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Software Developer Resume

Kansas City, MO

Technical Skills:
COBOL, DB2, SQL, TSO/ISPF, MVS/JCL, VSAM, DATACOM/DB, ESP, Fileaid, DB2 Fileaid, Easytrieve Plus, Comparex, Abendaid,Smartedit,Xpeditor, Endevor, CICS views, Syncsort, DB2 EXPLAIN, Move for DB2, Quickstart, COOL BIZ, Provision, FTP, Open Solutions Inc products, MS Access and Microsoft Office Products.

Application Developer
* Mainframe application development.
* Portfolio Accounting Systems (PAS) support.
* Worked on problem tickets affecting the PAS system.
* Converted programs from VSAM files to DB2.

Kansas City, MO
08/96 to 07/08

Sr. Software Developer
* Converted both internal and external mutual fund accounts to the DST Systems
Broker Sub-Accounting System. Using utilities, COBOL programs, MVS/JCL and Easytrieve.

Sr. Architect
* System Architecture Manager (SAM) responsible for the on-request and periodic
processing project review.
* Participated in Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions for various projects.
* Offer consultation and research support for project teams to ensure that the
requested process is needed and to provide an alternative should the process
be deemed unnecessary.
* Review COBOL code, JCL code, SQL code and supporting Provision process models
to ensure that the DST system architecture long-term interest are being met.
* Provide oversight to project teams for small- to medium-scoped projects
typically involving single application subsystems, smaller components,
frameworks, and/or programs with minimal impact to an application’s overall
system architecture.
* Demonstrating a general knowledge of existing subsystem or component level
architecture principles.
* Provide technical guidance and/or make recommendations to development teams
on the application of appropriate technology, design, and reuse considerations
that support the products’ overall architecture vision.
* Research new technologies and vendor offerings, gather requirements, and collect
raw statistical data from which good business decisions can be made.
* Consult with project teams on issue resolution for problems of moderate complexity
and work with more experienced architects to assess overall system implications
and risks for architectural decisions made at the subsystem or component level
of an application.
* Communicate and explain new or modified architectural directions established for
a product area or the enterprise.
* Develop, publish, and promote training materials on specific application subsystem,
component, or framework architectural principles.
* Serve as Group Emergency Preparedness Warden.
* Completed Managing Client Expectations training.
* Completed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training.

Associate Architecture Analyst
* Served as in house consultant for issues related to nightly and on-request batch
* Provided various client groups with technical support for preferred methods of
processing in order to achieve DST’s system architecture plan.
* Code reviewed modules and approved them for migration onto the various test and
production platforms.
* Responsible for insuring that various technical teams are implementing projects
in accordance with the company’s long-term system architecture plan.
* Served as the leader of the Fileaid and Syncsort Standards Committee.
* Served as System Architecture contact for as-of Accountability Reporting,
Commissionable Share processing, and Consolidated Error Reporting.
* IRM contact with Tuning Group for DB2 file processing issues in the nightly batch
* Served as the primary CICS view tester for a datacom to DB2 database conversion.
* Received in-house (DST) DB2 certification
* Member of team doing a vendor evaluation for replacement of our impact analysis tool.
* Member of team analyzing and forecasting the needed resources to migrate to an all
DB2 shop eliminating Datacom database and VSAM file structures.
* Group Emergency Preparedness Warden.

Staff Analyst Programmer
* Built CICS views used to access mutual fund data for use on client web pages.
* Wrote specifications and provided clients with cost estimates for the changes
required to meet their expectations.
* Provided daily support for problem issues with the mainframe views in order to provide
our clients with 24-hour access to the web page functionality.
* Provided 24 hour, 7 day on call support for client web page functionality.

Analyst Programmer
* Built CICS subroutines used to retrieve tax form information from the mainframe for
display at client web sites.
* Enhance corporate billing programs and processes used to bill clients for Internet
inquiry and transaction processing.
* Provided 24 hour, 7 day on call support for client web page functionality.

* Implemented consolidated shareholder account statement processing. This required
enhancements as well as new program development.
* Researched and designed a new shareholder prospectus processing system to ensure
that mutual fund prospectuses were not mailed for multiple accounts belonging to
the same shareholder.
* Processed systematic correct accounts whose contingent deferred sales charge
files were out of balance.
* Used COBOL II and JCL skills provide support for Y2K commission testing.
* Provided daily support for various issues that affected my client.
* Provided 24 hour, 7 day on call support for client mutual fund processing functionality.

Specialist Certificate
Center for Business and Technology

Bachelors of Science in Computer Based Information Systems
Bachelors of Science in Management/Finance
Honors: magna cum laude

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