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Database Resources Assistant Resume

San Antonio, TexaS


  • Thirteen years of experience in Geographic Information System (GIS), with a clear understanding of GIS theory. Confident about application of GIS in Rating Territory validation, Sales and Marketing, Flood Insurance, Catastrophe response, Claims Processing and Modeling.
  • Proficient in cartographic design and map production.
  • Creative, accurate, and result- and detail-oriented.
  • Equally comfortable working independently as well as in a group.
  • Effective written and oral communication skill.


Confidential, San Antonio, Texas December, 2005 - Present
GIS Coordinator

  • Manage day to day operations of the GIS group, develop and document Standard Operating Procedures and methodologies of GIS-related processes, perform work flow analysis, ensure quality of all final products and status reporting of the project using MS Excel, Access, Word.
  • Application in P & C Insurance: Data analysis, Report generation, and Map production.
  • Responsible for the database management of the Server-based Enterprise GIS system, design of the geodatabase using relational database concept, implementation of asset and facility management, integration of data from multiple sources, such as engineering plans, AutoCAD data and GPS data collected everyday using Trimble GeoXH.
  • Application in P & C Industry: Database management of customers, Location of customers and adjusters, Application of floodplain, crime data, insurance rate data for business etc.
  • Currently working as a team member on future redistricting of the BexarMet seven districts using 2010 Census Data based on population of precincts.
  • Application in P & C Industry: Data mining, Analysis of demographic data for sales and marketing.
  • Successfully mapped meter-reader routes using MS Access, ArcGIS, and 90,000 BexarMet customer locations. Completed a joint project on future development plans of customer redistribution between two water utilities based on area.
  • Application in P & C Industry: Data mining, database manipulation, Policy Location, calculation of
    revenue of a particular area.
  • Identified address ranges of GIS street segments in terms of the BexarMet Board of Directors\' constituencies for the Bexar County election department. Completed a project to locate all non-paying individuals using geocoded meter locations and Bexar County Appraisal District data.
  • Created a map book for the Texas legislatures and City of San Antonio and Bexar County officials showing their constituencies within BexarMet boundary including the number of BexarMet customers and BexarMet employees residing in each constituency. This map book was appreciated by Texas Senator Zudith Zaffirini. Designed a map of Bexar and surrounding counties to show water purveyors. Hill-shade created from USGS digital elevation model was used as the reference. This map was submitted in the map gallery of next South Central Arc User Group Conference at San Antonio.
  • Application in P & C Industry: Map book and map production
  • Maintain several ongoing environmental projects, e.g., database of water sample locations and chemical analyses of samples, easement information of source water for granting permission for constructing sanitary structures. Detailed maps of these projects are created.
  • Identified and mapped BexarMet properties for future planning and development purposes.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas January, 2005 - December, 2005
Database Resources Assistant

  • Successfully modeled future land use for part of the Bexar County to forecast urban development. Extensively used ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, MS Access, and MySQL to combine, populate, and analyze interactions among land use, transportation, and public policy using parcel data, census data, transportation census data, employment data etc. in a relational and spatial database environment. Developed a program to interpolate missing attributes of parcels from information of surrounding parcels.
  • Application in P & C Industry: GIS Modeling
  • Developed a methodology to identify vacant parcels by converting pixels in aerial photographs to GIS data. Color definitions of the individual pixels were generalized to several groups to identify the vacant parcels.
  • Matched commuters of the City of San Antonio RIDESHARE program in a GIS environment using proximity analysis.
    Application in P & C Industry: GIS Modeling

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas September, 1998 - December, 2004
GIS Conversion Specialist

  • Created digital data and associated database for different oil and natural gas pipeline companies.
  • Identified stakeholder audiences in RP 1162 by creating application to extract postal addresses within a specified buffer zone of oil and gas pipelines using USPS GIS data.
  • Application in P & C Industry: Catastrophe response, Claims processing
  • Identified pipeline segments in High Consequence Areas based on pipeline diameter, operating pressure, and population of the surrounding areas.
  • Calculated tax of different tax entities based on pipeline length for oil and gas pipeline clients.
  • Created presentation quality maps and map books using ESRI products for oil and gas companies. Submitted one map in the ESRI Map Gallery for nationwide competition illustrating pipelines and associated details of pumping/heating stations superimposed on a satellite image.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas July, 1997 - August, 1998

  • Created precinct boundaries for the Edwards Aquifer Board Election using ArcEdit. Completed the project one week ahead of target date.


ArcGIS 10, ARCGIS for Server 10, ArcGIS Model Builder, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, MySQL, MS Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Working knowledge in C++, Visual Basic, and Python.


  • M.Sc. in Geology.
  • Completed six graduate credit units in the Hydrogeology program.
  • Completed 30 graduate credit units in the Hydrogeology program. Developed hydrogeologic models of Edwards Aquifer using United States Geological Survey MODFLOW program (unpublished Thesis) to predict water levels at index wells.


Advanced Geographic Information System for Environmental Problem Solving: Environmental problems including hazardous waste remediation, regulatory compliance, site selection, environmental projection, and groundwater contamination.

Introduction to Database (MS Access), Introduction to Oracle SQL, Introduction to Computer Programming (C++), Introduction to ArcGIS Server, and Geometric Network from ESRI. Attended VB.NET course.



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