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Programmer Resume

Mayfield, OH



Software (mainframe): Cobol II, SAS, CICS, SQL, DB2, Pascal, PL/1, File-Aid, Platinum, Expediter, Intertest, Telon, Librarian, Unitech Systems/Infogix balancing software, Tablebase, MVS JCL, TSO, ISPF, DYL-280, SyncSort, IMS, SERENA ChangeMan 5.6.1, CSC S3+ Billing & Collections, VSAM.
Software (pc): Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, Word, WordPerfect, Access, Lotus Notes, Dbase IV, Freelance, Powerpoint, SAS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT, DOS, Microfocus Cobol, Javascript, HTML, XML, SAS/IntrNet, SQLServer, Oracle, IBM File Manager & Debug Tool, Paradox, Unix.
Hardware: IBM 3090, Amdahl, DEC, AS/400, IBM PC & compatibles.
Certifications: SAS Base Programming for SAS9, SAS Advanced Programming for SAS9

Work Experience

Analyst/Programmer/Consultant (Confidential,Mayfield, OH) Dec 2011–present
Participated on the IT Audit team to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities in the processing of the various methods of insured payments. Identified and resolved control objectives, tests, and activities. I was responsible for investigating source code, identifying, retrieving, and summarizing relevant billing/payment data, interfacing with the billing programmers, and supporting the IT lead auditor. Developed SAS programs to retrieve data from DB2, SQLServer, VSAM, and other files types for reporting and exporting to EXCEL.

Analyst/Programmer/Consultant (Confidential,Brooklyn, OH) Jan 2012–Mar 2012
Participated on the e-commerce marketing campaign team using SAS to extract membership data to be used to email subscribers of their e-card services. Acted as SAS tutor and general SAS resource.

Analyst/Consultant (Confidential,Wooster, OH) Nov 2009–Nov 2011
Participated as a programmer/analyst in the auto, farm, dwelling & file, and homeowner rate revisions by modifying and testing Cobol/CICS/VSAM programs (lead programmer on two of the projects). Developed Cobol/CICS/VSAM programs for WRG’s new motorcycle product and scheduled its implementation. Created Cobol/VSAM programs to reload Commercial Auto files from archive tapes. Persuaded WRG to purchase SAS 9.2 and EG 4.3. Developed SAS programs to identify inadvertently modified fields during regression testing, loaded VSAM rates files from EXCEL spreadsheets, created executable Cobol programs from Cobol compile prints, and developed series of programs to create SyncSort JCL using the Cobol copybooks.

Analyst/Consultant (Confidential,Wilmington, DE) Sep 2009–Nov 2009
Participated in the process of relieving the actuaries of maintenance and execution of their SAS and Cobol processes. This includes the redesign, development, and testing of the existing processes and the participation in the development of new ones. I consolidated the logic of twenty-three programs into two. I designed a system to automate the processing of over thirty-three external extract files received from different countries. Wrote a SAS procedure to convert Cobol copybooks to SAS input statements.

Analyst/Consultant (Confidential,Pittsburgh, PA) Feb 2009–June 2009
Participated in the design, development, and testing of healthcare SAS programs to tabulate and report sales incentive bonuses for Highmark employees. Wrote complex reports to mimic the existing multi-tab Excel reports using SAS data step. Worked with managers to modify the existing report designs to better satisfy their sales reporting requirements. The system had interfaces to Excel, Oracle, and DB2.

Consultant (Confidential,Beachwood, OH) Jul 2008–Nov 2008
Converted DOS-based Paradox scripts into SAS code in a client-server environment which included interfaces to Oracle and AS/400. Wrote restart/recovery code into all reporting modules. Mentored Nationwide employees with SAS basics. Wrote SAS programs to identify extended runtimes for the nightly system incorporating day of the week and transaction counts. Added program documention to various Cobol programs.
Analyst/Programmer/Consultant (Confidential,Mayfield, OH) Jan 2005–June 2008
Participated in the design, development, testing, maintenance, and on-call responsibilities of the new billing system (ProBill) with special emphasis on quickly resolving nightly production issues. Probill is a mainframe Cobol/DB2/CICS batch system running under MVS Z/OS. Initiated the request for, designed, and developed mainframe SAS unit and regression testing and problem resolution tools for the entire team. The utilities copied all Probill DB2 table data to SAS tables. This permitted the user to quickly restore the DB2 data to run tests using production and test code. Results from both runs were compared using another SAS utility and inconsistencies where highlighted. Responsible for identifying coding errors arising from the nightly Cobol programs and assigning or correcting them. Designed and developed a series of SAS programs to mimic ACR balancing to identify as little as a $0.01 out of balance premium transaction from over $40 billion of total premiums in DB2 tables. This cut down investigation time by over 200%. Designed and developed a program to identify and correct duplicate insured names and addresses. Other software/languages used included XML, JCL, TSO, ISPF, SQL, Serena Changeman, Expediter, File-Aid, File Manager, IBM Debugger, and SyncSort.

Analyst/Consultant (Confidential,Mayfield, OH) Jan 2004–December 2004
Worked with business as lead analyst in the design, development, testing, and implementation of the “self-updating” Driver system in SAS/DB2 to maintain Progressive’s driver MVR histories and provided primary support (new development and maintenance) for the Premiums system. This was previously in COBOL before we converted and improved it into SAS. The system read MVR reports for Progressive employees from all 50 states (and formats) and summed the employee points. Various reports were created to identify employees with problem driving histories. Participated in the maintenance, enhancement, and new development of Cobol programming for the Premiums, Tax, Statistical Reporting, and Driver systems. Was the SAS SME for corporate systems and co-SME for the Cobol-based Premiums system. All of these systems are mainframe Cobol/DB2 with SAS reporting. Other software used included JCL, TSO, ISPF, SQL, Librarian, Expediter, File-Aid, and SyncSort.

Analyst/Programmer/Consultant (Confidential,Wickliffe, OH) March 2002–December 2003
Converted mainframe datamart SAS programs into an NT environment. Designed and coded an entire client/server intranet application in a manufacturing NT environment using SAS/IntrNet, base SAS, HTML, and Javascript. Performed regression testing to assure correctness. Worked this assignment part-time simultaneously with my Cambridge assignment.

Programmer/Consultant (Confidential,Solon, OH) August 2000–March 2003
Converted mainframe Cobol/DB2 & SAS/DB2 programs to PC SAS programs in an NT Server environment. Created many user reports in SAS, Microsoft Access, and Excel. Wrote SAS programs to identify insureds with claims over $250K and other programs for the marketing group with various summarizations and groupings. Created SQLServer DTS packages to convert SQLServer tables to Microsoft Access tables. Created many adhoc reports for the user community.

Analyst/Consultant (Confidential,Mayfield, OH) April 1994–August 2000.
Participated in the replacement of Progressive\'s RAMIS system. Wrote batch Cobol/DB2 programs and replaced RAMIS reporting programs with more efficient SAS code. Project lead to oversee the Year 2000 modifications to 100+ Premiums programs. Developed a series of SAS and Cobol programs for business managers outside of my assigned department. Provided technical screenings for Premiums team interviewees. Tested all Premiums programs as part of the company-wide rate manual expansion project. Team leader from April, 1998 until August, 2000. Participated as lead analyst in many inter-company design/review teams for the Premiums system for the period between April, 1998 and August, 2000. Provided 24-hour on-call coverage for Premiums and backup on-call for the Policy Number Maintenance System. Represented the Premiums systems as lead analyst with development of their interfaces to various new Progressive products including Homeowners, Autograph, and Voyager. Wrote SAS programs to call TableBase tables and eliminate/reduce the need for costly, slow, and inefficient COBOL programs. Other software used included MVS OS/390, JCL, TSO, ISPF, SQL, Librarian, Expediter, File-Aid, Tablebase, and SyncSort.

Consultant (Confidential,Wickliffe, OH) February 1993–April 1994
Utilized my analysis and communication skills to produce program specifications for other consultants and in-house staff for the rewrite of a large research and development system. Introduced myself to Texas Instruments\' IEF tool by writing a few Cobol/DB2 programs. Other software used included MVS ESA, JCL, TSO, ISPF, SQL, Intertest, and SyncSort.

Programmer Analyst II (Confidential,Mayfield, OH) November 1990–February 1993
Developed Cobol/DB2 programs for the new Premiums system. Designed and developed four interfaces between Premiums and four feeder systems. Developed various testing tools in SAS. Other software used included MVS ESA, JCL, TSO, ISPF, SQL, Expediter, File-Aid, and SyncSort.

Co-op/Assoc. Programmer Analyst (Confidential,Wickliffe, OH) June 1988–November 1990
Participated in the development of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) system. Wrote online and batch programs in Cobol/DB2 using Telon and MicroFocus Cobol. Maintained the MSDS test DB2 environment. Wrote batch Telon programs and designed and developed a management reporting tool in SAS/AF for Lubrizol\'s marketing department. Programmed in Cobol, DB2, SAS, SAS/AF, and CICS in both IBM and DEC environments.

Major: Information Systems (B.B.A.) Minor: Accounting

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