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Sr. Siebel Eai Specialist Resume



  • Over 9 years of wide experience in Software design and development including 7 years of extensive experience in IntegrationConfiguration, and Implementation of several full scale customized Siebel applications
  • Highly proficient in Integration of Siebel Application with other legacy applications using Siebel Integration Tools; EAI, EIM, eScript, VBC\'s, Integration objects, Web Services, Siebel Portal framework, symbolic urls and HTTP
  • Extensive experience in developing custom business services, eScript and browser script
  • Broad understanding of how the Siebel events fired in HI framework and highly skilled in manipulating different events to achieve complex functionality
  • Experience in the implementation of Business process automation using Business Services, Work Flows, Assignment Manager and State Models
  • Good Siebel Administration Experience in Installing Siebel Application, performance tuning, Basic server administration and regular deployment tasks in various environments
  • Highly proficient in Siebel Java Script, HTML and XML
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Development and implementation of Web based and Legacy applications
  • Experience in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant environment, Familiarity with IT regulatory compliance Control mechanisms
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication, coordination and interpersonal skills


Siebel CRM

Siebel 8.0/7.8/7.7/7.5.2/7.0.3, EIM, EAI, eScripts, Workflow Manager, Siebel VB, eScript, Siebel Tools,Assignment Mgr, VBC, SFA, Call Center, Asset Mgmt, HTML, XML, Data Modeling, Siebel Remote, Siebel Server Administration, Workflow Administration, Web Services, Security


eService, eComm, ePharma, eMarketing


Windows\'98, 00, Windows NT, UNIX, MS-Dos




Oracle, SQL Server, MS-Access


Visual Basic 6.0, Deverloper\'2000


HTML, DHTML, JAVA Script, VBScript, Rational toolset- Clear Case and Clear Quest


Actuate Reports, Crystal Reports

Professional Experience


Sr. Siebel Developer/EAI Specialist

Jan 08 - Current


Lead developer/EAI

Nov 06- Dec 07


Siebel Integration Developer

July 06 - Nov 06


Siebel Developer

September 05 - June 06


Siebel Integration Consultant

April 04 to August 05


Siebel Configuration

Sep 03 to April 04



Dec' 00 - Aug' 2001

Work Experience

Confidential, Jan 08 - Current
Role: Sr. Siebel Integration/EAI Developer

The full scale Siebel health care call center application implementation involved in delivering an integrated CRM application to manage service requests, provider claims and individual benefits related functionality. The Siebel application provides real time secured information sharing with legacy claims systems , provides complex correspondence letter generation and uploading the letters in to File net Document management system .

  • Performed complete technical design, development and deployment of full scale Siebel Call center application
  • Assisted Siebel analysts in requirements gathering and developed prototypes
  • Extensively worked in real time integration of Siebel application with other enterprise applications by configuring VBC's, developing secured web services and using Siebel Portal frame work tools
  • Designed and developed web services to retrieve and update the data in legacy applications, modified Integration objects and developed custom business services to invoke the web services and implemented security for invoking web services
  • Developed complex eScripts to achieve the business requirements
  • Extensively worked in configuring symbolic urls to access third party applications from Siebel
  • Extensively worked and customized Siebel Correspondence module to generate and upload the letters in to third party filenet document management system
  • Designed and Configured Workflow processes and Workflow policies for the automation of the business tasks.
  • Worked on Assignment rules to assign service requests to an appropriate team members
  • Supported system testing, UAT, performance testing and post production support activities
  • Was responsible for several Siebel Application environment setups including installation in cluster mode
  • Implementation of LDAP security authentication for single sign on, Siebel server administration and regular deployment activities

Environment: Siebel Call center Enterprise, Oracle 10g, Filenet, LDAP.

Confidential, Nov 06 - Jan 08
Role: Sr. Siebel Integration/EAI Developer

The Project involved replacing the State of Washington legacy Medicare management system with advanced eCams system developed by CNSI. Siebel Call Center application used as front end for clients, providers and facilities interaction. In this implementation CSR tracks and answers customer calls using CTI and IVR. The Siebel application retrieves the data from other applications and pharmacy using VBC's, web services

  • Responsible for technical design, development and deployment of full scale Siebel Health care application
  • Worked on EIM for loading old data in to Siebel, performed data mapping
  • Configured and developed screens and views quickly as initial prototypes for demo purposes
  • Designed and developed integration frame work for Siebel application with other enterprise applications and pharmacy applications
  • Extensively worked on VBC's, development, secured inbound and outbound web services
  • Coordinated with other sub systems in for integration work
  • Consumed wsdls provided by other applications and developed web services to retrieve and update the data in legacy applications, modified Integration objects
  • Developed custom business services to implement secured invocation of web services
  • Extensively worked on eScripts, browser script and business services to achieve complex business requirements
  • Designed and Configured Workflow processes and Workflow policies for the automation of the business tasks.
  • Worked on Assignment rules to achieve skill based assignment of service requests to an appropriate employee
  • Prepared assessment sheets of UAT issues to classify as bug fix or enhancement, escalated to steering committee, and other stakeholder, reviewed enhancements
  • Installed and configured different Siebel application environments in high availability and cluster mode
  • Performed the role of Siebel admin and release activities

Environment: Siebel Call center Enterprise, Oracle 10g, Filenet, LDAP.

Confidential, July 06 - Nov 06
Role: Siebel Integration Developer
The project is upgrade project from 6.4 to 7.8.2.The application manages the contact management of individual and investment clients

  • Did a through impact analysis of upgrade and prepared technical document of deliverables
  • Fixed the various code related and architectural frame work issues that arise due to upgrade
  • Fixed all the bugs in VBC's and webservices
  • Used Workflow Manager for Integration flow between applications.
  • Designed and Configured Workflow processes and Workflow policies for the automation of the business tasks.
  • Various Assignment rules were defined to assign service requests to an appropriate work team.

Environment:Siebel Financial Services, AIX 5.3. DB2 V8, MQ Sereis.

Confidential, NJ ( Client: Lucent Technologies) September 05 - June 06
Role: Siebel Developer

The Project involved the Development and production support of Global Siebel Sales Tools application used by over 900 users worldwide across APAC, NAR, EMEA, and CALA regions. The application provides support to the Lucent Leadership, Marketing, and Customer Teams in Account Planning, Opportunity Management, Marketing Campaigns, Call Plans, Time & Territory Planning, and Contact Management.

  • Participated in gap analysis and requirements mapping to realize application design and functionality.
  • Designed and Configured Specific views and Tabs to support new functionalities and the dynamic relationships between Account executives and Customer Contacts.
  • Configuration enhancement of Business objects; Opportunity, Campaigns, Forecasting, Activities, Contacts and Correspondence screen to suit customer\'s additional requirements.
  • Designed and configured MVG applets, Pick Applets, Associate applets, List, Form applets, Pick lists, Joins and Links as per customer requirements.
  • Customized Siebel Database tables to include extension columns to map new Business Component fields.
  • Extensively involved in using eScript to code the Siebel events and implement business logic at client level.
  • Integration of Siebel Application data with Legacy systems like IBM Mainframe using MQ Series as middleware.
  • Created internal and external Integration Objects and wrote eScript code to transform incoming customer codes data from external systems in to Siebel Data.
  • Designed workflow architecture, configured workflow processes and business services for different triggering events of the interface, Configured Business Services for use by workflows.
  • Designed workflow to send out emails to Channel partners daily about the leads that have been assigned to them during the day. Used Outbound Communications Manager for e-mail notifications
  • Implemented Assignment Manager to appropriately assign Sales Team members on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities and defined various Assignment Rules.
  • Set up remote mobile clients, executed data base extracts and local database initialization for remote users

Environment:Siebel 7.8.2, Call Center, Sales and Marketing, eCommunications, Actuate Workbench 7.0, Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, Tools Configuration, EAI, Workflow process, eScript.

Confidential, VA April 04 to August 05
Role: Siebel Consultant

Confidential, is one of the leading providers of consumer-driven health care Based in Virginia. The Project involved implementation of Siebel portal applications for Providers and Call Center Application to enhance its services. Siebel Application was deployed for 2 different Business units: Providers and a Call Center for servicing group. As a member of the configuration team configured and customized the Siebel UI. Designed Applets, Views and Screens. Enabled the applets to display on web in different modes. Created pick lists, drill downs and Toggle Applets. Created Business Components and Business Objects. Used eScript for business component field validations. Worked with administrator in adding new columns to existing tables or adding new tables in order to meet the needs. Developed VBCs to display the external data in Siebel application for both payments and claims transactions using business services that are scripted using eScript.
  • Done integration for CCHS using Web Services.
  • Involved in design and development of the Claim Submission and Referral Submission Transactions for Siebel EAI to insert data into DB2 tables in Mainframe. Worked with Workflows, XML, DTDs, Integration Objects, HTTP and MQSeries as the transporting agents to achieve integration. Defined Assignment Rules for assigning the SRs to specific Department and team for the different group products.
  • Designed and developed the workflow for HTTP inbounds transaction for login process. Used Vanilla Business Services as well as created Custom Business Services using eScript language. Provided the production support and responsible for implementing the enhancements for three major releases. Environment: Siebel CRM 7.7.2, Siebel Tools, Siebel Workflow, Siebel EAI, eScript, MQ Series, Internet Information Server, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000. Abbott Pharmaceuticals, IL Sep 03 to April 04 Role: Siebel Configuration

Project: Siebel Field sales implementation for Abbott Pharmaceuticals, to deliver the Siebel core functionality consisting of Professionals, accounts, activities, samples and activities.

  • Worked extensively on Siebel tools to configure the application in accordance with business requirements of sales force automation functionality.
  • Designed and configured base table extension columns, BC fields and applet controls for the primary care functionality in Siebel ePharma for the views of professionals, accounts, activities and samples screens.
  • Configured Business Layer Objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities,as per customer requirements.
  • Designed and configured List Applet, Form Applet, Pick Applets, MVG Applet and Picklists as per customer requirement
  • Configured specialty objects such as Drill Down and Toggle for applets.
  • Designed the Workflows to manage the flow of Work in a Business process using Business Objects, Business components with the pre-defined actions such as Notifications, Assignment, Database Operations, view navigation, Integration requests, and Server component requests along with exception handling.
  • Created various workflow processes and policies.
  • Populated EIM tables using EIM Mapping Wizard and other techniques.
  • Configured EIM configuration files (.ifb) prepared the interface tablesand Imported data into Siebel Base tables.

Environment: Siebel ePharma 7.5.3, Siebel Call Center, Sales, Oracle, Windows 2000.

Confidential, India Dec' 00 - Aug' 2001
Development and Customization of VB - Oracle Application

Designed and developed an application for tracking purchase orders using Oracle 7.x as the back-end and Visual basic 6.0 as the front-end. Various reports are prepared using Crystal Reports 4.5. This system takes care of registering, inquiry generation, and price bid evaluation and purchase order preparation.


  • Involved in the analysis, design, development and implementation of this project.
  • Implemented the standard features of purchase order software like data entry screens, price bid evaluation screen etc.
  • Created various user controls using ActiveX EXE for easy transaction processing.
  • Created Control Arrays to add controls dynamically.
  • Involved in GUI, Database and supporting the Security module.
  • Extensively used RDO features to store and retrieve data efficiently.
  • Used Complex Queries to retrieve data from the backend.
  • Handled Mouse Drag Event and Drop Events.
  • Generated complex queries involving joins.
  • Documented the Specifications, High Level Design, Detailed Design and Testing.
  • Created various QueryDef Objects for filtering and extracting particular data from the Oracle Database.

Environment: VB 6.0, Active X, RDO, Oracle 7x, SQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports 4.5.


  • MS
  • Advanced Post Graduate diploma in computer applications and management
  • BS

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