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Programmer Resume

St Louis, MO

Challenging position as AS/400(iSeries) Programmer/Analyst with growth-oriented company
offering opportunity for advancement and professional development in a creative

Highlights of Qualifications:
Over fifteen years of increasing responsibilities in the computer high tech industry.
More than ten years of experience as AS/400 RPGLE (RPG) Programmer/Analyst.
Skilled in problem solving and troubleshooting.
Recognized for high ethical standards in all work performed.
Resourceful team player, fast-learner and self-starter.
Work well under strict deadlines and high-stress situations.
Keen to explore new technologies.

Technical Skills:
Operating Systems and environments: AS/400(iSeries), MS DOS, Windows2000,
2000Professional, Vista, Client Access, Reflection and Mocha32 Emulators, Novell
Programming Languages: CL (Control Language), CLLE, RPG/400 (Report Program
Generating), RPGIV, ILE, Free Format RPG, e-RPG; HTML, SQL(Structured Query
Language), C APIs for iSeries.
Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visio), QuatroPro , Quick
Books, MacPac Accounting, ICOM Pager, File Scope, DBU (Database Utilities), HawKaws,
Fax Keys, Task Manager, Jack Henry Silverlake, PC Watch, Attention! Software,
Real Vision Imaging, JWalk, MKS Integrity Implementer and Change Management, TMW
trucking, ICC trucking, Sequel, QM Query, Robot Scheduler, Esend, Qualcom, Rapid Hire,
Detention Module, Dash boards, Quest View, RDi, Broderick SpoolOrganizer/400
Administrator, Linoma SEU Plus, iTerra.

M.S., Programmer, Systems Engineer

Certificate, Programmer

Employment History:

Consultant Programmer/Analyst July 2009 to 01 March 2010

Confidential,St. Louis, MO USA
Worked in AS/400 ILE environment with Client Access Emulator using RPGIV, RPGLE,
Free RPG, CLLE, RDi, Quest View, Broderick, QM Query and SQL.
Provided analysis for project performance and evaluation, created programs and reports for
order entry, database integration, warehousing, shipment, cash receipts and billing

Senior Programmer/Analyst April 2008 to October 2008

Confidential,St. Louis, MO USA
Worked in AS/400 environment with Client Access Emulator using RPGIV, RPGLE, Free
RPG, CLLE, SQLRPGLE, Sequel, ESend, Qualcom, Rapid Hire, TMW, ICC, DM, Microsoft
Office etc. Created and maintained Sequel reports, views, tables, executive dash boards,
user and customer access to the system and the load tracking on the company website,
interactive programs for logging driver and operator hours, inquiry programs to connect data
between manual processing, spreadsheets and 2 independent software-systems, programs
for customization, enhancements and reports for TMW, ICC and DM trucking software;
helped users with job, session or printer problems.

Consultant Programmer / Analyst September 2007 to April 2008
Confidential,St. Louis, MO USA
Worked in AS/400 environment with Reflection Emulator and MKS Integrity Implementer
and Change Management. Performed projects for insurance eligibility and claim
departments, used Microsoft Outlook, Visio and project management tools for
documenting, Quality Assurance testing and implementation.

Programmer / Analyst February 2002 to August 2007
Confidential,Edwardsville, Illinois, USA
Worked in AS/400 Client Access environment, Novell, GroupWise Notify etc. Customized
and maintained JHA-Jack Henry Silverlake ERP programs for banking, developed and
maintained programs, reports and queries for ATM banking, Debit/Credit Card processing
and promotional campaigns, CRM-Customer Relationship Management, data processing, file
transmissions, database integration and conversions; multi-machine communication with
DDM files and FTP, GUI web design using e-RPG, HTML, APIs, HTTP,TCP/IP and JWALK
software; installed and configured ATM functioning, fraud watch, paging and notifying
software, performed backup and data maintenance on Real Vision Imaging and iTera for
IBM, troubleshooting and support for annual release upgrades and end-users.

Programmer / Analyst January 2001 to February 2002
Confidential,Kansas, USA
Worked in Mocha32 AS400 ILE and PC Network environment using CL, RPGIV, ILE, Mac
Pac Accounting, File Scope, DBU, HawKaws, Fax Keys faxing, ICOM pager, Task Manager
etc. Performed projects and tasks to develop and maintain interactive and batch programs,
reports and queries for Order Entry, Accounting and Inventory Control Systems; dealt with
database design, reconstruction and optimization issues, user profiles, job queues, security,
configurations, user and system support at business and after hours, solved problems with
communication between company locations, local/remote devices, AS400 faxing and email.

Consultant, AS/400 Programming Instructor - December 1999 to May 2000 and
September,2000 to January,2001
Confidential,St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Taught CL and RPG/400 programming languages, trained beginner Programmers

Account Analyst - June 2000 to January, 2001
Confidential,St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Performed account processing, refunds and analysis for MCI World Communications.

AS/400 Programmer / Analyst
Confidential,K. Motzkin, Israel September 1996 to September 1999
Confidential,Karmiel, Israel January 1996 to September 1996
Designed interactive programs, reports, queries and DFU using CL, RPGIII and RPG/400;
Performed AS/400 system installation, management, upgrades, PTFs (Program Temporary
Fixes), Y2K upgrades, backup of system and user data, user support; administrated and
managed OS400 database, subsystems and multi-user system resources; configured
devices and security systems; analyzed program performance against system, CPU usage,
job and communication errors; wrote scripts and testing procedures; created files, triggers,
directories, queues, user profiles, device descriptions for printers, displays; assigned user
rights and priorities; Trained beginners..

Programmer, Database Administrator - January 1992 to November 1994
Confidential,Yerevan, Armenia.
Database administration in DBASE III. Designed reports and created queries for different
departments, worked with financial and accounting applications, end-user support.

Systems Engineer - Yerevan, Armenia
Information Technology Center in Ministry of Transportation August 1982 to April 1984
Computing Research Center for Math and sciences May 1984 to January 1992
Created driver programs in MacroAssembler,PL1, provided system analysis and user support

VIP member of iSeries Network, long time Supporter for charity organizations such as
March of Dimes, Help Hospitalized Veterans, American Institute for Cancer Research,
Easter Seals, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America,
Schriners Hospital.

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