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Sr. Microstrategy Developer Resume

Seneca Falls, NY

Professional Summary

  • Over 6 yearsof experience in Microstrategyin Analysis, design and Implementation of BI applications usingMicrostrategy 9i/8i/7i.
  • Good experience in Microstrategy 9and Experience in MicrostrategyDistribution services, OLAP Cubes and Microstrategy mobile.
  • Expertise in Installing, Configuring of all Microstrategy activities includingMicrostrategy Desktop, Administrator, Intelligence Server, Web and Microstrategy Narrowcast Server on NT Servers and mapping to Client machines.
  • Worked closely with the business to Gather, Review, ValidateandDocumenttheBusiness Requirements
  • Sound knowledge of2-Tier Client/Server Architecture and N-Tire Architecture.
  • Worked extensively onOracle, IBM DB2, NetezzaandSQL Server Database Environments.
  • Worked with very complex data models for reporting in BI environment with multiple Dimensional data.
  • Well versed withthe Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL)process.
  • Implemented Microstrategy objectssuch as attributes, facts, hierarchies and complex metrics that conform to the dimensional and De-normalized data models.
  • Strong Knowledge ofData Extraction, Data Integration, and Data Mining for Decision Support System using ETL and OLAP tools.
  • Experience in Data Modelingand BI implementation withDatabase tuning.
  • Close experience in Business Systems and Business Requirements Analysis & Documentation especially in the Ecommerce, Retail Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Financial Industry, Insurance and Telecommunications Industry.
  • Strong knowledge of data warehouse concepts, design techniques such asStar, Snow Flake schemas, multi-dimensional data model analysis using OLAP, Physical and Logical data modeling.
  • Intensive experience and exposure to all aspects of Microstrategy application such asAdministration, Architecting and Development.
  • Strong understanding ofData warehouse concepts, dimensional modelingusing various Schemas andMulti-Dimensional Modelwith respect to query and analysis requirements.
  • Quick learner,ability to work in groups or alone, ability to work on tight schedules.
  • Team playerwith good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment.

OLAP/ Business Intelligence/Reporting Tools

Microstrategy Desktop 9.2.1, 9.0.x, 8.x, 7.5; Microstrategy Architect; Microstrategy Narrowcast Server; Microstrategy OLAP Services; Microstrategy Object Manager; Microstrategy Mobile.


Oracle 11/10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.0, Netezza, MS SQL Server, MS Access.


Informatica and DTS Packages


MS Office Suite, MS Project

Operating Systems

Windows, Unix/LINUX

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential Sep 2011 – Jul 2012
Location: Seneca Falls, NY
Role: Sr. Microstrategy Developer

Confidentialis a leading global water technology provider, enabling customers to transport, treat, test and efficiently use water in multiple industries.


  • Interacted with the data modeling team for theLogical and Physical modeldesign.
  • Involved in designing the Conceptual model.
  • Involved in creating the Aggregate tablesconsidering both the Technical Feasibility and Business Feasibility to improve reports performance.
  • Used the concept of Partition Reference tablesand built the reports with data from two databases.
  • Created lookup tablesfor the Customer Demographics data.
  • Designed the schema in Microstrategy Desktop based on the business requirements.
  • Created Attributes, Facts,Dimensional Hierarchiesand all the public objects like Metrics, Custom groups, prompts and filters.
  • CreatedHierarchical prompts, nested prompts, object prompts.
  • Created customized Custom Groups withcomplex filters and Relationship filters.
  • Created Complex reports for analysis (like Market Basket analysis) with custom groups,Transformationsand complex filters.
  • Designed efficient BIDynamic Dashboardsfor the business users with dynamic prompt answers and with multiple data sets in both Microstrategy Desktop and Microstrategy Web
  • CreatedAd-hoc reportswith dynamic prompt answers for the end users to generate.
  • Worked with the Microstrategy technical support to troubleshoot the dynamic display of prompts in the web mode and some other Report related issues.
  • Used theVLDBproperties forperformance tuningandSQL optimization.
  • Created Transformations like Last Month to This Month and also created the requiredtransformation tables.
  • Worked withNetezzaDBA team to improve the report performance.
  • Performed the ETL, UAT and System tests on the warehouse tables and the reports.

Environment: Microstrategy9.2.1(Desktop, Administrator, Architect, Intelligence Server, Web, Agent), Microstrategy, Data Stage, Object Manager, Teradata V12.0, Netezza, SQL Server, Windows, Erwin, MS SQL Server, DTS, Teradata, Windows.

Client: Confidential Dec 2010 – Sep 2011
Location: Atlanta, GA
Role: Sr.Microstrategy Developer

Confidential, created in 1997 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is the Internet’s leading auto classifieds marketplace and consumer information Web site. Confidential aggregates in a single location more than three million vehicle listings from 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private owners, which provide the largest selection of vehicles attracting more than 13 million qualified buyers each month.


  • Served as Primary Micro Strategy developer for the full lifecycle of the data warehousing project from requirement gathering from business analysts to rollout.
  • Designed and developed Dashboards using Microstrategy Report Service Documents for various products and services in Insurance Service Group.
  • As per business requirement, Designed developed and maintained Microstrategy based reports.
  • Created Enterprise Manager Reports for various analyses.
  • Administration of ASKIG project including maintenance and User Management.
  • Configuration of Narrowcast server and Involved in various Narrowcast tasks like creating Documents, service designs, subscription, administration and scheduling.
  • Created Attributes, Metrics, security filters and other report objects, drilling, defined hierarchies using Micro Strategy Desktop.
  • Manipulated attribute and attribute forms properties to enforce right table joins.
  • Used Microstrategy functions such as ApplySimple, ApplyComparision in the metric calculations and used in different reports.
  • Involved in Migration process of ASKISG project from Insurance Service Group environment to Centre of Excellence, Bank of America.
  • Closely worked with ETL team for maintaining the quality of the data and reconcile Fact and lookup tables for finding the Gap analysis.
  • Upgraded the Microstrategy 8.0.1 version on Windows to the 9.0.1 Version on UNIX.

Environment:Microstrategy 9.0.1/8.x (Desktop, Architect, Netezza, Report Services Document, Web, Narrowcast Server), DTS, SQL Server 2000, Teradata, Windows.

Client: ConfidentialAug 2009 – Nov 2010
Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Role: Microstrategy Architect

Confidential\\\'s operational data from the front end source systems are loaded into the Central Repository (CR) and then realigned in the EDW Data Marts to facilitate reporting. The EDW is all about making important Confidential information accessible to our business users so they can evaluate our insurance results and make better-informed decisions.


  • Effectively Tuned Microstrategy implementation for greater performance based on recommendations from internal testing.
  • Provide mentorship to the peers in the areas of performance and tuning and best practices for all projects across all environments.
  • Experienced administrative capabilities; Project Setup (Installing, configuring, managing and controlling) and Project Lifecycle Management.
  • Perform periodic Health Checks of the Intelligence Server and Narrowcast server installation in all environments to determine the current state of server parameters, performance, as well as identify potential issues and limitations.
  • Run Integrity Manager to Compare/Analyze discrepancies at the Data, SQL and Graph levels before Project migrations and software upgrades.
  • Migration planning and implementation with all supported service packs, hot fixes, and patches.
  • Configure, Manage clustering of Multiple Intelligence server nodes and web server nodes to implement automatic failover, load balancing and boost the performance and scalability.
  • Best practices using standardized methodology for coding, development, test and implementation processes.
  • Create and manage Microstrategy application objects, schema objects and configuration objects.
  • Embed hand-crafted SQL statements directly into the Microstrategy BI platform using The Freeform SQL editor.
  • Define/Create system hierarchy/user-defined hierarchy and controlling (lock, limit and filter out) the attribute elements in hierarchy.
  • Defined advanced prompt expressions to create Hierarchy prompt, prompt-in-prompt and nested prompts
  • Provide optimum performance and scalability through Multi-pass SQL, Aggregate tables and VLDB settings.
  • Automate all repetitive tasks, and allow them to be initiated on time-based or event-based triggers.

Environment:Microstrategy Suit 9.0.1, Netezza, IBM DB2/AIX64 9.1.3, Service Centre 5.1, Windows 2003/2005.

Client: ConfidentialSep 2008 – Jun 2009
Location: Green Bay, WI
Role: Microstrategy Architect/Developer

Confidential is an affiliate of Confidential, a leading private investment firm focused on leveraging buyouts, equity, debt, and other investments in market leading companies that can benefit from its in-house operating professionals and experience


  • Meeting with business users for requirements gathering
  • Worked with theData Modelersfor creating theDimensional Modelbased on the requirements
  • Involved in Analysis, design andConstruction of the Metadata
  • Architected the projects and createdSchema Objects like Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies,TransformationsandPublic ObjectslikeMetrics, Filters, Prompts, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Drill maps and Templates.
  • ManagingSchema Objectsandapplication objectsacross the project by usingObject Manager.
  • Createdreports and dashboardsfor users to slice the Data across various Hierarchies.
  • Involved in the creation ofAggregate Tablesto improve performance ofEnterprise Reports.
  • Expertise in customize SQL query by settingVLDBproperties at different levels Database Instance, Report and Metric.
  • CreatedAdministration Taskslike creatingUser Accounts, Assigning Privilegesand appliedSecurity Filters.
  • Involved in migration of Business Objects Documents toMicrostrategy Documents.
  • Created services usingSubscription sets, Schedules, Information Objects.
  • Involved in settingResult Caches, Object Caches at Intelligence Serverto improve performance of the report.
  • Involved inMicrostrategy Intelligence Serverperformance monitoringandmanaging cache expiry times.
  • UsedEnterprise managerto create reports on the project usage and report usages.

Environment:Microstrategy Desktop 8.1, Netezza, Microstrategy Architect 8.1, Microstrategy Intelligence Server 8.1, Microstrategy Web 8.1, SQL, SQL *Loader, Oracle 10g, Windows 2003, UNIX

Client: Confidential Nov 2006 –Aug 2008
Role: Microstrategy Developer / Tester

Confidentialisan IT Service firm offering IT solutions to different organizations in banking, retail, Credit services and Telecommunications & media.


  • Created Microstrategy objects likeReports, Ad-hock reports, Documents, Prompts, Filters, Metrics, Facts, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Attributes TransformationsandHierarchies.
  • Created Schema Objects like Attributes, Facts and Hierarchiesthat map to the physical warehouse.
  • Created several base formulas (mathematical expressions) using existing facts in Microstrategy 7.x that can be re-used to build any number of Metrics.
  • Customized Reports, Documents and Deployed them to Microstrategy Web.
  • Created customized interfaces using ASP and Web API’s.
  • Extensively used Bugzilla to report and resolve the bugs encountered in the QA process.

Environment:Microstrategy 7/7.5, Oracle 9i, Oracle IAS, Windows NT/Windows 2000.

Client: Confidential Jan 2006 – Oct 2006
Role: Microstrategy Consultant

It is India's largest private sector enterprise in power utility and it\\\'s a company under the Reliance Confidential, one of India\\\'s largest conglomerates.


  • Created reports using Microstrategy 7.x, created users, roles and privileges on Monitored and tuned SQL scripts. Creating upgrade scripts for production Database and supporting it.
  • Extensive interaction with the Database experts to understand the Source System and efficient translation of technical data to Business terms through self developed design templates.
  • Gathered the Reporting requirements from business user and createdBRD(Business Requirement documents) for SDLC process.
  • Created and establishedKPI’s based on BRD and logical data model.
  • Created and implemented Microstrategy Prompts, Filters, Templates, Consolidations, and Custom groups in reports and documents using Microstrategy Desktop.
  • Used Advanced Prompts, Conditional, Transformation metrics and Level Metrics for creating complex reports.
  • Created user groups, roles, privileges
  • Involved in creating users in Microstrategy Desktop for testing the reports on Web.
  • Implemented drill functionality on the reports using Drill Maps

Environment:Microstrategy 7.x, SQL Server, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Developer 2000, oracle databases.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering

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