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Senior IT professional with over 12 years of experience in the analysis, design and development of software systems with emphasis on Object Oriented, Client-Server and Web Technologies. Experienced in C, C++ , JAVA , Sybase 12.5 ASE ,Oracle , Informix, MS SQL Server ,STL, RW Library, XML, UML, Tuxedo, Multi-thread, UNIX, Motif, Perl and Shell scripts. Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), database design, production support and development of user-friendly GUI.


Languages: C, C++, Java
Environments: Sun Workstations, UNIX, Windows, Harvest Source Control, Tuxedo 8.0, Web Services
Tools/Scripting: Sun Workshop Debugger Studio, dbx, gdb, DB LIb, Tuxedo, UNIX Tools, Connect Direct, MQ Series, Perl, SybPerl, XML, STL,RW library.Xwindows, Motif, QT3
RDBMS: Sybase 12.0 ASE, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Oracle ,Informix


Senior Consultant Feb 09 to Present

Computer Assisted Ordering (-CAO- IBM Product application) is a computer application or program which runs on a Unix based RISC 6000 in each Pathmark store. The function of the application is to calculate, for each item sold in the store, the amount of product the store will sell based upon sales averages over the prior 4 weeks for that store. That statistical average represents the amount of product item by item the store will need to order to continue the stock level of each shelf. The order is adjusted by utilizing a formula calculating the amount of an item in the store (on hands), the forecast for that item and the allocation of that item based on shelf space.


  • Worked with the CAO Architecture /Development team, developed the interface between stores and companies for the ordering system.
  • Written lot of scripts for the Reporting and used Core Java application for Pharmacy reports.
  • Involved in the performance analysis, Performance testing on the multiple Conversation project from Informix to Oracle and C to C++ in the UNIX environment..
  • Maintaining the day to day process and application maintenance for all stores.
Confidential, March 2008 to Feb 2009
Central Trading System
Senior Consultant

Confidential, as a global joint venture of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and ThomsonReuters. Omgeo creates certainty in post-trade operations through the automation and timely confirmation of the economic details of trades executed between investment managers and broker/dealers. Every day Omgeo enables an efficient community of more than 6000 financial services clients in 46 countries to manage matching and exception handling of trade allocations, confirmations, and settlement instructions

  • Worked with the Central trade machine Architecture /Development team, converting the Native C++ XML Parser to the Java parser using the Stax Parser.(Stax).
  • Implement , Install, maintain the omega Trade suite software .
  • Involved in the detailed design , Architecture design and test plans for the new XML Parser projects
  • Involved in the analysis, testing on the multiple XML parsers in the C++/JAVA conversion project.
  • Involved in the Performance tuning of the Sybase SQL stored procedures and Complex Queries.
  • Involved in the enhancement of C++ Native XML parser.
  • Involved in the performance analysis, Performance testing on the multiple XML parsers in the C++/JAVA conversion project.
  • Involved in the C/API multi-thread applications, removing the Tuxedo applications of the Omgeo Oasys users the DCI library which in turn uses Tuxedo for communication between OG and CTM. The existing DCI library will be replaced by the DCIWeb library which will communicate using MT511 SWIFT Messages over http.
  • Developed C, C++/API applications and Perl, Shell scripts for the testing purpose.
  • Enhanced of CTM C++ Third party Notification applications.

Environment: C, C++, JAVA, XML, Sybase, Oracle ,Perl, shell script, Eclipse, Accurev, Swift Message, FIX, Solaris, Linux.

Confidential, NJ Jan 2007 to March 2008
Global Treasury Distributed Application
Senior Consultant
GS Treasury division monitors and controls all cash settlements for the firm, manages short date liquidity to support business unit, entity funding requirements, Provides regulator and compliance checkpoint for all cash movements. GS treasury operation monitor and settle over 250 billion USD worth of cash transactions per day Utilize 57 currencies Interact with 120 agent banks across the world and manage 3000 cash bank accounts

  • Response include design, development, maintain applications of GS-TDS applications .TDS system , include ( T-HUB,T-Recs, T-CAPS,T-Risk, CSL) that are part of the Treasury Operations Domain that execute in a distributed (non-mainframe) environments, supporting GTOS(mainframe) which processes payments, deposits, adjustments and journals.
  • Worked closely with Tech Ops users and Cash Manager for the new requirement and Production issues.
  • Involved in the TDS C++ application performance tuning and development
  • Developed multi-thread applications, for logging purpose and update operations for different account in C, C++, pthread.
  • Involved in Sybase stored procedures performance tuning and query tuning Prepare the Show plans and documents for the performance tuning
  • Developed the Balance Alert notification domain application system in Sybase C/C++/RW. Application trigger the emails based on rules and conditions. Application running globally supporting to Cash Managers.
  • Developed the Check Printing application from existing Sybase/C++ to Java /SQL server. Used the Standard frame work to implement the Java applications. Involved in JUNIT and Regression testing of JAVA application. Used Intelli J Idea as a development environment
  • Onsite Contact for the Production Support activities at New York Office and working closely with developer and Users to resolve the Production issues . Involved to solve the problems or escalating the problem as necessary
  • Involved in the configuration, deployment, and support Alert Management software in GS to the TechOps
  • Worked closely with Tech Ops users and Cash Manager for the new requirement and Production issues.
  • Involved in the TDS C++ application performance tuning and development
  • Involved in SYBASE to DB2 conversion and debug the stored procedures and query in DB2
  • Written lot of applications and scripts for the reporting purpose to user .used KSH and Perl scripting DB LIB Sybase
  • Involved in the production support on the London ,Tokyo , Hong Kong New York, India machines and week end support and problems implementation on the Productions environment
  • Involved in the user support and interact with operation managers to resolve the problems.
  • Involvement , enhancement of Motif C++ GUI development
  • Managing project, code reviews, project Management with offsite and on site supporting and developing team.

Environment: C,C++,JAVA, Tomcat ,Apache , Perl ,Tcl,Python, K shell script , Sybase , MS SQL server 2k,DB2, Tibco RV , Aqua studio, FIX Protocol Messaging ,Swift, CVS ,Swift Message , Eclipse , Solaris, Linux, Intelli J idea ,X windows, Motif, Autosys

Confidential, October 2000 - December 2007
Senior Software Consultant
As Senior Developer, responsibilities include:

  • Design, develop, and maintain applications of AT & T Local Billing systems and Customer Data Exchange applications on Local Ordering Systems.
  • Developed application in Sybase, C, C++, DB-LIB, STL, BEA Tuxedo, UNIX, Connect Direct, Artix, XML, Java, Perl application.
  • Experienced on single programs, multithread, and Daemon process.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including requirement gathering, analysis, design , software development, code unit, string, system test, UAT E2E testing to production . Also involved in the database design and development of Web-oriented user-friendly GUI.
  • Experienced in Object Oriented concepts and relational databases, including SQL Server, DB Lib open clients database connectivity.
  • Developed more than 10 batch process applications using C++, STL, Multi thread applications.
  • Developed Artix based Web Service oriented application, C++, Iona Artix, and XML.
  • Developed application using online real-time to time data processing from production to reporting for billing purposes.
  • Experienced with various debugging tools for Sun Solaris systems, including Sun Studio, Workshop, dbx.
  • Used Rogue Wave methods, hash, string, collectable strings in the C++ applications.
  • Experience with Perl and Sybase debugging process, involved in Object Oriented design, UML, creation of classes, objects, templates, modern design methods of memory management, stl handling methods. Objected Oriented programs developed in C++ and Java for various Applications.
  • Experience on server side applications, messaging and A/Synchronous systems.
  • Implemented Multi-tier architecture for distributed applications using BEA System Tuxedo 8.0.
  • Wrote Perl and Shell scripts to improve the performance of application and reporting purpose. Used DBI and DBLIB for communication from Perl to Sybase, used advanced Perl from creation of Modules, Classes.
  • Involved in writing complicated stored procedures, triggers and T-SQL queries and involved in the Query tuning team to improve the SQL process in Sybase ASE.
  • Used different DBCCs to improve the performance and monitor the Sybase Database Development environment.
  • Client programs were developed to extract component data from a flat files or XML files and process the data information and send it to the server through Tuxedo process. Tuxedo process involved in the C++, STL Applications.
  • Wrote several shell scripts to automate the process of running the client programs, for generating the outbound files, calling the Connect Direct to send the outbound file.
  • Used connect Direct, Glubtech FTP to process the incoming files and sending outgoing files from UNIX systems.
  • Worked closely with data teams to manipulate the corrupted and mislead data to modify the original data, using conversion data scripts. Scripts involved in Sybase, ftp, bcp and indexing process.
  • Complete GUI development of OPUS order processing of AT & T Local system in C/C++
  • Enhancement of QT3 development of Q application.
  • Developed application for the online transaction using Enterprise Messaging system MQ series
  • Developed Tuxedo applications, TCP/IP applications, Networking applications.
  • Developed JAVA, Java Beans for the elos web based GUI application.
  • Involved in the source control application process Harvest systems.

Environment: C, C++, STL, Sybase 12.0, MSSQL ,Java, Sun Solaris, debugger tools: Connect, Direct, UNIX, Perl, Tuxedo

Confidential, April 1999 - September 2000
Software Consultant
MOPAR 5300 Project Division / Optimization Application
As Senior Developer, responsibilities included:

  • Provided technical design for all CICS and UNIX online screens and all of the batch processes for UNIX.
  • Managed F & O sub-project data model changes and enhancements.
  • Reviewed functional specifications, external designs, technical specifications, source code, and test plans.
  • Provided technical design for one of the three main processes 'Optimization Engine' and involved in Coding and Testing of this engine.
  • Developed application in Sybase, written stored procedure, triggers and complex queries.
  • Programmed, provided troubleshooting in C/C++ with Sybase Interface.
  • Involved in integration testing and deploying the entire package for Pilot dealers.
  • Provided open client programs using DBLIB, C, C++, and Sybase.
  • Initial project developed in MS SQL Server and VC++, using DBlib, moved to UNIX environment with Sybase and C++.

Environment: Sybase, UNIX, C, C++, DBLIB, Perl, VC++, MS-SQL Server

Confidential, November 1998 - March 1999
Investment Banking Division / Portfolio Application
As Senior Developer, responsibilities included:

  • Designed and implemented front end and Sybase stored procedures. Reviewed use-case analysis, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the logical and physical data models, coordination of remote development, and consistency in the C development environment.
  • Improved the performance of database by stored procedures, triggers, tuning indexing and database design and modeling.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to improve the performance of application and reporting purpose.

Environment: C, C++, Sybase System, UNIX, Windows NT

Confidential, March 1998 - November 1998
Investment Banking Division
As Developer, responsibilities included:
  • Served as technical project team member and developer of a global finance system for the Investment Banking Division.
  • Designed and coded Sybase stored procedures, provided system design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of the C/Sybase application. Supported graphical view of outputs in the project and provided assessment of application stored procedures for the year 2000 project.
  • Programmed and provided troubleshooting in C/C++, with Sybase interface.

Environment: Sybase System 11.0, C, UNIX, Windows NT

Confidential, April 1997 - March 1998
As Developer, responsibilities included:

  • Served as the main developer of the database and decision support system for the Fixed Income group.
  • Designed and developed the Risk Exposure Reporting system.
  • Involved in algorithm design, created stored procedures and coded in C within the UNIX environment.
  • Interacted heavily with the traders and users for functional and technical specifications.
  • Worked closely with traders to manipulate/generate the real time data for reporting.

Environment: Sybase System 4.9/10.0, C, DB Library, UNIX, Sun Solaris.

Confidential, INDIA January 1992 - March 1997
Transshipment Office System (A courier Company) Project
As Senior Programmer /System Analyst, responsibilities included:
Served as the main developer of the database and a courier operation system, which involved creation of daily reports, hub reports, proof of delivery, monitor the flow of the documents from the central hub.
Environment: C, C++

Management Information System (Hospital) Project:
As Senior Programmer /System Analyst, responsibilities included:

  • Customized standard software package project and functioned as key developer of the standard package for the financial, accounting and information management systems for hospitals.
  • Provided object modeling, application architecture, design and development.

Environment: C, C++


Bachelor Degree, Computer Engineering

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