on UNIX environment Defects are fixed which are raised by testing team. Gave production support.
  • Worked on ecommerce project.

Environment: Java classes, JSP, Java Script, Mercury test, Eclipse, Windows XP, JBOSS 4-0.5, Apache-ant1.7, and Oracle. UNIX/LINUX, Shell scripting

Project: Ebilling

Role: Senior Software Developer

Generates reports based on data stored in xml files, each report shows details asCustomer name, invoice date, activity through, invoice number. Each report shows calls, and total of calls, minute's charges.


  • XML schema is generated .XML files are created to store data .XSLT, XPath is used to produce the output.
  • XSL is used to produce PDF files. DOM parser is used for parsing XML data. Reports are generated using data.
  • Verizon style sheet is used to give look and feel of Verizon business. Application is tested in UNIX/LINUX commands. Defects are fixed which are raised by testing team.

Environment: Windows XP, Eclipse, XML, XSLT, XHTML, XML Schema, XPath, HTML, CSS, JBOSS 4-0.5, Apache-ant1.7, Oracle, Unix/Linux.

Confidential, Boston, MA Nov'05 - Nov'06
Project: Online Banking

JAVA Developer

The online web banking module provides for clients account information Account(s) summaries, Account(s) details, Monthly Statements, Balance Transfers between accounts, accrued interest, Check Ordering, Loan application, Credit Card services, financial services and Online Trading of securities stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds. The System architecture is based on the approach of Model-View-Controller design paradigm for J2EE Application, Which provides its own Controller and integrated well with other J2EE technologies to provide the Model and View.


  • Work Involved in extensive usage of STRUTS framework for JSP and Servlet development and validations
  • Responsible for coding all the JSP, Servlets used for the User Module.
  • Developed the JSP, Servlets and Various Beans in WebLogic application server.
  • Extensive experience in maintaining Versions using CVS.
  • Maven is used to build the project.
  • Involved in Database design and development.
  • Involved in implementation of Oracle Stored Procedures.
  • Involved in the system integration and testing.

Environment: Java, J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB), Struts, JavaScript, XML, XSL, HTML, WebLogic 10.3, Oracle9i, UNIX, CVS, NetBeans.

Confidential, IL Dec'04 to Oct'05
Project: Commercial Market Application
J2EE Developer

The Commercial Markets Application created using J2EE and Struts. It was made for the Commercial Markets division of Associated Insurance Plans International Inc. The main modules of the application included the Financial Agreement Search, the Property Claims Feedback and report generation. The Financial Agreement Search module searched the database for the agreement details based on the account number, account name and contract number. The Property Claims Feedback module performed a database search by giving a claim number and also generated a report on the activities in various departments.


  • Involved in software development life cycle (PLC/SDLC) of the Financial Agreements Search and Property Claims Feedback Requirements gathering, Conceptual Design, Analysis, Detail Design, Development, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Developed UI with swing, JSP and used JSP Tag libraries to simplify the application complexity.
  • Used Many-to-many(publish-subscribe)messagingmechanism for allowing communication between different departments. Developed middle-ware using Servlets.
  • Extensively used Spring MVCframework to develop the web layer for the application. Configured DispatcherServlet in web.xml.
  • Wrotespring configuration files for the beans defined and properties to be injected into them using spring\'s Dependency Injection.
  • Monitored error logs using Log Analyzer and fixed problems.
  • Created connection pools, deployed JSP,Servlets, on Web Sphere application server.
  • The application is modeled on Java / J2EE Framework and ORACLE as backend.
  • Working on an internal web-based and thick client software application built with spring /Hibernate frameworks.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Web Sphere Application Server, JMS, UML,XML, JSP 1.1, Swing, Spring /Hibernate, HTML, JNDI, JavaScript, Servlets, Oracle, Windows XP.

Confidential, New Delhi, INDIA Jan'03 - Oct'04
Project: eCare
Java Programmer

The project is advanced web based clinical information system to reduce medication errors and improve high level of patient care. An enterprise-wide, web based infrastructure provides electronic physician order entry of prescriptions, nursing work management, medication management and interacting with external pharmacy interfaces. Supports patient care research to determine the effectiveness of medical and nursing treatments and other clinical interventions and provides support for clinical decision-making.


  • Studied the function requirements and prepared the application requirements word Document, used RUP. Extensively worked on building applications using Swing.
  • Developed Physician order entry forms using Java Swing API.
  • Provided Guidelines for best practices of Software Management, Coding Standards and commenting for better understandability. Extensively worked onServlets, JSP, Java Beans, and JDBC.
  • Developed HTML pages using HTML and JavaScript for front-end validation.
  • Developed JDBC Connection Pool API as an interface to database for fast database Response using bottom out transaction processing approach.
  • Prepared deployment and migration documents and scripts for deployment and backup the application.
  • Involved in Debugging and Assembly test and user acceptance Test of the end product on the development environment.

Environment: Java, RUP, Servlets, C#,ASP .NET, ClearQuest and ClearCase, Apache Tomcat server, HTML, JavaScript, JDBC, XSLT,SQL Server and UNIX

Confidential, India Jun'02 to Dec 02
Project: Hospital Management System
Software developer

Hospital Management provides detailed information about doctors, availability of doctors. Tests, patient are records. Administration module needs user name & password to access application. User can get information about availability of doctors and fee of tests.


  • Developed Entity beans for the persistent storage of employee details in the Oracle Database
  • Designed and developed Objects Oriented design using C++.
  • Developed business logic using C++.
  • Coded ASP .Netfiles using c# and VB.Net, HTML pages.
  • Validation is done.
  • Database connectivity is done.
  • Crystal Reports generated.

Environment: .Net Framework,ASP.Net, Crystal Reports, C#, VB.NET, HTML, C++, XML, SQL Server 2003, Windows.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master of Computer Application (MCA)
  • Master Of Computer Science (M. Sc)

References: Available upon request.

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