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Software Engineer Resume

Fort Myers, FL


To gain expertise in the field of Embedded Systems Design and Programming.

  • Capable of single handedly achieving the objectives within given time frame with minimal supervision
  • Experienced in assembly language & C programming
  • Experienced in analyzing, debugging, trouble shooting and modifying Embedded applications


  • Programming Languages: C, C++, x86 Assembly language, Microcontroller Assembly language Programming
  • Microprocessors: TI Stellaris ARM Cortex-M MCUs, MSP430, PIC 24F64GA002, Intel 8088, 80x86
  • Software: CCS,AVR Embedded Workbench, Microsoft Visual Studio, MATLAB, SUGAR, MPLAB


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication


Confidential, Jan.2011 - Present
Embedded Software Engineer

  • Developing software for new innovative products and modifying the existing software as per customer requirements
  • Designed Widget based TFT LCD Graphical User Interface(GUI) for TI Stellaris based Development Board with Menu Options for Readings, Instrument Calibration, Display settings, RTC (Date and Time adjustments), Data Logging, Battery Level Indication, Keyboard (ASCII Characters to name Users and Sites) etc.
  • Implemented MODBUS Protocol, 4-20mA, RS-232 and RS-485, and used PROFICONN for PROFIBUS-DP Interface
  • Currently working on Implementing features like USB_OTG, USB-Boot loader, SD-Card storage in FAT File System format for Data logging and Interfacing EEPROM through SPI for TI Stellaris based Development Board
  • Language : C, Platforms: Code Composer Studio and AVR Embedded Workbench
  • Microprocessors: Ti Stellaris LM3S5951, MSP430

Confidential, Jan.2008 - May.2008
System Development Intern, R & D Dept.

  • Implemented MODBUS Protocol for Serial Data Communication
  • Interfaced 2X16 LCD and RS-485 to 89c52 microcontroller
  • Designed the system, soldered the hardware and developed an assembly language code using MASM


  • Embedded systems, Advanced Embedded Systems,Microprocessor systems, Advanced Microprocessor, Microsystems, Wireless Communication, Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Silicon IC Fabrication Technology, Real Time Data Acquisition System, DSP Microprocessor, VLSI Technology, C, C++, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Antenna and Microwave Engineering.


Remotely controlled & self-navigated PIC 24F based Rover Mar.-May2010

  • Designed a Self navigated Rover that receives commands via Wireless Ethernet link and is operated by RTOS
  • Contribution: Designed algorithm and applied triangulation method to find accurate co-ordinates using sensor data
  • Code written in C using MPLAB

RealTime Pitch Shifting Mar.-May2010

  • Implemented real time pitch shifting of an audio data by parallelization on Dual Core platform
  • Implemented Openmp for Multi-threading
  • Code written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio

RTOS for PIC24F(16-bit) Jan.-Feb.2010

  • Wrote a co-operative and preemptive RTOS for PIC 24F64GA002 controller in C
  • Implemented Task scheduling, stack management and semaphores along with system timers
  • Used Kernel level functions like yield, create process, process scheduler, wait, sleep and signal

Internet(TCP) MP3 Radio on TMS320C55x DSP ProcessorJan.-May.2010

  • Development platform: TI TMS320VC5509A DSP processor board. ENC28J60 (Ethernet controller) used for connecting Ethernet. DSP board connected to ENC28J60 via SPI interface
  • Used Shout cast protocol to stream Mp3 data from internet and VS1002D MP3 decoder IC for MP3 data decoding
  • Coding written in C using Code Composer Studio

Simulating Cache Memory Oct.-Nov.2009

  • Developed a simulation code for a 256K cache for 32bit processor and analyzed its performance
  • Compared different cache architectures (n-way set-associative and direct mapped cache) and write-back strategies (write-through allocate and write-through non-allocate, write-back)
  • Developed code in C and debugged in MS Visual Studio

Six stage pipelined RISC Microprocessor (32 bit) Aug.-Oct.2009

  • Designed a 32 bit, 6 stage pipelined RISC microprocessor with full resolution on structural, control and data hazards
  • Implemented Pipeline stages: Instruction Fetch I/II, Instruction Decode, Fetch Operand, Execute (ALU), Write Back
  • Enhanced the performance by implementing concepts like data forwarding, stalling and flushing

Single-channel 16-bit DMA controller Jun.-Aug.2009

  • Designed single-channel DMA controller for the 8086 processor in maximum-mode
  • DMA controller has 16bit data line and 20bit address line
  • The DMA performs memory-to-memory moves, i/o to memory moves, memory to i/o moves, memory fills, and memory bit-wise operations

PIC 18F4620 based device controller Oct.-Dec.2009

  • Designed a microcontroller based master-slave system for timing intensive asynchronous communications interface
  • The controller accepted commands from a PC via an RS-232 interface and continuously transmitted a serial stream to control up to 128 devices on slave, at a 76Hz rate on a 4-wire full duplex RS-485 communication bus
  • Interfaced devices like Segment LCD, Graphic LCD, Buzzer, RGB LED, software PWM, calender, timer and alarm

Jumping Millirobot Oct.-Dec.2009

  • Designed a novel jumping millirobot that was inspired from the basic design of a HexFlex
  • Deployed an on-board solar cell and piezoelectric actuators for requirements of higher force outputs at lower voltages
  • Simulated the robot was using SUGAR, a tool in MATLAB

A Pick-n-Pack Robot Sep.-Dec.2009

  • Designed complete mechanical structure of the robot. Used motors attached with wheels for locomotion of robot
  • Designed a screw-bolt mechanism for vertical arm movement and a gear-system to the arms for capturing the object
  • Installed a wireless system through which the robot received signals for navigation