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Lead Developer Resume


Macintosh developer with over ten years experience. iPhone developer since April, 2008 several apps in the App Store.
Expertise as an Objective-C / Cocoa / XCode developer on the Mac. C# / Visual Studio on Windows


Languages: Objective-C, C, C#
Environments: Mac OS X, Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, iPhone, NEXTSTEP, OpenStep, Unix, Windows XP, Xcode, Interface Builder, Visual Studio


B.S. Computer Science, minor in Physics
B.S. Marketing


All development below was done in Objective-C on NeXTSTEP, Openstep, Mac OS X and iOS, and C# on Windows XP.

May 2011 - September 2011 - Confidential, Chicago, Il
Re-wrote the existing L.A. Times iPad app as a native iOS / iPad app. This was done in a team of 2 people. The project was finished on time according to schedule.

February 2011 - May 2011 - Confidential, Northfield, Il
Developed a targeted shopping app that guides the user to certain products and brands based on the users\' past preferences.

November 2010 to February 2011 - Confidential, Oakbrook, Il
Developed an iPad application that let anyone in the company view all properties, leases, tenants, etc. This is an enterprise in house app that connects to the company servers.

January 2009 to September 2010 - Confidential, Chicago, Il
Developed 3 iPhone apps that connect to the Sears back end servers to let shoppers find products, buy products online, see if certain items are available in certain stores, search for stores by location, find the closest stores using the iPhone\'s built in GPS, and more. The apps where ToyFinder, PersonalShopper and GiftFinder. Also, as part of a team, developed Sears2Go, Kmart2Go and Digital Shopping Assistant ( the last being an enterprise app - not in the appstore).

April 2008 to December 2008 - Confidential, Chicago, Il
Developed native iPhone business / enterprise applications using Objective-C 2.0, SQLite, and the iPhone SDK. Three of these applications are in the
AppStore. They are CardLasso, Expense2GO and Search3GO, under the Business tab in the AppStore.

June 2006 to April 2008 - Confidential, Albuquerque, NM
Lead developer for MacDentPro, a complete dental office management system. Maintained and enhanced the entire product and its subsystems such as eClaims, forms, ledgers and more. Created the charting module (used for dental charts) that graphically displayed the teeth along with the
data relevant to the current layer, i.e., periodontal layer, disease layer, existing restorations layer, etc. All data, such as tooth displacement and angle, disease and existing restorations, can be displayed both textually and graphically. Development was done in Objective-C / Cocoa for Mac OSX.

January 2006 to May 2006 - Confidential, Washington, DC
Made modifications and enhancements to CHEERS, the reverse mortgage system used by Fannie Mae to buy, sell and approve reverse mortgages.

January 2005 to January 2006 - Confidential, San Diego, CA
Developing the Macintosh side of an automated testing environment for a hardware product connected to Macintoshes and Windows PCs. The Windows side of the infrastructure consists mainly of Test Director and QuickTest Professional (both from Mercury). The Macintosh side of the infrastructure is
developed in Objective-C / Cocoa and Objective-C++ / Carbon. The test scripts are in Applescript. One of the applications was developed solely for testing a driver, and made scriptable so that it can be completely controlled from applescript.
Duties include the development of the Mac side of the testing infrastructure, its integration into the Mercury environment
(Test Director and QuickTest Pro), as well as developing and maintaining (with the Windows team) the Windows side of the testing infrastructure in C# (winforms).

March 2000 - December 2004 - Confidential
Developing a simulation / animated drawing application for Mac OSX using Objective-C and Cocoa. This application was originally developed on NEXTSTEP and ported, with newer features being developed on Mac OSX. Developing a graphical programming environment for non - technical users. This application uses flow chart like boxes and pop-up variable names that allow non technical users to chart (there is very little typing involved) simple programs without having to worry about syntax errors, typos, and other problems usually associated (especially for novices) with code development. The drawing application mentioned above was a shrink-wrapped commercial application that shipped on the Electronic AppWrapper CD, an outlet for many 3rd party NEXTSTEP applications. For Mac OSX, the graphical programming environment has been embedded into the drawing application, giving users the ability to make their drawings interactive. Other features include rubber-banding lines and surfaces, very fine bezier control, levels of transparency and Core Image effects (Mac OSX 10.4 only). This application is still in development but is mostly complete and can be furnished upon request.

November 1999 to February 2000 - Confidential, Herndon, VA
Developed a WebObjects application for allowing banks to service certain types of Fannie Mae mortgages through a web front end. Also wrote example applications using key technologies (WebObjects, OpenStep) to get in-house developers up speed using these tools in much less time than otherwise possible.

February 1999 to May 1999 - Confidential, Seattle, WA
Ported a front office application from NEXTSTEP 3.3 to OpenStep 4.2
(for both Mach and NT) and EOF 2.x. The application is used by customer service reps to track customer problems (CRM).

March 1998 to June 1998 - Confidential, Minneapolis, MN
Maintained and enhanced several NEXTSTEP applications using EOF/DBKit. The applications were written in Objective-C and used for tracking problems in frame relay circuits.

July 1996 to July 1997 - Confidential, Houston, TX
Assisted in enhancing and modifying ICTS, a large scale oil and gas trading system consisting of 70 separate applications written in Objective-C and running on NEXTSTEP.

November 1995 to June 1996 - Confidential, Washington, DC
Was part of a team that maintained and developed new versions of a loss mitigation system known as DARTS. This system was used with Sybase and
was written in Objective-C.

June 1995 to November 1995 - Confidential, CA
Assisted in the development of PPI, a large scale data acquisition and retrieval application written in Objective-C, running on NEXTSTEP and using an Oracle database.

June 1994 to April 1995 - Confidential, Chicago, IL
Was Part of a 3 person team that developed Emissary, a NEXTSTEP client for HP OpenMail, an x.400 mail server. Responsibilities included
the design and coding of new classes, as well as the development and maintenance of 2 separate user interfaces that the user could choose from as a default in the preferences panel.

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