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Programmer/analyst Resume

Basking Ridge, NJ


  • 3 years experience in development of C# .Net based applications.
  • A dynamic and skilled professional with experience in all aspects of the system development life cycle (SDLC) with experience improving efficiency of systems and processes while developing Windows based and Web based applications for financial, marketing and Healthcare industries.
  • Depended upon to deliver on all high priority project goals.
  • Experienced working in team environments while prioritizing multiple responsibilities and commitments. Strong team player with excellent analytical skills and communicational abilities.
  • Highly effective under pressure with a strong ability to follow development standards and processes as set by the company.
  • A reliable and hard working team player with good communication skills and a good sense of humor.


SOFTWARE: C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.Net MS Visual Basic 4/5/6,VBScript, UML, HTML, MS SQL Server 6.5/7/2005, PL/SQL, Windows 3.11/95/NT/2000/XP, API, MS Office 2/7/8/9, MS Access 2/7/8/9, MS EXCEL 5/7/8/9, ADO.Net, ODBC, OLE DB, COM, SourceSafe, PVCS, Merant Tracker, Rational Rose
Report Tools: Active Reports. Crystal Report, Access Report Designer, and Excel Report Designer.
ActiveX TECHNOLOGY: Using and creating own ActiveX Controls in Visual Basic
Applications. Using and creating own ActiveX DLL and ActiveX EXE.
OLE Technology: Using OLE Automation based on Microsoft Cross-Platform Products.

CERTIFICATION: Microsoft Certified Professional in Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server™7.0
Microsoft Certified Professional in Administering Microsoft® SQL Server™7.0


Consultant 2011 - Present

Successfully design and developed management system for drug marketing firm

that allows internal user to maintain information about contracts with drug manufactures and efforts for promoting specific drug.
Management system is developed using WPF,WCF and SQL 2005.

Design and developing promotion/marketing scheduling system for marketing firm that allows users to schedule promotion events based on the budget assigned for marketing.

Management system is developed using ASP.Net and SQL 2005 implementing MVC design pattern

Senior Software Engineer 2001 - 2011

Support, enhanced and developed software for medical devices

Successfully incorporated the Immunoassay Instrument into the syngo® Lab Data Manager and reporting system by developing messaging infrastructure. Immunoassay Instrument is sending XML messages to the syngo via TCP/IP protocol based on Instrument status, inventory and errors. Coordinated with the development team message structure and point of communication. Technology included VB6, C#. The system currently released to the customer. Developed Use Cases and User scenario to correctly identify customer needs
  • Successfully led design and development software for automated sample rack loading system for the Immulite Instrument. System allows lab technician to load test samples on the Immulite system without interrupting testing process. Developed messaging protocol via Dual Port RAM between different system modules to ensure recognition of the user action and creating test orders for the newly placed samples. Technology included VB6 and Microsoft Access. The system currently released to the user
  • Lead development of Ordering QC Samples over LIS system from requirements to testing. Use Rational Rose to design an entire module.
  • Created reporting engine for IMMULITE® 1000 Immunoassay System using Active Reports 2.0 Professional as reporting tool. Created multiple reports using VBScript. Created ad-hoc report based on the existing fields in the Access Database.
Confidential, NJ Technical Consultant 2000-2001

Took part in design and implementation of the Web system using Visual Basic 6.0,
ASP 3.0, and SQL7. System allows consultant to track their hours and clients using
Company Web site.

Confidential, NJ/UK Programmer/Analyst

Participate in development of a SAMPLE FATIGUE MANAGEMENT DATABASE using Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle 7.3.4. System allows users to import the text files into the telemarketing database and export data into the text files for the further telemarketing based on the specified condition. Was responsible for the creating ActiveX DLL implementing interface technology.

Confidential, NJ MS SQL 6.5 DBA

Was responsible for troubleshooting, running scheduled task, incorporating changes into production servers.

Confidential, NJ Programmer/Analyst 1997-2000

Developed Financial System for the investment firm using Visual Basic 5 and Access 8 as a back end. The system allows users to store, maintain, and update information about clients and all trading activity on their behave including price fluctuation and assets.
Developed price-checking system to maintain data integrity of the life feed data in the trading room. Incorporated legacy DOS program using API functions
Developed reporting system for different level of management. Program incorporated
MSExcel, Crystal Reports and MSWord as reporting systems.

Confidential, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Programmer/Analyst 1989-1992
Participated in implementation of the LIBRARY SYSTEM for Technical Institute. Used PL/1 to design personal department tracking system.

CALC/CANTERBURY. NJ - System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 7
Implementing DB Design in SQL Server 7
BS in Computer Science/ Finance

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