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Information Architect Resume

New Jersey, NJ


15 Yrs Experience / 8 Direct Reports / 26 Indirect Reports / Expert Designer, Creative Marketing Strategist & Metrics Expert.
$20,000 Award-Winner / Fortune 50 Information Architecture (IA), User Experience (UX) and Human Factors Team Mgmt.
At the forefront of Design, Social CRM, SEO, PPC, Conversion, Usability, Analytics, Testing, Social Media, Blogging, Copywriting,
Video Marketing, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Core Metrics, Research and eCommerce.


B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Psychology & Economics

Selected Achievements & Skills
  • Orchestrated the design and development of a telecomm support website, saving more than $35M annually in call deflection and churn reduction as co-lead. Recruited to serve as Manager of Content Management for BellSouth (2003-2005). Project managed design of a 500+ page, $1M website that has been significantly accredited to be the source of over $35M in cost savings and churn reduction for BellSouth, annually. Co-delegated back-end top-tier programmers, designers, art directors, creative directors, and front-end specialists.
  • Helped capture more than $36M in venture capital from Richard Scrushy, founder of HealthSouth. In conjunction with Rob White (“Top 50 Entrepreneurs”, Catalyst Magazine 2002), we sought to obtain venture capital for what became the number one eProcurement system in the healthcare industry, generating over $1B in revenue in it’s first 18 months of business.
  • Skills Overview: Exceptional online marketing Creative with strong written, verbal, presentation, design, and development skills. High efficiency delegator with tactful positive reinforcement, praise, and gifting strategies to keep creatives and developers positive, happy, and efficient. Highly personable and capable of working with other CEOs, SMEs, Marketing Directors, C-Level Executives, family-controlled businesses, and major corporate boards. Proficient in problem solving and implementing solutions under tight deadlines. Hands-on executive, capable of effectively managing high-end web design budgets. Expert level Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, HTML, XHTML, CSS, DHTML, ActionScript skills, and XML-driven Flash sites. Search Engine Optimization SEO Mastery Certification (2005) and SEO Pro certified (2010). Familiar with Umbraco and Magento content management systems (CMS).

Career Overview / Entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 Experience
Confidential,Lead User Experience Information Architect, Dec 2010- Present, April 2003 – May 2005
  • Heuristic and data-driven decision making using Foresee and TreeJack IA analytic tools to drive user experience decisions.
  • Lead Billing & Payments Information Architecture (IA) efforts for att.com, AT&T’s largest online accounts receivable, at $2B+ per month. Billing & Payments is also AT&T’s most trafficked area online, at 1.5 Million interactions per month.
  • Team IA Solution Lead for $8M Online Bill Payments Online Application.
  • Team IA Solution Lead for ATT Global Video Player (includes advanced transcription, FS presentation layer views).
  • Team IA Solution Lead for Site-wide Special Projects Team. Tasked solving UX issues for highest call drivers.
  • Regularly interact with Sr. Business Analysts, various Directors, Senior VPs, and Executive VPs.
  • Visio, OmniGraffle, & Adobe Suite expert. Experience building custom “macros” for higher workflow efficiency.
  • Photoshop, Paint.net, Fireworks, Flash high efficiency for prototyping, designing, and working prototypes (including interactive capabilities). Desktop, mobile device, AJAX, jQuery, and next generation interaction methodologies.
  • When needed I can provide support documentation and educate those that do not understand certain business decisions based on Human Computer Ineraction (HCI), Psychology of Selling, User Experience, and Best Practices
  • Delegated tasks and mentored designers for a team of (4) internally, and (3) external resources while managing an annual budget in excess of $10 Million. Tracked site performance and ROI using IBM Web Analytics.
  • Served as principal design leader to create the front-end for an online Help Portal for BellSouth, helping to save more than $35M annually through call deflection, churn reduction, and customer satisfaction. Coached four on best practices, deployment, and architectural compliance with instruction, usability testing theory, navigational elements, and mentoring.
  • Designed and developed GUI, navigational concept, banners, and all master and sub-level front-end templates before handing to developers for back-end development and dynamic content population. Assessed pricing, web projects, and acted as a liaison to remote developers, architects, and engineers. Designed, implemented, updated, and maintained Flash web tutorials and CD-specific presentational pieces for mass distribution in excess of 3 million.
  • Negotiations with internal legal group to acquire security variances during initial staging setup were acquired during interim period. Organized and met with focus groups to elicit requirements and metrics of business operations. Defined and documented business processes, state charts, and activity diagrams. Supported and trained personnel on finished products. Coordinated SDL testing for approval before project launch to production.
  • Lead IA for ATT Online Bill and Payments, Global Video Player, and Special Projects.
  • Involved in $20,000/day usability testing, created user tasks and test sets, and used data to re-architect and modify wireframes / design to suit needs based on real-life user feedback.

Confidential,VP of Web Production & Strategy, 2009 to 2010 (corporate restructure)
  • Created Marketing & Retention Strategies for a 1000+ subscriber base at rate of $800/mo per subscriber.
  • Taught design strategy, subscriber strategy, opt-in strategy, converstion strategy, squeeze pages, SEO, PPC, reverse-engineer online marketing, and online marketing strategy to millionaire clientele.
  • At the forefront of Design, SEO, PPC, Conversion, Usability, Analytics, Testing, Social Media, Blogging, Copywriting, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, and Information Products.
  • Created process documentation and managed incoming traffic / production requests.
  • Created 1 year strategies with quarterly and weekly target dates for product / services launches.
  • Delegation to (8) direct reports and 23+ indirect reports from Georgia, India, Colorado, Costa Rica, and Ukraine.
  • Hands-on front-end design, flash, sound design, video, digital ads, SEO and coding.
  • Creative Director and led both Creative and Development departments.
  • Creative Direction, Web Design, Web Standards, Video Direction, Internet Marketing, Digital Products, Project Management, Resource Allocation, Eduction, Mentoring, and Delegation.
  • Exceptional understanding of multi-million dollar intellectual property product launches and services.

Confidential,Senior Information Architect / Senior Interaction Designer, March 2008 – May 2009 Work directly with CEO, CMO, CTO, VP of Sales, and Creative/Development teams on weekly basis. On location client interviews, creative extractions, and expert consulting for external C-Level executives in charge of multi-billion dollar corporations. Suggest online strategy and close deals through power of suggestion, emotional drive, and transfer of enthusiasm. Creation of Fortune 100, 500, 1000 websites and microsites. Senior Creative Lead on multiple Fortune 500 accounts, simutaneously. Conducted Creative Extractions with the C-Level executives of major Fortune 500 executive boards and SMEs. Creation of wireframes, showing information architecture, usability, major calls to action, and guidelines for functionality. Experience coaching internal team on creative projects, creative directing video houses on web-based after effects video projects, implementing XML-driven Flash solutions adminable thru Umbraco CMS and SVN.
  • Proactively creating internal Organic SEO strategic plan to increase our company\'s range of services.
  • Changed Billing practices for interactive projects to create higher quality experiences, capture additional revenue for interactive design projects, all while enhancing the impression and increased retention.
  • Hands-on front-end design, flash, sound design, video, digital ads, SEO and coding.
  • Chroma-key (Green Screen) video direction, capture, After Effects pre and post editing.
  • Also served as internal SEO Advisor for online marketing strategy and service offerings.

Confidential,Creative Director & SEO/SEM Manager, May 2005 – June 2006
  • Managed all online marketing efforts for a $200M funding company.
Awarded approximately $40,000 in first year dividends for performance, in addition to base income. Responsible for the design, development, maintenance, marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and online presence for three companies owned and operated by employer, Jim Torchia. Managed internal and external teams to meet the corporate objectives and target goals. In the first (3) months, I increased online sales leads by $40M.
  • Hold a SEO Mastery Certification for SEO/SEM and successfully accomplished top rankings for keywords and key phrases in the four major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves) with limited software use, using a style know as “organic” search engine optimization. Coordinated and implemented link exchange campaigns, Google Ads, Yahoo Directory listings, and DMOZ listings. Acute knowledge of search engine optimization, Google Sitemap, Google Sandbox, Google Analytics, robot.txt files, Wordtracker, and advanced SEO methodologies.
  • Negotiated dividend on online inquires that converted to sales linked to performance and SEO efforts.
  • Worked with advertising agencies, negotiated contracts, and conducted market research.
  • Wrote cancer articles, resource pages, and upcoming cancer-fighting practices.
  • Responsible for over (4) websites, each containing dozens of pages, including design, SEO, marketing, metric reporting, updates, ad monitoring and evaluation using Bid Optimization Pro.
  • Hands-on front-end design, flash, sound design, video, digital ads, SEO, SEM, Ad monitoring, and coding.

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