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Technical Analyst Resume

Hoffman Estates, IL


  • S/W Professional with 7 years of work experience in Cobol400,RPGIII,RPGILE(including free format) on AS400, including 3 years of experience as 'Technical lead'
  • Involved in all the phases of software development including requirements gathering, time/ effort estimation, specification preparation, coding, testing and implementation of enhancements for healthcare and life insurance policy administration system
  • Worked in an AS400 retail application
  • Working in a CMMI level 5 Version 1.2 software project
  • Experienced in offshore-onshore project model
  • Worked in Enhancement, Development and Support projects


Languages : COBOL/400, CL/400, RPG/400, RPGILE, RPG free format
Utilities : SEU, SDA, DFU, RSF, QUERY Management
Database related : SQL/400, DB2/400and Embedded SQL
Configuration control :ALDON (Configuration management), ISDB, BODERICK, ABSTRACT
Designing S/W :HP Exstream


Client Details : Confidential
(One of the top retailers in US with operations under Sears & Kmart store chains)
Role : Technical Analyst
ProjectName : Kmart Grocery Host System
Location : Hoffman Estates, IL
Duration : Jan 2012 - Till date


  • Provide L2 & L3 support for Kmart grocery system
  • Provide production Support for the batch jobs/online transaction processing of the grocery system under stringent SLA norms
  • Weekly reporting of the incidents/problems with Sears management
  • Prepared critical job flow for the major jobs in the application
  • Conducted RCA for recurring incidents to make the system have less incidents & more stable


Confidential, The grocery is part of the Super K format of the Kmart stores. The grocery system has the sub application - the perishable scale management, grocery host system and the Adman (for label generation).The system has lot of interaction with external systems including mainframes, IRI Neilson (for marketing feedback), Catalina (for coupon generation).The various reports/transactions are sent to various stores via EDI

  • Obtained lot of exposure on the business vocabulary used in Retail industry on the store operations front. Acquired more info on the various interactions between store level and corporate level
  • Worked in application involving changing many embedded SQL and RPG ILE programs

Environment/Technologies: RPGILE, RPGIV (free format), Aldon,SEU, SDA, DFU,Embedded SQL, Query Management

Client Details : Confidential
(Provides Insurance services & solution for more than 450 carriers (Insurance companies) and app. 700 Client (Association to whom insurance policies provided))
Role : Technical Analyst & Developer
Project : Epsilon
Location : Des Moines, IA & Chennai, India
Duration : May 2010 - Jan 2012 in Des Moines
Nov 2005 - May 2010 in Chennai


  • Preparing detailed requirements specifications in consultation with users/demand
  • Preparation of technical specification document and review
  • Coding the specification & review
  • Test cases preparation & review
  • Conducting walkthrough for the required phases and tracking the changes/defects
  • Developed and maintained batch applications having RPG IV,Cobol/400, CL programs with internal /external described printer files and physical/logical/join logical/flat files
  • Created new and modified online screens using Sub files used by Admin/Accounting for policy date/financial transactions entry/updating
  • Used both batch and interactive debugging methods
  • System Integration Testing was done for most of the changes


EPSILON health and life admin system: Involved in the enhancement and maintenance of Epsilon, a 'Marsh' Consumer Admin System for healthcare and life insurance. Epsilon is an end to end admin system capable of handling multiple carrier/client businesses with several reporting available. This system is connected with external claim systems, fulfillment vendor systems as well as other carrier eligibility systems

Some of the achievements in this project

  • Worked on completing the migration of policies from ACP (American college of Physicians) handled by GIA (Broker) to Epsilon and policies of AXA life and healthcare handled by Kanawha insurance to Epsilon. Both of these projects involve deep analysis into the incoming data in addition of making the required changes in the existing admin system to accept the incoming data from other administrators
  • Worked on modifying the in-house claims processing system designed in RPG for new carrier adds and adding new functionalities using RPG
  • Worked on the actuarial report generation part of the AXA policies migrated to Epsilon. This requires more communication with their IT team on the various reports currently used and to get the same from epsilon. These programs were designed using multiple array structure for various break level reporting
  • Helped in reducing the time taken by users for report generation by automating and sending the reports in CSV format using WRKQRY's and CL commands
  • Has Experience in designing bills using 'Exstream' Software and printing it using MQ series queues
  • Used Synon for designing and developing some enhancements for epsilon application including sending the module to send the data to/from call center/user work bench applications

Environment/Technologies: RPGILE, RPGIV (free format), Aldon, SEU, SDA, DFU, Cobol/400, SQL/400,ISDB, BODERICK, ABSTRACT,Maestro Job scheduler


  • BS (Bachelor of Science) in Electronics & Communication Engineering

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