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Edi Resume



  • Over 5 years of experience in the IT industry that involves the complete Software Development Life cycle from analysis, design, coding, testing & implementation in Retail and Health Care sector.
  • Extensive development and implementation experience in EDI ANSI X12, X12N/HIPAA & EDIFACT standards, Sterling's GIS,Gentran Server on Unix/Windows, Invois Bizlink and XML/XSLT applications.
  • Strong Working experience with Transactions 204, 214, 315, 270/271, 810, 820, 850, 856, 832, 837/835 and 834.
  • Experience in Business Analysis to Translate EDI Requirements into Functional Specifications and Develop Logical Mapping.
  • Expertise in Functional and Technical areas of EDI implementations.
  • Extensive Experience in SQL/PL SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Extensive Experience in preparing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and executing them based on the Business rules and System requirements.
  • Ability to do independently as well as in a team and experience in coordinating with different groups in a project.
  • Excellent Written & verbal Communication, Interpersonal and Organizational Skills.


  • Bachelor in Computer Science


Mapping Tools : Gentran 5.3/6.0,GIS 4.2, Inovis Bizlink,
Industry Standards : ANSI X12, EDIFACT, SWIFT and HIPAA
EDI Transactions : 204, 214, 270, 271, 276, 277, 315, 810, 820, 850, 856,
860, 834, 835, 837, 940, 945
Programming Languages : C, C++, Java, Shell Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL.
Databases : MS Access, Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server, JDBC.
Other Software : XML, DTD, XSD, XSLT, Ultra Edit.


Confidential, NC Apr '10 - Till Date
Role: EDI Developer


  • Involved in the requirements analysis related to development of maps for new trading partners.
  • Developed maps for both Inbound and Outbound processes for the transactions 850, 860, 856, 315 and application maps from ANSIX12 to XML, X12 to Flatfileand vise versa, Flatfile to XML.
  • Map changes for the transactions 204, 214, 812, 850, 856, 864, 990 and database maps.
  • Set up Trading Partnerships includes setting up AS2 communication protocols for exchange of EDI documents, creating Envelopes for new vendors.
  • Generated Implementation Guidelines as per the business requirements.
  • Generated test data, Unit testing and integration testing of the maps.
  • Created and modified Business Processes as per the requirements using Graphical process modeler.
  • Migration of Maps, Envelopes and BP's from GIS 4.3 to 5.1.
  • Gap Analysis of 810 and 850 maps for migration.

Environment: Windows XP,GIS 4.3 Server, Oracle Transportation Manager, Ultra Edit, Unix, XML.

Confidential, TX Feb '08 - Mar'10
Role: EDI Consultant


  • Created ASN (Advance Shipping Notice EDI X12 856) which comes in ANSI X12 format from trading partners.
  • Created Warehouse ASN Standard and Pick & pack transactions from the scratch.
  • Created IG's & Applications Based on the customer requirements.
  • Translating the data from ANSI X12 to text format in inbound process using the translator.
  • Responsible for setting up the new Trading partners with corresponding Message types.
  • Created basic and Advanced Trading Partner profiles and Management of Communities in GIS 4.2.
  • Responsible for configuring the Ports and RFC Destination in SAP.
  • Creating the Business process Models as per the business requirements Using Graphical process modeler.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting the IDOCs errors and reprocessing.
  • Sending an Acknowledgment (EDI X12 997 Functional Acknowledgment) to the trading partners.
  • Created new Code lists based on the customer requirements.
  • Translated the data from XML to ANSI X12 format.
  • Created the work flows to accomplish the Business models in the Business process Models using the BPML in GIS.
  • Responsible for Configuring SAP Suite Adapter for file transmitting data from GIS to SAP.
  • Responsible for Creating and Managing the Import and Export MAPs using Application Integrator.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting the Business Process models in application connectivity.
  • Created XML maps and configured the corresponding adapters as per the business requirements
  • Configured the Communication adapters as per the Business processes.
  • Set up and configured the AS2 communication protocol for exchanging the EDI documents for trading partners with digital signature.
  • Developed and upgraded EDI maps for transactions 810, 830, 850,852,855,856 and 857 using the X12 standard.
  • Developing new maps and modifying existing maps using Visual Mapper. Developed maps for following transaction sets: 810, 820, 850, 852, 855, 856, 857, 864, 875, 879, 880, 940, and 997.

Environment: GIS 4.2 Server, SAP,UNIX,XML, Ultra Edit.

Confidential, CT Sept '07 - Jan '08

Role: EDI Consultant

Analysis, Detail design, Data Flows, Coding, Testing and Implementation for the following tasks:

  • To define billing transaction data structure as per NCPDP 5.1 (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) requirements to be transferred to different clients using EDI transformation including data extraction and batch job setup
  • Developed MERCATOR Type trees and maps for different X12 transactions such as 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice, 837 Health care claims, 834 Benefit Enrollment / Maintenance, 270/271 Health care Benefit Inquiry and Response and involved in setting up Trading partner profiles for the clients and sending them Functional Acknowledgement 997.
  • Used Inovis EDI Trusted Link software and Sterling's Gentran for mapping. Mapping included outbound and inbound transactions for financial billing, customers enquiries, and insurance claims.
  • Extensively involved in the Creation of Test data procedures, testing the Transactions for volume and functionality both on PC and Mainframes and fixed the errors in Maps, type trees, input data and JCL
  • Involved in the creation of Endeavor Packages for the Successfully tested Maps, Casting them so that they can be moved across the Endeavor Production Regions
  • Extensively involved in documentation of Implementation guide, Payer/Payee summary sheet and workflows.
  • Involved in HIPAA Certification process of 835 using Claredi online system using HIPAA guidelines.
  • Environment: WindowsNT/XP, Inovis TrustedLink, UltraEdit, FTP, MVS, JCL, COBOL, DB2, AS/400, HIPAA Transactions.

Client: Confidential, WA Feb '07 - Aug '07
Role: EDI Consultant

  • Prepared methodology document for HIPAA implementation.
  • Designed and implemented most core Java functionality, including the basic database access layer using JDBC, generic File Operations using Java IO, XML file parsing using SAX and DOM.
  • Implementation of 5 key aspects of HIPAA- Transactions, Identifiers, Codes, Privacy and Security, Non-Compliance issues and penalties.
  • Developed schemas for EDI ANSI X12 version 4010 Claims(837), Claims Remittance(835) and Eligibility forms in XML.
  • Created Maps between the native and HIPAA formats with embedded business rules.
  • Created X12 to application file transalation maps using Visual mapper.
  • Created and maintained input ANSI type trees using Type Designer.
  • Created SEF files using the EDISIM Standard Editor.
  • Developing programs that will validate ICD9, NCPDP, and EHNAC complaint condition in the Header and the forms
  • Coordinated with the trading partners to resolve Inbound and Outbound EDI errors.
  • Analyzed EDI translation errors that failed in the inbound and re-processed the EDI's without loosing the information.
  • Created test plans, test data in EDI, Flat files to test maps.

Environment: SQL, JDBC, SAX, EJB, Gentran on UNIX 5.1/5.3, Solaris, Windows NT, XML,

Client: Confidential, MA July \'05 to jan'07
Role: EDI Consultant.


  • Creation of implementation guides to document detailed exchange requirements such as structures, timing and business rules (GAP analysis documents.)
  • Creation of application layout files
  • Set up new trading partners and maintain existing partners
  • Developed SQL queries to interact with the lifecycle database and provide monthly capacity reports reflecting on the utilization of EDI infrastructure.
  • Production Support to LOA application (EDI is a part of Loop order automation) and updating the logs and EDI files.
  • Developed and upgraded EDI maps for transactions 810, 830, 850,852,855,856 and 857 using the X12 standard. Maps created were for both inbound and outbound trading partner relationships.
  • Performed Unit and system testing on all EDI transactions both inbound and outbound.
  • UNIX script writing for both communicational and file handling
  • Maintenance of EDI Documents, data managers, and Gentran life cycle Database.
  • Creation of trading partner files/interfaces.
  • Developing new maps and modifying existing maps.
  • Testing maps and migrating from older versions to the current 4010 standard which is Y2K complaint by using Sterling GENTRAN-Server.
  • Creation of ODBC mapping guidelines.
  • Developed maps for following transaction sets: 810, 820, 850, 855, 856, 940,and 997.

Environment: GentranServerNT, ECWorkBench 5.2, Oracle, ODBC, UNIX, Windows NT.

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