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System Software Programmer Resume

Auburn Hills, MI

System Software Programmer

  • System programmer in data processing, most recently supporting MVS, CA7/CA11, CICS, IMS, and program products for 28 GM assembly plants world wide (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and China). Started as a COBOL programmer in a VSE environment and worked up to a DBA for IMS DL/1. Highly motivated individual that moved into the system software title and installed, maintained, and performed system monitoring for MVS systems at multiple sites. Known as the "go to" guy when someone wanted a fast report or to set up a new process. Recently saved $4 million compared to IBM's proposal to migrate IMS from the GM plants to a large data center. Volunteered to conduct annual power point presentations on new processes.



MVS, CICS, IMS DB/DC, ACF2, VTAM, SMF/RMF, CA-1, CA-7/CA-11, DASD (including Flashcopy and PPRC), DFDSS, Panvalet, SMP/E

Written programs in:


Programs include using:


  • CICS
  • Provided software support, dump reading
  • IMS Support
  • Installing and maintaining IMS, including performance monitoring
  • DBA for:
  • IMS DB Full Function data bases
  • Performance tuning:


Confidential, MI 1985-2009 MVS Software programmer

Responsible for MVS and IMS supporting 28 GM assembly plants, including using SMP/E

to install/update IMS, MVS, CICS and program products

  • Participated in several migration projects
  • Including migrating from one machine to another, as well as from one DASD type to another
  • Created backup/recovery plans for multiple CPU/FEP's onsite
  • Process was used once with minimal outage due to a CPU failure
  • SMF programs include using type 6 (JES2), 14/15 (input/output), 20 (job initiation), 110 (CICS), 242 (ACF2) and others
  • Including program to create a cross reference report for all jobs and data sets
  • Created process to standardize data set names, including renames data sets and changing JCL
  • This included renaming data sets and updating JCL
  • Install and maintained IMS
  • Include using SMP/E, performing IMS gen's, and ongoing performance monitoring
  • Wrote an IMS monitoring program similar to the IMSMON region usage report from the IMS log
  • IMS performance was easily monitored and maintained as application changes were made
  • Created disaster recovery process for IMS Fast Path data bases using DBRC/API and CA-7
  • Recovery process was successfully tested yearly
  • Participated in numerous Disaster Recovery projects
  • Volunteered for DR exercises to help IMS national team
  • Created process to migrate IMS data bases from local systems to central site
  • This process migrated the IMS system in less than an hour
Storage Management
  • Wrote process to monitor free space on storage volumes
  • Significantly reduced space problems
  • Wrote process to recover data bases after an HDA failure
  • Process used MVS catalog for data base names, and was no longer a manual method, saving hours of recovery time
  • Set-up backup/recovery procedures for IBM DASD using PPRC/Flashcopy
  • Process is tested twice a year
  • Created process to recover from a DASD failure using dual copy
  • No outages occurred after setting up the dual copy environment
  • Updated backup process using CLISTS to automate DASD recovery
  • Process automatically created JCL to recover DASD
  • Monitored space for VSAM and flat files
  • Reduced file space abends
  • Provided ongoing software support
  • Install and maintain using SMP/E and CEDA commands
  • Wrote several online monitoring programs
  • Include reading Temporary Storage and FCT areas
  • Written several programs using SMF type 110.
  • Including a report to include region, transaction, user, and time
  • Set-up a common system schedule for multiple sites
  • Made monitoring each site easier
  • Trained users at multiple sites for CA7/CA11
  • Trained operation and programming staff using NETMEETING
  • Set up schedule monitoring using ARF
  • In case of an application error the appropriate personal would be paged using FTP
  • Created process to migrate CA-7 schedules from local systems to central site using BTI
  • This process was used to merge several sites into one.
  • Created the backup/recovery process used for disaster recovery
  • This process was tested yearly
  • CA7 security
  • Used both ACF2 and internal CA7 security
  • Used VRM Address space, corequisite, and count resources
  • Ensured batch schedule integrity
  • Used CA7 proc and control cards
  • Used for special purposes (add dates in JCL, control schedules)
  • Created calendars for GM assembly plants
  • Calendars for weekend and holidays.
  • COBOL programs for payroll system
  • This included batch and CICS programs using DL/1 and VSAM
  • PL/1 programs for plant performance monitoring
  • This included CICS programs using DL/1
  • Easytrive/Plus programs for system reports
  • Programs SMF records and IMS performance reports
  • Assembler programs for system monitoring
  • Programs read SMF records and DBRC/API
  • VSE System Programmer
  • CICS system programmer
  • DBA with IMS/DB, including designing data bases and performing DBD/PSB/ACB gens
  • COBOL programmer with batch, CICS, and IMS/DB


Bachelor of Arts, Accounting

IBM Classes: CICS

  • DL/1
  • MVS Performance
  • VSAM
  • Annual presentation using PowerPoint for new processes.

Earned most Valuable Performer for the Distributed Site Support Group, August 1995, for excellence in innovative programming

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