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Senior Software Engineer Resume


M.S. Computer Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (MBA)
B. Tech. - Indian Institute of Technology

SUN certified programmer for Java 2 platform.
Completed several courses in bio-informatics


  • Over 15 years of development experience covering a broad range of products and technologies.
  • Familiar with Visual Studio 2005, 2010, C#, VB.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server, .NET 2.0 +, LINQ, Expression Blend, Visual Web Developer.
  • Worked on several products through complete product life cycles from design to release. .
  • Proficient in C, Windows SDK, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Strong development experience in Windows spanning several years, covering several versions of Windows. Good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming. Familiar with UML and several design patterns.
  • Familiar with WIX, MSI, installer technologies, ORCA, MSBuild
  • Familiar with several versions of Installshield and InstallAnywhere.
  • Familiar with Installscript
  • Familiar with Oracle as well as SQL Server.
  • Familiar with XML, XML Schemas, XSLT, XPath, DOM,
  • Very well versed with all phases of software development covering the complete product life cycle.
  • Familiar with several development tools, configuration management and source and version control tools.
  • Familiar with VMWare, JIRA, PVCS, SourceSafe, ClearCase, SVN etc.
  • Worked for several years developing Graphical User Interfaces in Windows and in Java.
  • Worked in Windows as well as UNIX environments and also performed cross-platform development

Work Experience

Confidential, Broomfield CO 6/2010-6/2011

Worked on a PC Application installer for multivendor, multi culture (locales) markets.
Work involved programming with Windows API, XML, XSLT, C++, C#, creating bootstrappers and MSI Installers, Writing Custom Actions and other programs necessary to create an internationalized , multi brand product to work with Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7 using Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 development environments and Subversion, JIRA as source control and issue tracking tools.


I worked on a consulting assignment, leading/managing a team of seven engineers to develop a product for automated UI testing of web applications. This was a Java/.NET application with MySQL backend and a WPF based front end. I created a strongly motivated, cohesive team which delivered the product on time. I was also involved in hands-on development of a related WinForms application. Product integrated with Quick Test Pro (QTP) and Rational Functional Tester (RFT)


I have been working as a consultant (contract software developer). Following are some of the projects I worked on through Kailas Consulting Services,

Confidential, CA
Work involved automating configuration of server components for an enterprise digital assets management application. Some of the work involved manipulation of xml files and other initialization files, SQL files, Windows registry, system programming, IIS configuration etc.

System included Tomcat, Java based server components, IIS, ASP.NET based components, Web Services, SQL Server, Windows Media Services etc.

All work was performed in C# with Visual studio 2005. Configuring software was finally wrapped in NSIS installer.

Created installation of Tectonic's Library Manager for Autodesk Revit program. This was work for the prerelease program.

I worked as a Senior Consultant in the professional services organization for a company engaged in licensing, update, and deployment of enterprise software.

I worked on a Java based n-tier J2EE development project for an enterprise application dealing with clinical trials.

My work consisted of implementation of a Java-Swing based wizard to manage different aspects of managing budgets for clinical trial research.

Presentation tier was Java-Swing. Back end was Oracle. Weblogic was used as the J2EE application server.

I worked as a consultant.
Created installation and uninstall programs involving Services, drivers, COM objects etc. for \'DynamicAccess\', a Network Management application.

Other Projects

Project for a Confidential

This was a large project for a biotech company for genotyping of AIDS virus. Work involved Java based application development and swing based user interface development.
I took several courses in bio-informatics, arranged resources (programmers, office space, development tools and equipment) however due to recession project lost funding and no work was performed.

Internet based distributed Health Care application in J2EE environment (EJBs, servlets and JSP) running on a Weblogic server and Oracle backend. This was a portal covering medical
practitioners, patients, and insurance companies as the main users of application. I worked as one of the developers.

Confidential, (June 2004 - March 2005)
Senior Software Engineer
Worked for a company developing Enterprise CRM Software.
Created platform independent Java Swing based deployment program for VoIP and TDM telephony based Call Center software. Program consisted of a wizard gathering configuring information for the call center software. Wizard had about 15/20 screens depending upon the component mix.
Created XML formats for defining all data (localization, configuration and user data). Created XML schemas for different formats. Created programs for validation, reading and writing of XML files based on DOM and XPath using Xerces and XALAN.
Was involved in all phases of product development cycle.

Confidential, Cupertino, CA (Dec. 97 - Sept. 99)

Worked as a consultant.
Worked on \'SQL/MX\' product. This was a high availability NT cluster based RDBMS product with high throughput rates. Worked in a team to create the cluster wide installation programs involving services, drivers, COM objects etc. Was completely responsible for creating the cluster-wide uninstall program
SQL/MX development team consisted of several developers. (At one time there were over 100 developers working on this product). Work performed using C, Win32 SDK and Installshield.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, California (April 97 - August 97)
Worked as a consultant.
Created and modified existing installation programs for John Deere Corporation's complete documentation and product catalog. Work involved writing and modifying programs in C, C++ in 16 bit as well as 32 bit Windows where some of the 16 bit products used 32 bit DLLs. Documentation system ran on servers that communicated with browsers on different clients across the network.
Some programs were written in MFC others with Installshield.

Confidential, Menlo Park, California (Nov 94 - Sept 96)
Worked as a consultant.

Worked on the product \'ESQL/C\' which allowed users to create C programs with embedded SQL statements. I was involved in the complete product life cycle from MRD, Specifications, design development, and QA phases.
I was a member of the team that created company-wide standards for installation of all products including data base servers in a uniform manner.

Confidential, Sunnyvale California (March 93 - July 94)
KnowledgeSet Corporation created documentation systems for IBM, Cisco Systems, 3COM, Dataquest etc.
Worked as Senior Software Engineer.
Worked on CD-ROM based electronic documentation systems which included full text search, keyword search, and several graphics file formats for the included graphics. These systems were platform independent in the sense documentation created in these systems could be viewed on several different platforms including Windows, Mac, Unix etc. A separate browser was provided for each of these platforms.
Worked on the browser for these systems for the Windows platform. Also worked on adding TIFF file format support. Served as a lead resource during migration of the platform independent core code to Win32 and creation of the Win32 product.

Confidential, San Leandro, California (Jan 91 - Feb 91)
Worked as Senior Software Engineer.
Created demo versions of CD-ROMS with on-line legal newspapers and legal journals. SLSI won contracts to put several legal newspapers and legal journals on CD-ROMs based on this work.

Confidential, Santa Barbara, California (Aug 89 - Dec 90)
Worked as Senior Software Engineer.
Worked on Windows based semiconductor test equipment used in evaluating and monitoring production processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Responsibilities included design and development of the application as well as the GUI.
Hitachi, IBM, INTEL, National Semiconductors, Motorola Corporation were some of the users of this product.

Confidential,Santa Barbara (Oct 88 - June 89)
Neural network research project. Continuation of work performed at RIACS (see below).
New training algorithms and different variants of the network were used in these research studies.

Confidential, (Oct 86 Sept 88)
Worked on design and implementation of a neural network model called \'Sparse Distributed Memory\'. Network was trained to read aloud English text based on model examples.

Designed the training algorithm and achieved better results than a famous research study. This work was accepted for presentation in IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks in San Diego. It was also presented in International Neural Network Society\'s first conference in Boston in Sept 88.

(Jan 91 - Dec 91)
Created a CASE tool (a code generator) for developing Windows applications.
This tool created a complete Windows application based on user choices by creating all the necessary source files. User could then add the application specific logic in the sources.
Created a CASE tool for developing Windows hypertext based help systems
This was a tool, which given a source text file, generated an RTF file to be used by the help compiler. This tool predates MFC and other frameworks used to create windows applications.
(July 94 - November 94)
Development of \'ChessView\', an electronic chess book to learn chess by replaying games of chess masters by following various routes in which the games could have progressed.

Other consulting work

Created a Proof-Of-Concept version for a CD-ROM title \'Cathedrals and Castles\' for this San Francisco publisher. It gave information on European castles and cathedrals including pictures, voice-overs, full text as well as keyword search capability.

Monterey, California
Created a Windows based front-end for CD-ROM pre-mastering system.

Modifications of a Kiosk based Windows application that allowed users to print musical scores.

Created a Proof-Of-Concept for World Bank publications putting documentation on CD-ROM.

Other experience
Worked in Marketing, Market Research, Pricing, Competition Analysis etc.

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