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Sr. Tibco Resume


Over 8 years of experience in Information Technology Industry

Rich Technology Skill set

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and B2B
  • Designing, developing, documenting, testing and deploying various components of TIBCO\'s Active Matrix and Active Exchange platforms. These include Business Events (BE), AMX Platform, Business Works(BW), Adapters, Business Connect (BC) and workflow solutions.
  • Worked extensively with TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid and Service Bus products to design highly scalable/elastic SOA framework.
  • Thoroughly explored TIBCO Policy Manager to expose secured AMX grid based services utilizing legacy Identity Management Systems (IMS).
  • Hands-on with CEP technologies and TIBCO BusinessEvents in developing eventing applications using ComplexRules, StateMachines, DecisionTables and Caching techniques
  • Worked on solution involving BusinessEvents and BusinessWorks to enrich event data and leverage legacy applications in Complex Eventing Application.
  • Proficient with Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Complex Events processing concepts, its implementation with TIBCO Business Events.
  • In-depth understanding of XML and its processing: DTD/XSD, namespaces, DOM/SAX parsers, XPath and XSLT transformations.
  • Applying XML and XSLT technologies innovatively to evolve with canonical data models for integration with legacy systems and providing unified messaging architecture in communications with downstream systems
  • Understanding of process engine scalability issues with AMX runtime, BW and Adapters
  • SOA, Web Services
  • Creating Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based solutions using AMX SOAP messaging framework and emerging web services standards such as WS-Security and WS-Addressing.
  • Written about AMX runtime tuning tips and tricks that are often needed but not well documented. E.g., Thread Pool Settings, Cross Node Communications and other tuning factors
  • Implementing interoperable SOAP services using TIBCO AMX Grid and TIBCO Service Palette and Apache-AXIS
  • Good understanding of the RPC/Document style web services, WSDL and UDDI standards
  • Implemented RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) Web Services for light weight web services clients like mobile applications.
  • J2EE and Web Technologies
  • Ground-up understanding of a wide array of J2EE technologies needed to architect real-world, industrial strength solutions.
  • Strong Object Oriented Programming (OOP) background in Java on UNIX as well as Windows.
  • Interfacing with RDBMS engines such as Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres SQL using JDBC and ODBC
  • Experience in developing Multi-threaded scalable systems.
  • Employing Java Object/Relational Bridge technologies such as Hibernate.
  • In-depth understanding of evolution of web technologies and trends to current day advancements.
  • Developing Java Servlets, JSPs and Struts framework and deploying them in containers such as Tomcat.
  • Understanding of security and privacy, usability and accessibility issues.
  • And of course, markup languages (HTML5 and XML), style-sheet technologies, programming languages for the web (JavaScript and Java) and browser-specific technologies.
  • Operating Systems/Network and System Administration
  • Proficient in UNIX/LINUX operating system with strong debugging and problem analysis skills
  • SSL based securing of web, mail, remote shell with SSH (OpenSSH) and most other network applications.
Experience in Software Engineering Practices
  • Managing SDLC
  • Good understanding of issues in management of software development processes.
  • Very good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Emphasis on good software development practices.
  • Leading team efforts to improve quality.
  • Making design and code reviews happen with good written and documentation skills.
  • Communication and Automation
  • Implemented POCs to automate tasks frequently encountered by Operations Team.
  • Streamlining Documentation.
  • Enabling sharing of information with teams using collaboration services/wiki pages.


  • Creative approach towards implementing innovative solutions
  • Highly committed towards meeting project deadlines
  • Delivery-focus centric approach towards building solutions
  • Ability to manage and meet/exceed business expectations
  • Possess strong problem analysis skills with ability to follow project standards.
  • A quick learner by traditional and conventional methods
  • Working hard by holding responsibility and dedication
  • Sound in basics of technology
  • Self motivated and thriving on challenges and opportunities
  • Good oral/written skills and interpersonal skills
  • An organized self-starter requiring minimal supervision
  • Ability to build excellent working inter-team and intra-team relationships, as well as cross-functional business groups

Technology Skillset Summary


TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid/Bus 3.1.x, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Businessworks, TIBCO Business Events, ActiveMatrix Policy Manger, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapters (SAP, ADB and File), TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS), TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO AMX/Classic Administrator, TIBCO BusinessConnect


Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, SOAP, WSDL, JDBC, JMS, JTA/JTS Transactions, Java Swings, XML, XSD, XSLT, Struts, Web Services and EJB


Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell and PERL scripting


Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MS-Access

Database Connectivity:


Web Technologies:



Xming, Hummingbird Exceed, XML Spy, Secure SSH/SFTP Client, SQL Developer, TOAD, Eclipse, NetBeans, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Case Studio Database Modeling tool, SQL Devloper

Web/App Servers:

BEA Weblogic, Sun Application Server, Websphere MQ Messaging Server, Apache Tomcat

Version Controlling:

CVS, Rational Clear Case, Perforce and Visual Source Safe

Operating Systems:

Solaris (UNIX), LINUX, Windows 7/XP


  • MBA., Management

Work Experience

Client : Cofidential,
Duration : Jun 2011 Till date
Project : AtPlan, Netview 2.0
Role : TIBCO Technical Lead / Architect

AtPlan is an online market research and decision support tool used by publishers and advertisers to analyze Internet traffic activities. The UI/Integration project for AtPlan completely revamps the client delivery platform. NetView is Nielsen’s syndicated Internet audience measurement service, provides an in-depth perspective into the online consumer and the digital universe. Through metered measurement of high-quality, representative panels of Internet users, the NetView service tracks usage across Web sites and digital applications to deliver high-quality audience data and analytics

Two delivery platforms are implemented, a Web based GUI platform and API data services platform. The GUI platform utilizes the API to satisfy its data needs. The goal is to implement and deploy the API as SOAP web services in TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service grid with help of TIBCO ActiveMatrix Grid, TIBCO BusinessWorks and Java Components. API exposes a set of XML data types and Web Services operations for the GUI and external client applications to perform wide variety of tasks, like user data management, report execution with multiple permutations and combinations.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design reusable API with SOA standards using TIBCO ActiveMatrix platform consisting of Service Grid, Service Bus, BusinessWorks and Policy Manager.
  • Worked closely with Enterprise Architects to understand landscape of existing systems, scaling needs for new API and SLAs on core services.
  • Worked closely with UI team (J2EE / Adobe Flex) in designing webservice interactions and sequence of service calls.
  • Played key role in defining non-functional requirements (NFR) to layout Performance Test plans and SLAs.
  • Re-engineer some of the poor performing legacy modules with concepts of caching and low latency design in core parts of services.
  • Steer development team to use power of Active Matrix environment in delivering highly scalable API services.
  • Facilitate wide options for scaling and location transparency by leveraging the service grid platform.
  • Played important role in designing XML schemas/WSDLs for complete application by following concepts of canonical data model and XML attributes approach.
  • Used Service Oriented Architecture framework for developing reusable BW services for shared services teams using open standards such as Web Services and JMS
  • Design and review the unit test cases and integration test strategy, leverage SOA based tools for creating test suites.
  • Incorporated TIBCO CLE framework for centralized auditing, error logging and handling. Built custom CLE SQLs to generate metrics which in turn helped in analyzing post Performance test analysis.
  • Develop utilities to enable production operations better support the live application.
  • Played key role in setting up Command-Line (CLI) based deployment assets/scripts for various environments to deploy ActiveMatrix ServiceAssemblies/DAAs.
  • Participated in design sessions for building TIBCO Service Performance Manager rule bases / HAWK rules to monitor KPI and outliers in system.
  • Created SOA Reference Architecture as a member of the Integration Center of Excellence.
  • Developed Performance Test Plan and implemented performance tests by coordinating with upstream systems using LoadRunner tool to generate Loads per requirements.

Environment:TIBCOActiveMatrix Service Grid, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Businessworks 5.8, TIBCO ADB, File Adapters, TIBCO AMX/Classic Administrators, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager, LoadRunner, Linux.

Client : Cofidential,
Duration : Jan 2011 May-2011
Project : Rule Engine for Client/Media Portals and Names (CRST)
Role : Sr. TIBCO Developer

The Change Request Status Tool (CRST) is designed to automate and facilitate the process of Change Control at Nielsen. Change Requests are a way to convey to Nielsen new entities, client expansion, reorganization, distribution changes, how they are recognized, how they are monitored, programming details, service levels and demographic information. Business rules are facilitated through rule engine, TIBCO BusinessEvents is chosen for RuleEngine solution. BusinessEvents with combination of plugins are used to provide full rule engine functionality.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Created BusinessEvents Ontology objects to suite the business use cases
  • Participated in requirements gathering to analyze the feasibility of Tibco product stack for delivery the rule engine solution.
  • Created cache strategy with backing store and redundant cache agents.
  • Created event flow diagrams to arrive at correct intended rule agendas.
  • Designed and developed State Machines to address scenarios holding multiple states involving decision making with data points in event data.
  • Tooled Decision table to organize multiple small/medium rules into one collection for easier maintenance and provide intuitive interface to Business users.
  • Created POC to simulate moderate to complex rules with functionality close to real time.
  • Converted the requirements and functional specifications into low level design documents for development and implementation.
  • Played key role in evaluating Tibco product stack and provide liaison between teams.
  • Design the rule engine solution as SOA service for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Developed Audit, Logging and Error handling mechanism to have audit information published as EMS messages using outbound events from RETE engine.
  • Represented TIBCO team in freezing the integration architecture, functional specifications and nonfunctional requirements.
  • Tuned EMS and BusinessWorks processes for maximum performance.
  • Developed, Monitor Service using ADB Adapter with Oracle database to track and publish events from legacy systems using ADB Adapter, BusinessWork and TIBCO EMS.

Environment:TIBCOBusinessEvents 4.x/ 5.x, TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Businessworks 5.8, TIBCO Classic Administrators, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO EMS, Oracle, Linux

Client : Cofidential,NJ
Duration : May 2007 Dec 2010
Project : IRMA and Shared Services
Role : TIBCO EAI Lead / TIBCO Developer

Integrated Relationship Marketing Architecture (IRMA) at Novartis provides a platform for implementing consumer and physician campaigns with a unified SOA architecture and integrates complex rule engines, web services, campaign monitoring tools and legacy profile databases. IRMA has a strong rule engine layer implemented with Business Events and legacy database packages to fulfill all cadences to consumers per opt preferences and SLAs of campaigns. Challenge of interacting with fulfillment vendors, address cleansing services is robustly orchestrated with multiple TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Work interfaces. B2B integration is used to load the order and acknowledgment information from downstream vendors, EBBE messaging layer with unified extensible Message Exchange Patterns are employed to communicate and validate the consumer information with a dozen of Novartis internal systems including master databases and locator data of centers and hospitals. Firewall Challenges were resolved with routed EMS destinations. SOAP compliant Web Services are provisioned with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks to allow different information sources to funnel the data into IRMA by placing appropriate checks.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Used Service Oriented Architecture framework for developing reusable Business Works services to shared services teams using open standards (SOAP, JMS, XML and HTTP)
  • Setup TIBCO adapter to connect to SAP, developed Web Service, SAP integration using SAP Adapter, data synchronization using various BusinessWorks Tasks.
  • Performed advanced configuration in SAP adapter for connectionless mode to create and disconnect connection with SAP for every service call. Primarily to solve complex tactical problem.
  • Configured SAP adapter to invoke IDOCs, in publish and publish-subscribe mode to integrate with service flow in TIBCO Businessworks.
  • Implemented and configured Tibco Active Database adapter to process enrollment events and fulfill consumers based on channel preferences and opt/suppression data.
  • Implemented TIBCO SOAP Server processes to provide custom lookups to various third party vendors. Wrote SOAP Server WSDL files to provide definitions for available operations.
  • Worked with BusinessConnect (EDI protocol, host to partner transports), and used Business Works (for private processes). The data, received in XML format was transformed and parsed per business rules.
  • Designed the interfaces between the systems. Developed the Common data model using the XML for customers. Developed Processes in TIBCO BusinessWorks for transforming data from Application format to common data model and publish the data as JMS Message.
  • Created Static Queues, Topics, Bridges and also the Connection Factories on TIBCO EMS Server for all the applications. Set the TIBCO EMS server Load balancing using Topics, Queues and Bridges.
  • Designed and developed a reusable exception handling service for capturing various businesses, technical, and application errors and logs.
  • Understood and implemented complex logics involving JTA transactions and Critical sections using TIBCO BusinessWorks.
  • Interacted with various third party vendors to standardize and agree upon XML schemas that would be implemented over HTTP. Imported various XSD/Schema documents to provide downstream processes with schema inputs and API definitions.
  • Supported teams in setting up new security standards in terms of connectivity and data encryption by using public/private key architecture using GnuPG.
  • Worked with development teams to ensure smooth delivery of production packages.
  • Actively participated in pre-production meetings to resolve production related concerns, security issues and timing issues and to discuss the configurations of all applications before turning them live in production environment.
  • Developed template documents for production e.g. Application Turnover Detailed Document, production health check Document etc.
Environment: Solaris, TIBCO ActiveMatrix Businessworks, TIBCO ADB Adapter, TIBCO File Adapter, TIBCO Administrator, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO BusinessConnect, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS), Unix Scripting, Hummingbird Exceed, SOAP, WSDL, J2EE, Apache axis, Oracle, Eclipse IDE

Client : Cofidential,
Duration : Aug 2006 Apr 2007
Project : Engineering services and PSG
Role : TIBCO Developer

TIBCO BusinessWorks is a flag ship product of TIBCO Software Inc. positioned in area of integration. Beauty of product lies in providing a SOA platform for implementers with ease of rapid development and plug different components to Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Multiple third party APIs and components are used in architecting the product to comply with variety of standards and technologies. Some of the key features are like developer friendliness and efficiency in processing multiple jobs without impacting performance of BW engine.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Worked in TIBCO Software Inc under TIBCO BusinessWorks engineering team.
  • Was involved in development of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.4, was actively involved in development of service packs/hot fixes for v5.2, v5.3.
  • Performed study on local, distributed and nested transactions implementation in BusinessWorks.
  • Was key resource in understanding the requirements for implementing JMS local transactions (not available in versions prior to BW5.4)
  • Written functional specifications and implemented features to support Oracle Objects, Arrays and other complex objects in BW. Also was part of development team in supporting additional databases and JDBC drivers, data types.
  • Implemented multiple bug fixes and performed analysis on bugs
  • Coordinated product testing teams to perform regression, load and performance testing.
  • Actively participated in escalation meetings to resolve issues quickly
  • Was part of meetings with customers in understanding the critical problems faced in production environment.
  • Provided inputs to product documentation team for updating the product documentation as per newer implementations.
  • Done impact analysis before code change.

Client : Cofidential,India
Duration : May 2004 Aug 2006
Project : HRIS - Human Resource Information System
Role : J2EE Developer

The project "Human Resource Information System" is an attempt to offer an alternative employment/Job site, which is more effective than any of the contemporary job portals, in creating an innovative and flexible interface that assists the employer to hire qualified jobseekers and provide jobseekers with top notch job opportunities matching his/her criteria. This application is designed and built based on MVC Architecture using EJB’s as Model, JSTL/JSP in the View part. By having some special features like conducting a test to the job seeker dynamically based on the number of years of experience and the platform/programming language mentioned by him/her makes this application unique and more authentic. The results of test will decide whether to accept his/her resume against mentioned profile.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in Server Side coding part by planning the MVC architecture for the implementation using EJB’s as Model, JSP in the View part.
  • Installed and configured Apache Tomcat web server on Windows operating system with secured login.
  • Implemented connection-pooling structure for database connection pooling to use database resources efficiently.
  • Involved in Database Design with E-R and enhanced E-R diagrams and planning stored procedures, triggers.
  • Took an active role in designing the GUI framework with easy user navigation.
  • Designed pagination structure for displaying data from database on GUI in different pages.
Environment: Servlets, JSP, EJB’s, XML/XSLT, Java Script, JDBC and Java Beans, Oracle 8i Dreamweaver MX, and Java

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