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Senior Database Administrator Resume

Washington, DC

Professional Profile

  • Oracle Certified Professional DBA in Oracle 10g & 11g with more than 18 years of experience on all releases of Oracle database starting from 7.3 to 11g (Release 2)on Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows. Implementation of RDBMS concepts. Also experience of working on Microsoft SQL Server versions 2000, 2005 versions.
  • Installation, Upgrade and Virtualization Extensive Experience of installation, configuring, upgrade and administer Terabyte of Oracle Databases on Oracle 11g,10g/9i/8.x. Recently completed upgrade of oracle 10g to oracle 11g on Linux and Sun Solaris environments. Installation of M.S SQL Server 2008.
    Migrating databases from physical machines to virtual machines in process using VMware
  • OLTP Database Managed OLTP database having 24 * 7 activities, Handled all the aspects of database design, administration, tuning, backup and recovery in Test, Development and Production environments.
  • Analyzing the requirement Gathered information, developed database design, created prototype, discussion with business analyst group, stakeholders and developers.
  • Data warehouse database Experience working on Data warehouse database. The issues like designing Star Schema, Bitmap indexes, Dimension tables, parallel query, partitioning and performance tuning and related issues were handled. Data modeling, analysis of design, modeling and converting to physical design
  • RAC and Data Guard experience Managed, configuring, and administered Oracle10g RAC (Rel.1&2) on Sun Solaris and Linux platforms. Oracle10g and 9i Data Guard Configurations, Grid Control management having Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Performance Tuning Used oracle provided tools like Stats pack, OEM, AWR, ADDM, ASMM, Oracle packages. Auto trace and cost of executing queries, also used third party tools like DBARTISAN
  • Backup and Recovery Configured and used RMAN for backup & recovery. RMAN setup with or without Repository Database, and configuring Flashback databases for faster recovery. Backup of M.S SQL Server
  • Data Migration, Load and Integration Oracle Data Pump for export and Import. SQL Loader for loading the data in Oracle. Used M.S SQL SSIS Tool for data migration and integration
  • Development work Used PL/SQL in stored procedures Functions, triggers & packages, Partitioning of very large tables, security through views and other objects like Materialized views.
    Creating & monitoring Indexes etc.
  • M.S SQL Server Administration Administered M.S SQL Server 2000, 2005 versions including Procedure, Function and packages, Data Migration experience using DTS packages, Management of Cluster database with multiple nodes
  • Position & Industries worked in Worked as Team member, Team Lead as well, in education, entertainment, non-profit, govt. and semi govt. sectors

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu,Windows 2000, Windows XP.
  • Programming Languages.: Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL
  • Web Design Tools: Html, Java Script, Active Server Page, IIS
  • Databases:Oracle (11g,10g, 9i, 8i, 8, 7.3 v), SQL Server(2005, 2000 & 7.0v)
  • Data Modeling Tools: Data Modeling (Erwin Tool), MS- Visio
  • Data Integration Tools: DTS, SSIS, Informatica
  • Reporting Tools: Crystal, Oracle, Cognos
  • Other Applications: Ultipro, DBartisan ,PUTTY

Educational Qualification and Certifications

  • M.S

Work Experience

Client:Confidential, Washington DC

Role: Senior Database Administrator & Architecture

  • Migration of Database Oracle10g and M.S SQL 2005 on new system
  • Export Schemas and import into staging.
  • Upgrade of V to V oracle system
  • Editing of scripts for creating schemas and objects
  • Cluster database Management –M.S. Server 2005
  • Oracle Database Data Guard Management 10g
  • Policies analysis and Implementation
  • Migration of database on Virtual Machines in progress.
  • Pursuing CompT IA Security+ Certification

Clients: Confidential,(Nov 2009-Sept 2010): Confidential,Washington DC

Role: Senior Database Administrator & Architecture

  • Recently upgraded oracle 10g system to oracle 11g manually on Sun Solaris environment.
  • RAC with two node environment on Linux managed with all the administrative activities like backup, setup of RMAN, Export AND Import etc.
  • Interacted with Business analyst and development team frequently to make changes in design / add objects to physical design of the database, based on the requirements.
  • Worked on Auditing and security with Oracle databases.
  • Used oracle provided tools like ADDM, Stats pack, Explain plan, SQL Analyze, Oracle packages and tools like oracle enterprise manager and data control.
  • Implemented Oracle 10g flash recovery area and flash back feature.
  • Captured the database statistics and metrics for proactive database management.
  • Configured Oracle Data Guard to ensure high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data.
  • Configured standby databases as physical standby and logical standby databases.
  • Writing documentation for upgrade from 10g to 11g , web logic installation and Discoverer as well.

Confidential,Virginia (April2008- Sep 2009)

Role: Team Lead (Senior Database Administrator and Architecture)

  • Handled database size ranging from 25 GB to 4 TB on Linux / Windows environments
  • Analyzing business requirements, gathering users and stake holder’s requirements, converting them into logical design, presenting prototypes to them etc. Once approved, designing physical database objects and their growth plan. Also helping developers to develop the application accordingly.
  • Data Integration, data analysis for reporting point of view.
  • Creation & implementation of PL/SQL & Shell scripts with respect to automate scheduled jobs.
  • Created RMAN based backup & recovery scripts for database.
  • Performance Tuning of Production Databases using oracle provided tools like Stats pack, Tkprof, Explain plan, SQL Analyze, Oracle packages
  • Writing production support documentation for supporting production RAC databases.
  • RAC Setup and configuration, User creation, backup, RMAN setup

Confidential, Washington DC (Sep2005- March 2008)

Role: Senior Database Administrator

  • Supported Payroll , HR and Planning departments clients (39)
  • Establish and maintain backup and recovery policies and procedures.
    RMAN Implementation with recovery catalog.
  • Migration of database using DBUA from 9i to 10g, Export/Import, Data pump & using scripts.
  • M.S SQL SSIS Packages and Installation of 2005. Database Administration, backup and recovery etc.
  • SQL tuning using explained plan, TKPROF, AWR, ADDM
  • Space management issues involving resizing table spaces, data files
  • Administration of all database objects, including tables, clusters, Indexes, views, Sequences, packages and procedures

Confidential, New Jersey (Jun2004-Sep 2005)
Role: Sr. Database Administrator

  • Development patches deployment in test , development and production environments
  • Managed data ware house database Oracle 9i and 10g for administration and tuning.
  • Interacting with Business analyst for enhancement of the application.
  • Data integration, Migration using M.S SQL Server DTS packages.
  • Performance tuning, Stats pack Report and Individual SQL Statement Tuning -consuming High CPU Usage.
  • Backup and recovery of database using RMAN.

Confidential,Virginia (May 03-Jun 04)

Role: Database Administrator

  • Oracle-9I, SQL Server 2000 on Windows environments.
  • Management of web based application
  • Students Training for Oracle 9i database management system
  • Develop reports for the management.

Confidential, Virginia (March 1999- May 03)

Role: Database Administrator

  • Installing and upgrading Oracle Instance & Application tools on windows.
  • Backup and recovery, RMAN setup

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