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Mainframe Programmer Analyst Resume

O Fallon, MO

Experience Overview:

  • Over 10 Years of expertise in multiple roles such as Mainframe programmer (IBM Mainframes on COBOL, DB2, IMS, CICS and JCL with MVS Operating System), Systems Analyst, Technical lead and Support; Proven record of maintenance, enhancements to existing application; implementing new functionality upgrades in compliance to the methodologies.
  • Current responsibilities include extensive client interaction to understand expectations, requirements, formulate solutions, estimations of the application.
  • Professional in Analysis, Design, Planning, Development, Coding, Testing, Debugging, Architect new functionality upgrades, QA Testing and Software Development.
  • Experienced in Financial Services, Insurance, Transportation, Manufacturing, Played vital and varied roles such as Technical Lead, Systems Analyst; Sr. Developer; Onsite Coordinator, Testing Lead and Quality Assurance Control member.

Domain Experience

  • Banking : Confidential, MO
  • Insurance : Confidential
  • Confidential, CITIZENS Insurance
  • Financial Services : Confidential
  • Confidential, Cary, N.C.
  • Manufacturing : Confidential
  • Testing : TESTING LEAD for the major projects in different domains.
  • Expertise in SDLC with varied methodologies in compliance with the clientele processes and experienced in requirements of analysis and research, application architecture and design, Development, Coding, Testing, Maintenance and Documentation.
  • Research on the requirements, complete analysis of the system impact, analysis of solutions and risk mitigation activities with skilled analytical and problem solving methods.
  • Prepare the Technical Requirement document (TRD) for the functionality scope in Development and Modifications of COBOL Programs, JCL, PROCS, Jobs of the IBM Mainframe application for the requirement.
  • Documentation according to the functionality scope, specifications, Development activities, testing scope , configuration management and release schedules. System Process flow and technical solutions to the existing COBOL, JCL, DB2 , IMS, VSAM , CICS and other MF applications on MVS.
  • Extensively worked on Migration and Conversion projects from Mainframe systems to client server applications to OMNI. Integration of Mainframe applications to new application(s) based on new technologies.
  • TRD walkthrough meetings with impacted areas and design to discuss functional design,Testingrequirements and post production activities; complying with SDLC standards and processes involved.
  • Preparation of Test Plan for all the scenarios and collection of Test Data for the testing process and QA Testing on COBOL with DB2 , IMS , JCL, PROCS and the modified online programs.
  • Initiative and independently drive for results, able to learn quickly, synthesize information from multiple sources, and effectively communicate requirements through graphically and writing.
  • Experience in Mainframe Debugging skills on XPEDITOR, INTERTEST, SMARTTEST, IBM Debugger, TRACE-MASTERand Change Management tools such as CHANGEMAN, ENDEVOR and PANVALET.
  • Expertise in third party utilities FILE-AID for VSAM, DB2, FILE-MANAGER and ABEND AID.
  • Development and maintenance of Batch, Online applications on COBOL, JCL, CICS, DB2, IMS and VSAM.
  • Expertise to work on the Onsite-Offshore model to deliver the maintenance requests, enhancements and supporting system. Efficiently managed this model with effective Knowledge Translation to Offshore teams.
  • Providing Production Support(24/7 on-call support) for the System cycle for ABENDS and improper termination of the job flow using Job Scheduling tools(CA-7 & OPC) and Job monitoring tools likes JMR, $avers, WSF/EOS, SAR and NETMAN.

Skills Summary

  • Project Management; Design and Architecture; Mainframe applications, interfaces and the debugging tools.
  • Technical Lead & Delivery Manager; Interaction with Clients, Architect and Business Analysts ;Excellent Communication across disciplines; Manage multiple high-visibility projects concurrently; Requirement Collection and Analysis;
  • Define unique, multi-supplier approach, multi-phased solution with client's products and new products that integrate their systems applications and interfaces.
  • Work planning and Management; Scope and Change Management; Configuration Management; Strong leadership skills and Collaboration of teams; Extensive knowledge and experience of Financial services, Insurance, Manufacturing Industry, Testing and Quality Assurance.

Special Skills:

Software/IDE : IBM Mainframe; OMNIPLUS (SunGard); SQL*PLUS, TOAD.
Programming Languages : COBOL, JCL, PL/SQL
Database : DB2, IMS, IDMS, CICS, SQL, VSAM, MS SQL Server
Operating Systems : MVS, Mainframe OS SCO-90, DOS, Windows NT/XP/Vista
Office Automation : MS Office, Word, VISIO, Excel; Power Point; GroupWise and Lotus Notes
IBM Lotus Notes, Acrobat Reader/Writer, Citrix
Tools : Debugging - Xpeditor CICS/Batch, Intertest CICS, IBM Debugger, Smarttest, Version Control - CHANGEMAN , ENDEAVOR and CA-PANVELET, Job Tracking - JMR, $avers, WSF/EOS Ticket Tracking - Netman, Infoman, Service Center, CA NIKU, Clarity, Jobs Scheduling - CA7, OPC, CA-JOBTRAC, File Transfers - TCP IP FTP, RJE, Reporting - Infopac, Dispatch, WSF/EOS, TAP
DB2 utilities for Loading, Unloading data and manipulations for the tables as per the requirement; IDCAMS
Utilities :TSO, ISPF, VSAM, MQ Series, Fault Analyzer, EXPLAIN, ABEND AID
Methodologies/Processes : SDLC; Waterfall; Agile; Prototyping; Spiral ; RUP;
Defect trackers : PVCS Tracker, Quality Center, Service Center

Master of Computer Applications


  • ITIL V3 Foundation Certified.
  • Licentiate certification from the INSURANCE INSTITUTE OF INDIA.(This covers both life and non-life insurance in INDIA)

Professional Summary:
Confidential, MO February 2011- Current
Mainframe Programmer Analyst
Citigroup Inc. has the world\'s largest financial services network, spanning 140 countries with approximately 16,000 offices worldwide.
The Citigroup financial operations (includes Financial operations, bank transactions, Real Estate, Loans, Insurance etc) are with Action-US, Action-Canada, PR and City Financial Services.
CFS to OneMain Financial:

  • Technical Lead for the migration of the Citi Financial to OMF with the interfaces including of legay systems with COBOL, DB2 and VSAM, Maestro(Sunset applications) , Symphony(Self Service User InterfaceGUI) and Choridant(BI)
  • Analysis, maintenance and development of new Batch cycle including JCL, COBOL, DB2 and Online CICS programs in the three regions (Dev, Test and Production).
  • Interactions with Business Analysts of to identify the roadblocks of the operations on the migration of CFS Financial Service Network to One Main Financial Services.
  • Research and Analysis with the external Vendors supported by IBM infrastructure to be continued with OMF. Providing Estimates for the major project and support of the Day One and Day Two activities.
  • Development of the missing interfaces on COBOL, JCL, DB2 and CICS to be in line with the CFS and OMF operation on their own Databases and individual systems.
  • Creation of , Technical Design Document and High level test plan for the legacy applications and preparation for the enhancements, test scenarios, strategy and disaster recovery.
  • Quality Assurance for the code, jobs, scheduling and support activities before deployment to Production.
  • Analysis and Development of re-branding from CitiFinancial to OneMain Financial reporting.

Confidential, (Boston, MA)
Mainframe Programmer Analyst April 2009 - Feb 2011

  • Launch of new products and coverage's in Property and Casualty: Auto (Personal and Commercial), Home and various LOBS. Successfully developed new programs, Jobs, Procs on Mainframes involving COBOL, CICS, IMS, JCL and DB2 with ENDEAVOR for the Change Management ;
  • Modified the existing IBM Mainframe programs on COBOL with DB2 and IMS applications.
  • Migration and integration of Mainframe legacy applications to new technologies with in-depth research and analysis.
  • Presentation of the Technical documentation on the enhancements of legacy applications involving COBOL, DB2 , CICS and JCL according to the requirements to associated departments such as Business Analysts, Architects, Development and Release Management.
  • Continuous interactions with the architects, Subject Matter Experts (SME) for the enhancements for the current system flow; design on developing new applications with Mainframes and environment.
  • Providing Technical assistance to the Product analysts to provide the necessary uploads via FTP, TCP/IP to be in line with the Mainframe applications and other interfaces.
  • Submit the necessary DB2 changes, Reference Data Change (RDC) team to have updates made to reference tables for POS(Point of Sale, web based online application) for modifications and development of COBOL programs involved in the requirement.
  • Verification of all the Production moves, Job Scheduling with CA-7 and OPC providing support and testing to ensure system stability and the functional upgrades.

Confidential, DENVER, CO
Mainframe Technical Analyst June 2006 - Apr 2009

  • Presentation of designs on the proposed platform from the legacy system to the new platform OMNI, integration of the applications and functionality changes to the institutions and Schools.
  • Developed technical approach for the migration of Mainframe systems for migration to Omni and managed of the Remittance Conversion and System Integration process.
  • Involved in converting Technical Specifications to the development phase with changes onJCL,COBOL, VSAM, IMS, CICS and DB2. .
  • ENDEVOR Change Management to modify, code new COBOL programs with DB2, from different stages, regions to OMNIPROD. XPEDITOR and Mainframe Debugger are used for defect tracking.
  • Extensively worked in data conversion of VSAM legacy files, FTP, varied structure of physical forms to OMNI and data conversion between Mainframe to OMNI, and OMNI to Mainframe systems.
  • Creation of the Roster Mapping jobs requirement, development scope involving COBOL programs to create OMNI acceptable format transactions and loading to OMNI PLUS (RECORD KEEPING AND Maintenance of Pension Products).
  • Creating TEST regions Job cycle for successful testing (Unit, Integration, UAT and Regression testing).
  • Involved in transmission of information (files) from mainframe Host to & from external systems using IBM MQ-Series / Websphere, FTP, TCP/IP, RJE and upload to the GUI interface OMNI and its applications.

Systems Analyst
Remittance Conversion and Certification Project: (Mainframe on MVS to OMNIPLUS 5.5)

  • Interaction with the Client Liaison and the IT department of the schools to obtain the files in the format they remitted earlier to migrate to OMNIPLUS.
  • Developed new programs onCOBOL, DB2, IMS, JOBS, JCL and PROCS on MVS with IBM Utilities to ensure the institutions will have no impact after the migration.
  • Designed the technical documentation with detailed interaction with Business Analysts, SME's for development of programs, jobs for conversion process to automate generation of reports to Production.
  • Performed QA reviews and ensured successful migration in Production by SDLC standards and making Quality product deliverables on time.
  • Lead the team for the development, testing and implementation of major enhancements with COBOL, JCL, DB2, and VSAM and documentation of the upgrades.
  • Technical Analysis on COBOL, DB2, IMS and JCL changes with BA's to reverse the defaults and convert the Loan/Banking records to OMNI.
  • Creation of Transactions with Remittance Data, Contribution, Loans Initiatives and Contributions with Batch Processing. Users can access, update and view all the transactions for their account in Tiaa-Cref.
  • Performed Testing activities from (Unit, Integration, System, User Acceptance Testing, Regression and Pre-Production.Quality Assurance reviews and ensured successful migration of Quality product deliverables to OMNIPLUS Production region in compliance to the SLA.
  • Verifying Batch Job scheduling for Production moves on new developed Jobs (JCL,PROC) and COBOL programs. Creation and verification of the acceptable OMNIPLUS transactions(contributions, indicatives, enrollment of new Plan and the participants) into OMNIPLUS

Confidential, (Howell, MI)
Technical Consultant: Oct 2004 - June 2006

  • Analysis & development of application components in MVS operating system involving IBM Mainframe environment onCOBOL, DB2, IMS, CICS, JCL, VSAM, SQL, MQ-Series/Websphere, FTP.
  • Participated in Business and Solutions Architecture meetings to understand technical requirements; resolve issues during various phases of the project; change controls and to define the acceptance criteria.
  • Implementing onsite and offshore model with delegation of enhancements with specifications, requirement, testing (Integration and UAT).
  • Technical Solution Provider on implementing major enhancements involving critical and complex applications; interfaces across platforms and succeeding in meeting the stringent deadlines. Providing estimations, scheduling and implementation of the enhancements.
  • Reinsurance: Success of the project helped both the Personal and Commercial Lines operations to move forward which resulted in 10% increase of new business in first quarter and 25% in the subsequent quarter. Project involves all Mainframe programs applications, Debugging and testing.
  • Providing Production support (24/7 on-call support) to ensure the stability of the system, environment for the period until development team is able to manage and maintain the new functionality changes.

Onsite Coordinator Oct 2003- Oct 2004

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) on core applications such as PMS, Claims System and Translation team; Point of contact for external teams including production support, Quality Assurance and Discretionary projects.
  • Prepared Essential Application Document with the system flow, technologies, high level picture of all the interfaces and integration of all the applications.
  • System analysis and preparing detailed Technical Requirement Specifications as per the BRD and FRD. Trained and Lead the team (12 members and new joiners) on the system application, analysis, design and knowledge of Production systems and interfaces.
  • Managed multiple projects with offshore teams on major functionality changes involving development of new COBOL programs, modifying existingCOBOL, JOBS, JCL with DB2 and IMS applications;
  • Delegation of work to offshore on major Production issues and assisting them in fixing, testing and implementation wrt to other major releases. Successful implementation on the enhancements with analysis, coding, testing involving COBOL, JCL, DB2, IMS and VSAM.
  • Gaining familiarity with requirement documents, scope of the discretionary projects, and maintenance of existing applications in compliance with CMMI model, Creating Test plans, scenarios and execution.

Confidential, October 2002 - October 2003
Module Lead & Offshore coordinator

  • Acquired Technical & Business knowledge of the key application ODS (Order Distribution System) and Order Generating System (OGS). Experience and knowledge gained ; Transitioned the project to onsite - offshore via Knowledge Acquisition Program (KAP).
  • Managing Process Inventory, Order Inventory, Process Systems, Forecasting Techniques, Knowing Customer Knowledge, Product Handling, Strong Relationships and Luring Discount on Products on with Retail Vendors and existing Commercial customers.
  • Understanding and implementation on some of the systems with the Vision, Mission, Governance and Goals. Master Data Management (MDM) that aligns and customizes the needs of the users.
  • Involved in analysis, design, coding & testing of new defects and enhancements received from onsite on COBOL, CICS , JCL, DB2, IMS and VSAM.
  • Involved in setting up an efficient Configuration Management Plan as both Onsite and Offshore is involved in the new environment setup. Worked on user adhoc requests, fix defects and production support.
  • Involved in preparing High-level Technical design docs (HLD) for changes being made to the system were shown at system level based on functional specifications by the Business.

Confidential, Oct 2001 - Oct 2002
Mainframe Developer and Quality Control Team member

  • Analysis of the existing application components that are developed in COBOL, DB2, JCL and VSAM.
  • Played a major role in web enabling this application by coding DB2 Stored procedures and Remote Stored Proceduresto serve the data to the Web application.
  • Lead the team and mentored them in the development phase and testing procedures which includes coding, code review, unit testing, integration testing and User Acceptance Testing(UAT)
  • Involved in coding, resolving maintenance issues on enhancements and existing systems.
  • Lead the team and mentored them in the development phase and testing procedures.
  • Provided on-call support for production support and solved many issues with in the service level agreement and found permanent fixes. Resolved the user problems with in the specified time.

Confidential, Cary, N.C: Jan 2001 - October 2001
Developer and Module lead

  • Created application documents on COBOL, DB2, VSAM and JCL. Involved in Estimation of various projects, preparation of project plan, resource identifications, skill gap analysis, converting functional requirements into technical requirement, creation of test cases, test plans, collection of test data.
  • Involved in scheduling, monitoring the batch cycle jobs and provided on-call support for production support and solved many issues with in the SLA. Resolved the user problems with in the specified time
  • Researched the existing prototype, design, interfaces and work flow of RailInc. Identified the interfaces, programs, sub-programs and other components for the migration from COBOL I to COBOL III. Involved in the maintenance of the existing applications and enhancements.
  • Presented estimations to the client on the number of programs involved and criticality of the new platform to be in line with the old platform. Played a vital role in all the phases of testing, quality assurance, auditing and system integration.
  • Successfully implemented the project, ensured stability of the system and documented system work flow, interfaces and application documents for the new joiners. Prepared test plans with the execution from unit testing to User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


  • Software Engineering, Data Flow Diagrams, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Managing Effective meetings, Telephonic Skills, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion; Relationship building and interpersonal skills and American Sensitization.
  • Work shops on Research and Analysis skills, Project Performance Management to provide status and effective implementation; Processes, Programming Techniques, Debugging Tools, Product Support with Priority 1 tickets (On call support 24*7) ; Technical design skills
  • Leadership skills and Implementation, Management Training; Clarity and Attitude workshop.
  • Productivity Management, CMMI, Team building, Personal effectiveness and Time management.