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Senior Software Engineer Resume

North Andover, MA


  • Signal & image processing software & algorithm engineer in electrical & medical imaging fields
Technical Skills
  • Proficient in programming in C, C++, C#, Matlab, Linux shell scripts (Bash, csh)
  • Familiar with programming in Java, Python, XML, MFC, Win32, VHDL, Assembly, Fortran
  • Familiar with tools/libraries: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET, GNU (gcc/g++/gdb), Code Composer Studio, OpenCV, CUDA, OpenGL, Cg, ITK, ClearCase, SVN, CVS, Surround SCM, TestTrack
  • High expertise in object oriented programming, embedded software development, image processing on DSP & GPU, machine learning, computer vision, statistical pattern recognition, medical imaging
Professional Experience

Confidential, North Andover, MA 07/2011 -- Present
Senior Software Engineer (Contract)

  • Working on aerial surveillance software solutions including airborne real-time detection, registration, target tracking and recognition, feature extraction and information dissemination using machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques for surveillance operation and management.

Confidential, Littleton, MA 07/2010 -- 06/2011
Senior Research Software Engineer

  • Worked on CT medical imaging processing & image-guided surgical applications.
  • Lead in developing next-generation 3D cone-beam CT image reconstruction algorithms using GPU-based parallel computing processing in CUDA, OpenGL & Cg across CPU & GPU platforms.
  • Implemented algorithms in NVIDAI graphics environment in C++, integrated into product code in C#.
  • Participated in software life cycle activities including testing, defect tracking and root cause analysis, code review, software version management & software document under FDA regulations.

Confidential, Peabody, MA, 02/2007-- 02/2009
Senior Imaging SW Engineer

  • Worked in developing real-time image processing algorithms and designing machine vision software for X-ray CT scanner with applications in security inspection at airports and government departments.
  • Led in improving object detection algorithms, including image segmentation, edge detection, feature extraction and classification. Converted the algorithm concepts to the optimized product codes and integrated into the existing systems to support the certification process of the products from TSA.
  • Implemented embedded CT image reconstruction software running on NVIDIA GPU, porting and optimizing algorithms for GPU using parallel computing programming with CUDA. The GPU-based CT image reconstruction software solution is used to replace the old product-hardware board by offering a low cost alternative for the reconstruction engine in Linux.
  • Worked with cross-function teams on CT scanner systems including software development for system calibration and display, software testing and software maintenance, etc.
  • Wrote technical documentations and received two Analogic patent awards for jointly filing patents.

Confidential, Marlboro, MA, 11/2005 -- 02/2007
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

  • Worked for developing real-time endoscope imaging systems to satisfy the increasing requirements of single-use disposable camera with reusable console for diagnostic and surgical medical applications.
  • Contributed in designing/implementing CMOS sensors-based camera color image signal processing chain algorithms and software codes in DSP and FPGA-embedded control system.
  • Led in converting algorithm concepts to product codes in embedded C coding, including DSP code implementation, optimizing codes and algorithms, in-circuit emulator for timing analysis, test-bench generation, root cause analysis for failures, algorithm simulation & evaluation in Matlab.
  • Performed signal processing tasks including filter design for noise suppression, edge detection and image enhancement, spectrum analysis, pattern identification, image qulity assessment, etc.
  • Worked with hardware team for developing embedded software utilities for the CMOS camera imaging simulation and involved in implementation of GUIs for performing clinical diagnosis tasks.
  • Participated in medical device software life cycle activities including verification & validation, testing protocol and document development under FDA regulations.

Confidential, New Haven, CT 2004 -- 2005
(Postdoctoral) Research Associate

  • Worked in 3D reconstruction algorithms and software development with SPECT/CT tomography system for cardiovascular imaging and a paper prize was awarded in medical imaging conference.
  • Led in developing a novel 3D image reconstruction algorithm for SPECT cardiovascular imaging systems and contributed in converting algorithm concepts and models into a software tool in C++.
  • Implemented a software package for 3D tomography image reconstruction in Matlab.

Confidential, CT 2003 -- 2004
(Postdoctoral) Research Fellow

  • Worked in machine learning algorithms for blind signal analysis in functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) with applications in neuronal activation signal detection for human brain diseases.
  • Led in developing blind signal processing and machine learning algorithms for performing fMRI data processing, including independent component analysis for signal separation, spectrum analysis, image registration, feature characterization, artifact identification, activation pattern detection, etc.
  • Built a software tool for performing fMRI data quantitative analysis in Matlab.
  • Wrote grant application proposals and publications and served as a conference committee.
  • Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • M.S. Electronic Engineering
  • B.S. Electronic Engineering
  • Patents
  • Laptop computer threat detection (filed by Analogic).
  • Compound object separation (filed by Analogic).

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