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Computer Operator Resume

Aurora, ColoradO


Versatile information systems professional with over 15 years experience in all aspects of high volume mainframe and PC network processing centers. Demonstrated ability to learn and apply new skills quickly through either on-the-job training or formed instruction. Particularly effective at using work expertise and strong interpersonal skills to build teamwork and train new employees.

IBM 3090, 9672, IBM AS/400, Amdahl 5890, HP 3000/9000, Datacard, RS/6000, Workstations 9556, 9576, Dec/Vax, 4000 IBM-PC, UNIX

IML Controllers 3174, 3274, 3276, SERVER, 9214, MDS printer, Memorex-Telx 1481/1482, CISCO Router, Novell, modems.




09/07 to 08/08
Computer Operator Confidential
Managed the NTCOLD PC System to include FTP files from the mainframe to the NTCOLD server. Managed software issues such as request to setting up new mainframe/MMIS Id\'s, reset MMIS passwords. MMIS security windows/groups. MMIS monthly security suspend/delete list. Lan Helpdesk procedures for security tickets. Set-up administrative domains for all new employess enter as well as existing the company. Ran reports by renaming files in JCL and submitting job through ZEKE. Overview of Unarchive claims where request come from turnaround time. Over of Cost Settlement reports to create cost settlements reports for history, how to find which tapes to run.

02/07 to 08/07
Computer Operator Confidential
Identifies system improvements by evaluation system performance.
Provides answers to clients by identifying problems; researching answers; guiding client through corrective steps. Upgrades system performance by tuning and configuring the system. Maintains system performance by defining development tools and procedures. Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs and records.

11/04 to 02/07
Operations Analyst Confidential
Project management in the form of efficient and accurate problem determination escalation and resolution of SEV1 and SEV2 problems in a fast paced network and mainframe environment. in meeting SLA\'s and performance expectations both on mainframe and distributing operations. Gas Company. Software: Tivoli TEC, TWS, Netview, OneView, ZOS, TSO, Tivoli TSD, SDSF, JCL.

04/03 to 11/04 Confidential
Print Computer Operator
Basic trouble shooting guidelines, escalate problems according to procedures, and assist in problem resolution when required. Manipulation of switches on computer system and peripheral process driven equipment and assist senior technicians in problem resolution when necessary. (Laser and Thermal Ink printers). Analyst - Project management in the form of efficient and accurate problem determination

01 to 02 Confidential

lProduction Control Scheduler

Responsible for scheduling and monitoring production batch processing. Ensures processing completes correctly and on time. Provides first level problem resolution support for job abends. Move programs, JCL and documentation into production libraries as requested by programmers. Maintains production schedules. Provides written turnover of processing status to incoming shift. Documents all problems in problem management data base. Escalates problems as necessary to the appropriate level of management. Other responsibilities include, maintaining batch processing database and applications.

99 to 00 Confidential

Mainframe Operator

Perform system monitoring functions including, spool maintenance and system workload. Monitored production and tested batch cycles/jobs. Respond to incoming batch and non-batch phone calls. Monitor tape mounts. Notify responsible individuals of client impacts. Start up and shut down systems as part of a problem resolution or as scheduled. Start and stop online resources as part of a problem resolution or as scheduled. Monitor systems and system resources. Assist area document controller with the coordination of document revisions.

99 to 99 Confidential
Production Control Analyst
Support various offices for a debt collection system. Maintained the master schedule, modified the daily schedule, and/released as required jobs. JOB PREPARATION: Modify JCL, update parms, data set maintenance, recreation of products, job restart/recovery. MONITORING job history, jtrac, and input availability monitor daily lockbox collections. Familiar with file transfers. CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Move source and object modules to system test and production, research discrepancies in date/time stamps. DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT: Review and prepare security requests for new procs.

96- 99 Confidential

Senior Computer Operator

Running production batch jobs, scheduled, and resolved on-line and batch problems. Performed DASD management functions related to client security and set up clients with new capabilities (inforpaca, DASD pooling). Set up schedules including, daily parms, bi-weekly parms, request parms, monthly parms, payroll parms and setting of interfaces. Performed production control operations for six clients.

95 to 96 Confidential

Network Operator

Processed information using super session and TSO. Troubleshoot network communication utilizing: 9556,9576 workstation. 9595 server, 9214 MDS printer, Memorex-Telex 1481/1482. Monitor physical and logical units through NCCF to ensure all lines are active. Recycled terminals/printers. Provide services in all areas of customer services and assist application staff in problem resolutions.

94 to 95 Confidential

Computer Operator III

Operated the IBM 9672 mainframe and associated peripherals. Processed information using TSO, CA-7, and TMONMVS. Troubleshoot network communications to include file servers, modems, and muxes. Performed abend recovery. Provided service in all areas of customer service. Responsible for the training of new personnel.

92 to 94 Confidential

Computer Operator II

Operated the Confidential, mainframe and associated peripherals. Ran and monitored batch schedule through JOBTRAC and OMEGAMON to ensure completeness. Assisted in the recovery of abended jobs. Performed daily data backup, tape management, and all I/O functions. Assisted application staff in problem resolution.

86 to 92 Confidential
Computer Operator
Performed multiple tasks in production print operations, tape operations and tape library management. Printed and prepared output for clients including breakdown and distribution. Used CA-1 and TSO to fix abends and produce problem reports.


Software courses: WordPerfect 6.0, Windows 95/98, 2003, XP, CA-7, and JES-2, DB2 and CICS


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