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Senior Scm Analyst Resume



  • An accomplished professional with strong (9 years) experience and in-depth knowledge in Software Configuration Management (version control, Change Management, build/deploy/packaging), CM environment administration, support/ maintenance, documentation, and training in various industries.
  • Excellent interpersonal, problem solving, communication and time management skills both as an individual as well as team player.
  • Good understanding of the processes in SDLC - RUP, Unified Change Management (UCM) and AgileMethodology.
  • Well-versed in designing, configuring and implementing SCM standards and procedures in both .NET/JAVA environments using TFS,VSS, SourceGear Vault, IBM's Rational ClearCase, Perforce, CVS, ClearQuest, TestTrack.
  • Proficient in Batch Scripting/VBScript/Jscript/Perl/Shell, build utilities like NAnt/MSBuild/ANT/VisualBuild, build monitoring tools like CruiseControl/TeamBuild, packaging tool (InstallShield, Wise for Windows Installer), SQL and WMI.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming - JAVA, C++, C#/VB.NET, PERL and ASP.NET.
  • Knowledge of various networking technologies and network security issues.
  • Excellent skills in Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows(2000/NT/XP/Vista), IIS, WebLogic, Websphere, Apache Tomcat on Linux application server deployments and system development.
  • Extensive documentation experience in writing policies, plans, instruction/ training manuals.

Technical skills:

Langauges: C/C++/ JAVA/ C#,/VB .NET, Perl/Shell/Batch Scripts/VBScript/JScript, XML, HTML, SQL.
SCM Tools: ClearCase, CVS, VSS, TFS, Vault, Perforce.
Defect tracking tools: ClearQuest, TestTrack
Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 03/08, Unix, Linux.
Databases: MS Access, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
Build/ Deploy: Ant, Nant, MSBuild, Team Build, CruiseControl
Servers: Apache, Windows Server 2003/2008, Weblogic, Websphere.
Technology: WMI, IIS, Windows Service, LDAP, Windows Failover Clustering, Samba/NFS
IDE: Eclipse, Visual studio

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA 08/10 - Current
Build Manager

  • Maintain daily code and database builds to Prod and lower environments.
  • Maintain branching and merging.
  • Maintain NAnt and Perl build and deploy scripts.
  • Defect Tracking system TesTTrack and version-control system Perforce maintenance, administration, development. Administered TestTrack database in SQL Server 2005.
  • Set up a high-availability low data-loss solution for applications running in SCM servers using Windows Failover Clustering. Used Clustering Service APIs (C++) to automate certain processes associated with failover and failback.
  • Automating various aspects of build by creating tools in C#/VB .NET using Perforce and TestTrack APIs andintegrating them with NAnt build.
  • Analyze overall build process, suggest and implement improvements.
  • Documented build and deployment processes.

Technical Environment: Perforce, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Nant, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Visual studio 2008, Microsoft SQL server 2005, IIS 6.0, MS-DOS/VBScript/Jscript, TestTrack Pro, ActivePerl.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ 09/09 - 07/10
Senior SCM Analyst

  • Implemented Continuous IntegrationBuild/Deployment using VisualBuild and NAnt to build from TFS branches.
  • Performed daily build and deployment from multiple branches to various environments.
  • Troubleshot IIS, Windows Service, Database-related issues.
  • Set up Web Servers from scratch and documented the process.
  • Automated various build/deployment related issues, such as on-the-fly web.config creation, post-deployment Smoke Tests, Release Note update using VBScript/C#/VB.NET/NAnt and TFS API.
  • Created a remote deployment framework using WMI to automate deployment of Web Application, Windows Service and WCF service to various environments remotely from a centralized location.
  • Created and maintained branching/merging in TFS.
  • Documented build and deployment processes.

Technical Environment: TFS, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Nant, VisualBuild, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Visual studio 2008, Microsoft SQL server 2005, IIS 6.0, MS-DOS/VBScript/JScript.

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA 10/08 - 08/09

CM Lead

  • Managed builds from multiple solutions with inter-dependence using TFS, Team Build, NAnt, CruiseControl and VSS.
  • Worked with architects to enhance build process (i.e. reduce build time by breaking up large solutions into smaller modules and creating parallel builds for them.)
  • Administered VSS - backing up database, managing security/user accounts, creating branches and merging code to main from temporary bug-fix branches.
  • Coordinated day-to-day build and deployment of three applications developed in parallel from multiple branches to multiple environments by working with developers and testers.
  • Created and maintained builds in Team Build and wrotecustom MSBuild task for Work Item automationusing TFS API. Set up code analysis and test coverage.
  • Automated deployment using MSBuild. Wrote and maintained custom MSBuild tasks to automate Windows Component deloyment. Set up DB deployments using Team Build.
  • Worked with DB and Server team to troubleshoot deployment issues.
  • Used Perl web service, database and XML modules to integrate external systems exposed via Perl-based interfaces with build process.
  • Used WMI to automate execution of deployment steps (creating Queues, unregistering/registering assemblies, configuring roles for COM Components) in multiple remote machines.
  • Implemented code analysis tools like FxCop and nDepend in every build through NAnt/CruiseControl.
  • Set up execution of unit tests using Gallio and subsequently code coverage with NCover and integrated with CruiseControl.
  • Wrote Release Notes from build changesets.
  • Documented, trained on build and deployment processes.

Technical Environment: VSS, TFS, Windows XP Pro, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Nant, CruiseControl, Team Build, C#/VB .NET, Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual studio 2008, Eclipse, puTTy, Microsoft SQL server 2005, IIS 6.0, MS-DOS scripting/VBScript, Perl/Shell.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI 03/07 - 09/08
Build Coordinator

  • Maintained a Continuous Integration build environment where the source-control tool Vault was integrated with NAnt and CruiseControl.
  • Migrated sourcecontrol to TFS and set up CI builds using Team Build.
  • Managed deployments to QA, prod and various other environments and troubleshot deployment problems.
  • Wrote and maintained batch scripts associated with a Citrix deployment environment.
  • Coordinated with developers and testers to make sure new fixes and functionalities are deployed and tested
  • Wrote batch files, VBScripts, NAnt/MSBuild custom tasks to automate build and deployment-related tasks.
  • Created branches at the beginning of release cycle and integrated it with CruiseControl and NAnt. Performed subsequent deployments from that branch using automated deployment scripts.
  • Worked with server support to troubleshoot deployed applicationissuesthrough IIS.
  • Packaged code using Wise For windows Installer and integrating with build.
  • Set up dependencies for various projects that are components of a web application through CruiseControl.
  • Contributed in writing Release Plan.
  • Documented and created visios of build and deployment processes.

Technical Environment: Vault, Team Foundation Server, Windows NT, Team Build, MSBuild, Nant, CruiseControl, VB .NET, Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL server 2005, IIS 6.0, MS-DOS scripting/Perl.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH 07/05 - 02/07
Build Analyst

  • Provided help to developers and testers by troubleshooting day to day build related problems that result in broken builds.
  • Maintained and built build servers and maintained build/deployment-related nant scripts. Consolidated and standardized some of these scripts across servers.
  • Worked on assignments targeted to reduction of build time.
  • Wrote batch files to automate tasks.
  • Configured and tweaked CruiseControl and associated Web Dashboard config and XSL files for better build reporting and logging.
  • Created project directory structure in Visual Sourcesafe. Performed branching prior to release build.
  • Identified potential improvement areas in the build environment and worked to streamline build process, for example automated build statistics collection and reporting.
  • Documented build processes and operational procedures.

Technical Environment: Visual Sourcesafe, Windows NT/XP, Nant, CruiseControl, C#, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL server 2005, MS-DOS scripting.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA 10/04 - 07/05
Configuration Manager

  • Administration of an enterprise software configuration management system using UCM ClearCase integrated with ClearQuest under UNIX and Windows environment.
  • Was Responsible for implementation of software CM process, management, updating release notes for the developed software applications.
  • Designed a CM solution that included creation of VOBs, projects, projectsstreams, views. Edited Config Specs for view customization.
  • Performed branching and merging of the code base using the source control system and maintained baselines using automated CM tools.
  • Creating different child-streams and making baselines in the same VOB for different modules of same project.
  • Wrote Perl/Batch scripts to customize triggers in ClearCase.
  • Experienced in using ClearQuest for defect tracking and process modeling. Also managed ClearQuest schemas & databases and wrote hooks using Perl.
  • Integrated Clearcase with Ant and CruiseControl to perform Continuous Integration.
  • Wrote code to manage CruiseControl from Java Application using JMX.
  • Configured build script to deploy to WebLogic and ApacheTomcat application servers.
  • Wrote Perl/Batch scripts to customize and automate build processes.

Technical Environment: ClearCase, ClearQuest, Windows NT, Unix, Eclipse, J2EE (JDBC, JMS, JSP/Servlets, EJB, JMX) Ant, Perl, Weblogic, Apache Tomcat.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA 06/03 - 09/04
configuration Management Engineer

  • Worked on complete set up of CM environment including involvement in installation, configuration and administration of Rational ClearCase in Windows and UNIX environment.
  • Was involved in migration of source code from CVS repository to ClearCase.
  • Was responsible for the effective use of Rational ClearQuest for Change Management and Defect Tracking system.
  • Was responsible for setting up and administering VOBs, VOB storage as well as backup and restoring of VOBs.
  • Managed the Rational Server environment (VOB/View/Web/License/Registry server).
  • Administered views for users and also set up config specs for new projects.
  • Administerd triggers and hooks in Perl to implement policy and automate build tasks.
  • Maintained CruiseControl configuration files.
  • Made baselines for builds as needed by the testing and QA team in compliance with the release policy.
  • Wrote targets to deploy DB updates, deploy to web servers.
  • Analyzed and modified Ant build files to improve build environment.
  • Was responsible for troubleshooting Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest while supporting developers with CM-related issues.
  • Was responsible for improving documentation for CM procedures.

Technical environment: Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, CVS, Perl, Shell, Ant, CruiseControl, UNIX, WebLogic/Websphere, LDAP, J2EE (JDBC, JSP/Servlet, EJB)


Masters in Electrical Engineering
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

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