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July '10 to till date in iWave Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

2.3 years of experience in:

  • Embedded application development in in C/C++ in Linux platform.
  • Multi-threaded programming in Linux with POSIX threads, IPC mechanisms and RTOS concepts.
  • TCP/IP Network socket programming.
  • RTSP multimedia streaming application development (Live555 multimedia streaming framework).
  • Direct Show Multimedia framework
  • Windows CE 6.0 custom application design and implementation in C/ VC++, OOPS concepts and UML designs.
  • Good in debugging & error tracking.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, problem solving, Interpersonal skills and capable to work as part of a team.

Project: Direct Show filter porting from i.MX27 to i.MX6 platform
Duration: 2 months (August - September-2012)
Platform: Freescale'si.MX6Q Multimedia processor, Quad Core running at 1.2 GHz
OS: Windows Embedded Compact 7
Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio, Platform Builder
Languages :C, C++
Module requirement: Codec filter understanding and porting to i.MX6Q

Role and Expertise:

  • Perform basic Video Processing Unit (VPU) testing of i.MX6Q Multimedia processor with Freescale provided Encoder and Decoder test application.
  • Prepare a detailed design document describing Direct Show framework architecture including source, parser, encoder, decoder and renderer filters and porting details from i.MX27 to i.MX6 platform.
  • Implement the Direct show encoder and decoder filters based on the reference filter source code from i.MX27 platform.
  • Perform testing of filter implementation using direct show test bench applications.

Project: USB Wi-Fi conversion module - Telesystems Medical Japan
Duration: 7 months (February- August-2012)
Platform: Freescale'si.MX53 Multimedia processor
OS: Linux
Tool: Eclipse
Languages :C, C++
Module requirement: Video Streaming application development in C/C++.

Role and Expertise:

  • Performed feasibility study and research on various open source media streaming libraries currently available (such as Live555, mediaTomb, gstreamer, ffmpeg etc). Analysed the features supported in these libraries to meet the current project requirement.
  • Designed and implemented a Video streaming application based on open source Live555 RTP media streaming library. It involves understanding the software requirements and make the appropriate design of the application to meet all the system features.
  • Handled the status of each client device based on a custom designed connection protocol (over TCP).
  • Testing and bug fixing of application and analyse the various performance parameters such frame rate, propagation delay and jitter.

Project: Attendant Fetal Monitoring System for GE Health Care
Duration: 1 Year(January 2011- January-2012)
Platform: Freescale'si.MX27
OS: Windows CE 6.0R3
Tool: Visual Studio 2008, WinCE 6.0 Platform builder
Languages :C, C++
Module requirement: SPI stream interface Device driver for real time sensor data acquisition.

Role and Expertise:

  • Designed and implemented a Windows CE 6.0 stream interface driver to read the data from Ultra sound (US) and Uterine activity (UA) channels through SPI interface for a medical electronics device.
  • Read the raw samples at every 1ms interval and passed to upper application layer with IPC mechanism. A shared semaphore is used as an interface for Inter Process Communication (IPC).

Module requirement: Real time FECG waveform display on LCD
Role and Expertise:

  • Designed and implemented Real time Fetal Electro Cardio Graph (FECG) signals display on a LCD screen using alpha blending as part of the requirements.
  • This requirement involves capturing the real time Fetal data from channel sensors, resize the data value based on sizing factor and plot on the LCD screen using alpha blending buffers.
  • The rate of data capture is at every 10 ms to achieve the plotting speed of 25mm/sec.
  • Involves the designing and implementing the module, performing unit testing and functional testing, CPU performance capture and integrated system testing.

Module requirement: Virtual Strip chart display of patient parameters on LCD.
Role and Expertise:

  • Designed and implemented Virtual Strip chart for displaying the patient parameters as well as critical system events on a LCD screen using alpha blending as part of the requirements.
  • This requirement involves capturing and storing all the patient sensor parameters such as Fetal Heart Rates (FHR), Uterine Activity (UA) and other information from different sensors/connectors and displays it within a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using alpha blending.
  • The user can request for older sessions using Backward, forward or jump to particular position buttons present on the GUI.
  • Involves the designing and implementing the module, performing unit testing and functional testing, CPU performance capture using kernel tools and integrated system testing.

Module requirement: Exporting the patient information into a Portable document format (PDF) file using an open source pdf library.

Role and Expertise:

  • Designed and implemented PDF Exporter application as part of the requirements.
  • This Application involves reading the patient data record & plotting the graph and patient/system events on a Portable Document Format (PDF) file to be used by doctor or the physician.
  • Application uses the Windows CE custom API's & open source Pdf library (LibHaru) API's.
  • Integrated the application with the Attendant Fetal monitoring system. Unit testing and integrated application testing was done.

Project: H.264/MPEG4 Encoder-Decoder Support in Windows CE 6.0 iMX51
Duration: 1 month (December 2010)
Platform: Freescale's i.MX51
OS: Windows CE 6.0R3,
Tool: Visual Studio 2008, Windows CE 6.0 Platform builder
Languages :C++

Role and Expertise:

  • Tested support for Video Processing Unit (VPU) in Windows CE 6.0 to validate the hardware assisted Encoding & Decoding of various video formats.
  • Tested this feature on the i.MX51 processor platform.
  • Documented the generic procedure to test the Encoder-Decoder feature in Windows CE 6.0.

Project: CETK and Eboot Testing in Windows CE 6.0 for i.MX51
Duration: 1 month (November 2010)
Platform: Freescales's i.Mx51
OS: Windows CE 6.0R3

Role and Expertise:

  • Performed CETK (WinCE Test Kit) tests on supported peripherals on i.MX51 development platform.
  • Tested the Eboot (Ethernet Bootloader) feature in Windows CE 6.0 for iMX51 board. This feature supports booting Windows CE remotely through Ethernet interface.
  • Reporting the failure test cases to the development team.
  • Documented the procedure for performing CETK and Eboot testing.

Project: PCIe-SDXC Host Controller Driver Development in Linux
Duration: 4 months (July-October 2010)
Platform: Intel Stellarton Atom E600 Series
OS: Linux 2.6.24.
Languages: C

Role and Expertise:

  • Design and development of PCIe-SDXC Host controller driver to support custom SD v3.0 controller implemented in FPGA.
  • The driver will be loaded as a module registered in Linux kernel.
  • The driver should support all three variants of SD cards namely SD(Standard Capacity), SDHC(High Capacity) & SDXC(Extended Capacity).
  • Testing the driver performance on the Intel Stellarton board

Technical Skills

Hands on experience in the following technology areas:

  • Languages: C and C++, VC++
  • OS: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (RTOS), Embedded Linux
  • Peripherals: RTC, FROM, SD, Timer, PCI, VPU, SPI
  • Techniques: IPC in driver and application level
  • SOCs: i.MX27, i.MX51, Intel Atom, Intel Stellarton
  • Boot loader: Coreboot, AMI BIOS and custom boot loader
  • Configuration Management Tools: SVN, Bugzilla, Diskzilla.
  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Platform Builder 6.0, Kscope IDE for Linux
  • Static/Unit Testing: Parasoft C++ Test for C++
  • UML Design Tools: Enterprise Architect, StarUML


2006 - 2010 B.E. in Electronics and communication Engineering, First Class with Distinction


Won 1st place in National Level technical paper presentation in REC, Hubli in May 2010.
Gold Medalist in Pre-university College education.
Scored 100% marks in Mathematics in Pre-university Examinations.


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Development. Scored 93%. Exam ID: 70-571

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