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Sr.software Development Engineer Resume

Lake Mary, FL

Over 14 years of experience in Information Technology including system analysis, design, product development, product customization, testing, system re-engineering, consulting, transformation of legacy system etc.

Technical Skills:

Software/Technologies: C#/.NET 4.0, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.Net, Win Forms, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Java script, JQuery, Web Services/WCF, WS-Security, SOA, WSDL, SQL Server 2005/2008, T-SQL, Linq to Sql/Xml, C/C++, VC++ 6.0, SQL, PL/SQL, J2EE/Java, MVC3, JSP, JDK1.5, JDBC, Servlet, Oracle 10g, EJB, Perl script, SOAP 1.1, WSS4J, OOP/OOAD, UML, RUP.

Operating System: Windows XP/2000/NT, Sun Solaris Unix, IBM Mainframe, AS400 platforms.

Application server/IDE/tools: Visual studio 2008 & 2005, IIS 6/7, Tomcat, JBOSS, Eclipse 3.2, Apache-ant, Apache Axis, Clear Case, Visual Source Safe, SVN, TFS source control, CMS/Ektron, Portrait.

Recent certification

  • SIX SIGMA yellow belt certification

Confidential, Sr.Software Development Engineer, Lake Mary, FL, Oct-2010 - present

  • Gather requirements, Design and development.
  • Creating Functional design docs, Technical design spec, EA diagrams and Post installation documents.
  • Interact with Business Analyst, solution architects, DBA and system testers.
  • Provided support for various client bank releases including Bank united, ASB, Discover, Fulton.
  • Served as project lead, working with Aperio/Portrait development team.
  • Served in Process action team to stream line existing processes and define new process for various project tasks including unit testing, defect tracking and estimation facilitation etc.

Project Details

  • Worked on enhancing ASP.NET based product Aperio, a process-centric, multi-channel sales and service solution designed for financial institutions to enable a consistent customer experience across branch, call center and Web channels, as well as allowing back-office processes to be rapidly re-configured to meet evolving business needs.
  • Developed WCF client application to consume CaseTracker web service from EFT systems that tracks and updates card fraud cases.
  • Worked on enhancement to Windows forms based Card Services Package - ATM/Debit/Credit types including card maintenance, re-issuance, suspend, expire features using C#, Java scripts and XSLT transformations.
  • Automated Database upgrade process using Linq to Xml interface to maintain and apply database scripts from various project releases into target Aperio - sql server database. Developed queries and T-Sql stored procedures.
  • Developed and deployed Aperio WCF services to expose customer application creation, verification and product management components using MVC3 framework to interface with Fiserv products that operates on various channels.
  • Identified/fixed security vulnerabilities in Aperio Web application and designed solution to fix them and updated our current development process to comply with corporate web security guidelines.
  • CIP - Customer Identification program, is an enhancement added to enable financial institutions to comply with federal regulations regarding capturing customer personal information.

Confidential, Web developer, Orlando, FL, Jun 2007 - Jul 2010

  • Served as project lead, managing Bright house network portals.
  • Gathered requirements from various business units, prepare and guide the development team staring from design phase through handing over the deliverables to System Testing.
  • Conducted meetings with call center division, receive and analyze their needs for improving call center operations and initiate new projects.
  • Received recommendation and suggestions from marketing and sales team on improving Bright house web sites to drive sales and customer retention. Create projects to implement the changes.
  • Responsible for assigning/tracking production issues raised from Bright house portals.
  • Initiated the effort to add coding standards and code review guidelines into development process.

Project Details:

  • Rewriting of Compass Call center User Portal using VB.Net/C#.Net,Javascripts, T-SQL procedures.
  • Managed login.brighthouse.com customer facing web portal, used Ektron/CMS for content management, Sql server 2005 db, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery.
  • Developed Call Detail Record application using Sql Server Reporting and T-SQL procedures, and VB.Net,C#.Net to code business logic.
  • Access Sprint PCS Web services from PIVOT portal using SOAP messages, WSDL and .Net WCF framework.
  • EOS call center application development using HTML, CSS, Javascript,JQuery
  • Bright house sweepstakes application using C#, Windows Forms and XSLT.

Confidential, OH, Analyst systems, October 2001 - May 2007
Worked on various sub systems of wireless billing product Infiniys release 3.0 including CSM, OM (Customer service and order management where CSM is a web-based application in n-tier environment based on MVC architecture), finance, collection, dispute and rating & billing systems. Participated in market migration of client VIVO ( a joint venture formed by Portugal telecom and 5 other cellular telephony companies) from Core to Custom version of Atlys wireless billing product. Worked on customization of Atlys billing product for Orange France Telecom, Telecorp and Sprint PCS.

Involved in requirement analysis, functional design and development, core product development and various customization projects for Atlys wireless billing product. Supported solution testing, user acceptance testing, interacted with system engineers, testers, end users, DBAs, business analyst and other Atlys product supporting organizations.

Project Details:

Infiinys wireless billing product development using MVC n-tier architecture
  • Developed service management feature in CSM (Customer Service Management system), adhering to OOP practices, updated package service and service cancellation related JSP pages and servlets, created action classes to perform business logic validation, populate model with transient data, error handling etc.,
  • Development of server side EJB components that encapsulate core application logic, the business rules and data persistence.
  • Created Java classes and objects to perform service availability check, added functionality to filter products and packages based on several rating & billing parameters (i.e. currency, market segment, Invoicing Company etc).
  • Performed component analysis and Functional design documents, created detail design document, modified web tier components to support the enhancements, developed EJB components.
  • Served as technical lead.
  • Enhance the CACS (Customer Acct Subscription Services) system to enable the user to apply/remove marketing programs to subscriptions/accounts in bulk.
  • Developed XML APIs to transport data from user requests to server, developed background daemon job picks up the request and process it, validate it using pre-set qualification criteria.
  • Designed Oracle tables, views and reference data, developed unix shell scripts and Perl scripts, designed User Interface to add new window to the system.
  • Served as technical lead.

Courtesy Balance feature - Confidential

  • Developed C++ objects and unix kshell scripts to provide new notification service for sending a real-time account balance along with the percentage of free units used. Send this info using existing SMS message system at pre-defined intervals chosen by subscriber.
Gestao Service/PTT services - CACS / Order management system, Confidential
  • Created C++ business objects to send provisioning request of a new Gestão service to Activation Manager, support receiving and invoicing of pre-rated Gestão calls to a corporate account, provisioning PTT services to the enterprise by updating provisioning order objects to accommodate new attributes.
ESN security - Confidential
  • Developed and delivered a user security profile model involving Oracle table design that controls the users to access ESN information there by restricting the unauthorized users to view the ESN number of a wireless customer.
  • Served feature lead role, designed security tables , created views and stored procedures.

Finance-Dispute server performance improvement - Confidential

  • Enhanced the finance dispute server to send multiple adjustments with different financial Transaction types at the same API call and to increase the performance.
    Created Perl script that calls the apply dispute adjustment API for applying bulk adjustment.
  • Created database triggers and PL/SQL procedures that replace the application code effective and contributed to improving the performance of the server.

Product Customization for Orange France Telecom - Confidential

  • Developed xml API to create deposit recommendation that help the enterprise to determine the initial deposit needed to be paid to activate the subscription depend on credit score and other criteria, determines whether the deposit can be negotiated, the max and min deposit amount needed for an account.
Product Customization for Orange France Telecom - Credit reimbursement management, Finance system
  • The system is enhanced to create Pending reimbursement proposals, and allow for the disposition of the proposals which involves repaying the client when an account is in credit final status, an account has a debit refund due, or an account has an overpayment.
  • Designed and developed a new window which allow the CSR to manually create a reimbursement proposal and place it in the pending approval/profit queue.
  • Developed c++ business object and xml API shell script and a background job that looks for accounts in final status and create pending reimbursement proposals.
Product Customization for Orange France Telecom: Delayed SIM card replacement, SIM data conversation/Encryption
  • Configured the SIM serial number data to add a check digit to enable the enterprise's internal front end to validate the SIM serial number while activate a new subscriber or renewing a SIM card for a subscriber.
  • Enable the system to provide CSR with the ability to request a delayed or pending SIM card replacement.
  • created High level design, developed a background job that calls Orange France Telecom's external interface via custom API and return the check digit.
  • Developed a Perl script that performs data conversion for all SIM serial number data in the exiting tables by updating SIM serial number with check digit.
  • upgraded the server side business objects to provision the account/subscription search capabilities using SIM serial number, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) or access number. Created new .xsd schemas to be used by the API to transport data from client to server.
Customer Care and billing subsystem customization for Confidential
  • Enhanced CACS to meet enterprise's need to generate a customer information records file for each Unaffiliated Long Distance Carrier that does not have a co-billing agreement with the Enterprise. This has to be run after the successful completion of each billing cycle to produce an ASCII comma delimited file for all the Unaffiliated LDCs with usage in that billing cycle.
  • Developed a Pro'C' process that creates required customer information records file for unaffiliated long distance carriers by extracting data from Billing, Customer Service, Usage tables.

Core Customer Care and billing subsystem Product development

  • Enhanced existing billing and customer care solution product \'Atlys\' which involves modifying the external system to provide the enterprise with the ability to create, maintain and access calling circle information for a calling circle service.
  • Developed APIs and business objects to incorporate the calling circles functionality.
  • Supported code changes for replacing Persistence, the existing database access layer with DBAccys tool.

At Silverline Technologies Inc. NJ, Software Consultant, Feb 1998 - Jan2001

Legacy Transformation: Confidential

  • Responsible for the object oriented analysis and coding, migrated systems from older computing environments to modern computing paradigms.
  • Converted programming paradigms, user interfaces, database structures into modernized C/S platform.
  • Transformed VS-COBOLII application 'Monarch File Creation' into C++ application by converting the tables and flat files into relational structure, and converting 3270 character mode screen into GUI based screens.
  • Code GUI dialogs, data access activities and other required functionality to promote transformation.
  • Transformed batch processing system into PC Cobol and online system into a GUI application by using VC++, transformed online control system involving VC++ dialogues, frames, screen layouts, design and development.
  • Object linking and Embedding of different Excel and Word documents.

Purchase card enhancement: Confidential

  • Restructured existing code, facilitating object-oriented reuse of the existing application areas such as credit card validation. This involves validate expiration date, checking account, merchant number, credit card number etc.
  • Enhanced Purchasing Card to handle the dynamic transaction code and tax amount fields and processing incoming sale transaction from merchant. Also provided customer support to maintain their system.

Family card : Confidential

  • Developed Interface Analysis Data Mapping to allow clients to have the capabilities of the cardholder's Phone Banking System.
  • Developed modules to support new type of account called family card account takes dependent accounts in a family and combines them into one group account, record transactions made by the family's dependent accounts.

Bachelor 's Degree in Science
Diploma in Computer Application
Professional Diploma in Computer Application and Programming
Certified Business Professional Programmer

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