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Administrative Document Consultant Resume

San Antonio, TX


BBA , 48 Hour (OSH) Safety Manager Certification

DMS (Document Management Systems) 5.0 Administrative and end-user EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) Administrator and End-user
Business Development/Computer Operations
New Director/New Coordinator/Professional Development

Certifications: Windows, Microsoft Suite, and Excel. Additional Expert Level Computer Proficiency in: PPT (PowerPoint), Adobe, Outlook, Internet Applications, Publisher, PDF.

Expert Level Presentation and Training Skill; FEMA Facilitator for US Department of Homeland Security: NIMS, IS 00100 (Incident Command Systems), IS-00200 (ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, 700 and IS 00800.A: (National Response Plan), EOC: (G-600 Emergency Operations Center/State of Ohio). NIMS and IS 700, 200, and 800: EOC FEMA Trainer.

BCII National Fingerprint Database Clearance
National Social Security Verification
Current/Valid Driver’s Licensure


San Antonio, TX
TITLE: Administrative Document Consultant
February 2009 – November 2009 (Contract End)

Consultant on a $700 + million new build construction contract in order to: increase efficiency in Administrative and Document Control operations.
Accumulated statistical data and performed research, verification and data gathering for assigned projects, and met with Q.A. personnel to establish needs/requirements. Received, processed, recorded, coordinated and distributed data. Organized key technical manuals, utilized modern suggestions to provide improvement measures for existing policies and methods.

Ensured technical and engineering documents such as vendor manuals, diagrams, charts and specifications are reviewed and accurately integrated into procedures.Prepared, routed and tracked procedures/processes through all stages of the review cycle.

Assembled and maintained the appropriate documentation for the procedure history file. Completed job task analysis and identification required for specific training requirements.

Guidance in setting up appropriate systems to allow the client to view, understand,
Interpret, and visualize data in various ways that reveal relationships, patterns,
trends: PPT (PowerPoint) Presentations; Excel Data, Charts and Graphs, and Spreadsheets.

Provide ACCESS Training/Document Training in order to provide report generation for punchlist items, condition reports, preliminary and final manual tracking as well as other tracking systems, project reports, tables, templates, queries and statistics utilizing the SAT: Systematic Approach to Training.

P-3 system was utilized in order to determine target activities. Metadata set-up to include the date the document was stored and the identity of end-user.

Lead Document QA/QC Administrator

Confidential, Winfield WV
TITLE: Procurement Specialist 3
Administrative Document Specialist
June 10, 2008 – January 1, 2009 (Contract End)

Responsible for the receipt, logging, distribution, filing, and reconciliation of all controlled documents for a multi-million dollar ($400 million) construction/refurbishment project Maintain an electronic index of site specific documents. Maintain key working files critical to plant operations (critical path activities).

Procurement Specialist to include processing and issuing purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Provide assistance and training to vendors and employees to include clarification on policy and procedures. Order materials from a drawing/vendor developed list of material. Coordinate departmental Purchasing Regulations. Maintain specifications, tabulations, and related files. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with: Associates, Vendors, and the general public

Document Control Specialist to include the management of multiple large scale projects consecutively. Classifies, files, audits, receives, distributes, tracks and maintains classified and unclassified company documents according to established procedures and standards for security and document organization. Conversion of documents to specified file formats. Electronically merge or modify documents as required.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ
TITLE: Document Control Specialist/
Quality Control Specialist
Project Controls
March 9, 2007 – June 9, 2008 (Contract End)

Schedule and conduct periodic audits of the Hudson Outage/BET Project filing system, files, storage locations, and document transmittals, to ensure compliance with procedure; for a multi-million dollar construction and BET project.

Scans and distributes electronic copies of contract documents. Assisted with project schedules, and maintained adherence to: scope of work, submittals, performance and the like.

Electronically merge or modify documents as required.Maintain key working files critical to plant operations. Provide assistance to users in support of retrieval of information.

Serve as a liaison with Project Engineers and/or designee’s to ensure accurate
project communication occurs.

Maintain an electronic index of site specific documents (e.g., vendor documents, design documents,etc. including changes thereto.) Convert documents to specified file formats. Electronically merge ormodify documents as required. Maintain key working files critical to plant operations (critical path activities).

TITLE: Administrative Safety Officer/Administrative Trainer/Grant Writer
November8, 2003 – Contract End: December 29, 2007

Orientation and Annual Confidential, focus for 380 staff members as well as satellite office, maintenance/transportation staff.

Completed program development, which included time allocated for structured training and attendance measures, which were followed by a set of indicators and tracked electronically.
Developed an annual program was completed at 100% with attendance at 100%.
Department records were classified by training programs to include attendance,
course reports, and to include performance results of the participants

Technical Writer: Formatting of technical manuals utilizing Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PageMaker. Technical skill sets intensively used include but are not limited to book files, table of contents, indexes, editing, character and paragraph formatting and graphic importation. PDF creation and editing techniques, utilizing Adobe Acrobat. HTML editing skills, utilizing Web Works Publisher, Windows Movie Maker, Media Center all in Professional Edition

Policy and procedure manual development to include comprehensive development of manuals requiring reflection of, and procedures for: all state and federal policies. This would additionally include but is not limited to PPT/ Power Point presentations, newsletter development, and personnel training of such procedures